Best 40 modern kitchen curtain design ideas 2019

The kitchen - the room in which the hearth is located, remains for us the main place in the house. Therefore, it is so important to make it cozy and attractive. To do this, you have to follow fashionable interior trends, in which the modern curtain designs play an important role. We suggest that you do not stand aside and get acquainted with a selection of photos of new curtain designs for kitchen in 2019. I recommend you to read: Kitchen pop ceiling design catalog.

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+40 modern kitchen curtain design ideas 2019

+40 Modern bedroom design makeover ideas 2019

A bedroom more than any other room in a panel house or in a private house requires maximum attention and thought through every detail and every element of the decoration. What you should pay attention to, bedroom makeover ideas - is the maximum comfort and convenience.

+40 modern bedroom design makeover ideas 2019

The bedroom makeover ideas today can be incredibly individual and unique. Repairing a bedroom turns it not just into a sleeping room, but into one of the coziest, quiet and favorite places of your apartment or private house. And so there should not be little things.

+40 Space saving bedroom furniture - Overbed wardrobe design ideas

Choosing a bedroom design must take into account not only the external attractiveness, but also its functionality. In small city apartments, a secluded room is used for nightly rest and for storing a large amount of textiles and personal items. The most rational to place all household items will allow space saving bedroom furniture, these unique in its kind furnishings have a special capacity and stylish design.
+50 space saving furniture design ideas for small bedroom interior 2019
+50 space saving furniture design ideas for small bedroom interior 2019

For small bedroom storage ideas, Built-in bedroom furniture is a versatile and quick entry from a difficult situation. Most often compact functional furnishings are made to order.

The most popular design solution is the space saving bedroom furniture. The compact design allows you to simultaneously create a spacious place for an evening rest and a roomy storage system for household items. A modern headset is endowed with open side shelves, closet cabinets, large mezzanines.

+50 folding sofa bed design ideas for living room 2019

A sofa is a mandatory attribute of furniture in the interior, and if it has a folding mechanism, it becomes simply irreplaceable. where to find a sofa that is perfect in terms of parameters? the furniture market is simply overflowing with models that are ridiculous in design and execution. to help you, we have found really interesting pieces of furniture.
It is the most popular type of upholstered furniture. Many do not know which version of the ones on the market is best suited to the interior of their living room. After all, each model has a different kind of folding, materials of manufacture, form and color.

+50 modern folding sofa bed design ideas for living room furniture 2019
modern folding sofa bed design ideas for living room furniture 2019

Folding sofa bed benefits:

It is impossible to imagine a modern interior without upholstered furniture, especially without a sofa. They come in many different kinds. One of the most comfortable to use are folding sofas. It is necessary that the selected item was successfully combined with the overall design, was of high quality, comfortable, practical and served as long as possible. Therefore, the choice is very often difficult.
Folding sofas is an option chosen by owners of small spaces. The living room in their case serves as a bedroom, a place for recreation, and a center for holding parties with friends. Thus, the obvious advantage of a folding sofa is its compactness and space saving. It can also be single or double.
The next advantage of this type will be functionality. In most samples of folding beds there is a box for linen, in which it is convenient to fold pillows, linen, and a blanket. This frees up space in the closet.
The versatility of folding sofas is manifested in the abundance of possibilities of use. Sleep, rest, reading, watching TV, working, playing with children - all this can be done on such a sofa.
Well, the last is not the most obvious advantage - a variety of models and types of folding sofas. The user can choose the furniture to your liking, pick it up for the interior of the apartment or room. Also, as we wear out, you can change the upholstery of the sofa, thereby increasing its service life.

Mechanism of folding sofa bed designs:

The layouts of sofas are differentiated according to two main features: 
comfort in use and the limit of mechanical stability. It is necessary to take into account whether the user will lay out the furniture all the time for himself or he will use it only when guests unexpectedly descend into the house.
When choosing folding sofa, one should not forget about the following parameters:
strength of the transformation mechanism;
durability of the materials from which the furniture is made;
the size;

+60 Purple interior design ideas and color combinations 2019

Luxurious, majestic, noble, inspiring to creative experiments - this is what purple wall paint colors looks like in the interior. It is unusually diverse, purple interior color schemes are rich of tones and shades, with the help of which the most unusual design solutions are introduced. In modern interiors, this color has become more common - the current generation is prone to bold experiments that give their excellent results. So, how effectively can look interior design in eggplant tones and what are the ways of its combination, we will get acquainted in this article.
purple interior color schemes allows you to create the most spectacular interiors. It has long been believed that the spectrum of these saturated tones carries a certain amount of mysticism; therefore, healers often dressed in such clothes. In modern psychology, there is a theory that shades of eggplant palette can have a calming effect, give a restful sleep and cure depression.

purple home interior color combinations:

+60 purple interior design ideas color schemes wall paint color combinations 2019
purple interior design ideas color schemes wall paint color combinations 2019
It is difficult to imagine a room where the decoration, furniture and textiles will be made in the same tone, so the presence of purple wall paint colors should be considered in combinations, both with its “native” shades, and with completely contrasting colors. The eggplant palette is born due to the mixing of blue and red tones, so violet will be in harmony both in a duet with one of them and in a trio. New shades are the result of the predominance of scarlet or blue tones. For example, a purple tint is formed when there is more red paint, and eggplant - with a higher dose of blue.

purple interior design ideas:

Apartment owners who decide to decorate their home in these colors should start with an episodic presence in the interior, there are many purple interior design ideas, as bright accents. In the living room you can decorate it with shades of one of the walls, place soft padded stools or armchairs in an inconspicuous lilac color, add the same decor items, decorative pillows. In the bedroom, notes of eggplant palette will successfully play in textiles. The correct solution would be to place saturated accent objects throughout the space so that they would not be concentrated in one zone.

70 Modern recessed lighting lighting ideas for false ceilings and walls

Recessed ceiling lighting is one of the most important elements in the design of each room. Undoubtedly, it is considered correct when you do not notice it. It does not create discomfort, does not irritate, but helps to relax and have a good rest.
With the help of well-chosen LED recessed lights, you can make a real masterpiece from the simplest room.
We have prepared for our readers the site of 3Dex Art a  unique selection of photos of the best interior designs with well-constructed recessed lighting fixtures. We hope they inspire you.
If you approach this issue with full responsibility, then you can make the space of any room much more attractive. Proper recessed wall lighting can turn a dark and gloomy room into a warm and hospitable abode.

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019
modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

recessed wall lighting:

Recessed wall lighting are a much more important part of the interior than sculpted floor lamps or stylish modern lamps. They may not clearly demonstrate their surroundings, but they are absolutely necessary in order to simulate magnificent and well-lit spaces.

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modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019
If you decide to add an extravagant floor lamp or a dazzling chandelier to the interior, then keep in mind that this shine will attract attention to itself without giving you the opportunity to be distracted by something else.
modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019
When it comes to combining functionality and a low-key environment, nothing is more effective than recessed wall lighting. Elegant, stylish and hidden, they are the perfect complement to the modern home.

recessed lighting fixtures:

Recessed lighting fixtures, bring with them many features. Duplication of lamps from above can provide even, smoothly flowing lighting on the one hand, and focused and focused, on the other.

It is indispensable as an excellent addition to the modern ergonomic kitchen.

Since this is one of those rooms in the house where functionality takes precedence over form and elegance, recessed lamps will work fine here. The area above the bathroom and over the headboard in the bedroom are also two popular places where the lights create special magic and charm!

recessed ceiling lighting:

The organization of recessed ceiling lighting has become much more difficult in the modern era. For designers and customers, it tends to be restrained in colors and muted shades, it becomes more important than ever. Properly equipped, it can ennoble even the simplest shades in the interior.

If you do everything wrong, you can get dark corners, along with the dark shadows that will prevail in the setting. Several different light sources can be combined to eliminate this problem.

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modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

modern LED recessed wall ceiling lighting fixtures 2019

Amazing rooftop pool design ideas for 2019 houses

the popularity of green roofs is growing incredibly fast. experts predict even a construction boom, because you can realize any imagination on it - to break gardens with fountains on it, to arrange spa zones and much more.
rooftop swimming pool is undoubtedly a stylish design solution. more and more homeowners, regardless of additional questions, seek to equip their home in this way, especially in suburban construction.
Even a modest pool on the roof of the house built on the roof of a private mansion, radically changes the lives of the owners for the better. installing sun loungers and awnings you can enjoy a beach holiday, almost without leaving home, we will show you a varieties of rooftop pool design in our article.

modern rooftop swimming pool design ideas 2019
modern rooftop swimming pool design ideas 2019

rooftop swimming pool of a house:

The rooftop swimming pool is not only convenient and useful, but also stylish. that’s the resort corner is ready right in a country house or, which is even more interesting. Options to make a rooftop pool design of the house - a lot. The simplest is an inflatable pool, it is mobile and can move if desired, from one roof to another, depending on your location. But still, most prefer to build a rooftop swimming pool of a house of a more static, permanent nature, so that they can swim at any convenient time and without deflating and pulling, assembling and disassembling. Simply - there is a pool, and it pleases the whole family all year round.

advantages of the pool on the roof of a house:

50 Simple shoe storage ideas, cabinets, racks and boxes 2019

Over the years, such a piece of furniture as a shoe storage cabinets has become an integral part of the interior. This is due, first of all, to the indisputable convenience of storage, when shoes, ordered on the shelves, have the ability to maintain their original condition for a long time. It is worth noting that the purchase of shoes will eliminate the problem of saving shoes, not staying in active use. This is important, as often with the onset of spring, winter shoes have to be hidden in old boxes, trying to find her a suitable place. The material of this article will help to understand how the assortment presents today Shoe storage ideas.

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modern shoe storage cabinets racks design ideas 2019
modern shoe storage cabinets racks design ideas 2019

Shoe storage ideas for interior:

The design of shoe storage racks in our time includes an unlimited number of models that are improved every year. They differ in size, materials from which they are made, methods of installation and other signs. To make the right choice, we will conduct a brief overview of the main features of shoe storage cabinets.

+40 modern console table design ideas with mirror 2019

The console is an original piece of furniture that combines exquisite charm and functionality. What does the console table design serve as and how to harmoniously fit it into the interior, this article will tell about console design ideas.
There was a console table design in France. In the era of Louis XIV, it was considered one of the hallmarks of luxury and wealth. Narrow tables of exquisite design decorated the palace halls. Gilding, art carving and other decor turned tables into works of art. Later, the fashion for this interior detail appeared in other countries.
modern console table mirror design ideas 2019
modern console table mirror design ideas 2019

modern console design:

Today, the modern console design does not lose popularity. The appearance of this item has changed, its functionality has increased. Although in our days the modern console table mirror is able to transform any room, giving it a special charm.

Modern console design are also small items, usually placed against the wall. However, today they can have a different shape, number of legs (from 1 to 4) and can be made of various materials and there is a various console design ideas.

Modern console design is so diverse that it allows you to find a suitable model for any interior. And the options for using tables offer great opportunities for rational organization of space.

benefits of console design ideas:

Aesthetics. The modern console design makes the situation easier and more expressive. It can harmoniously complement the interior or become a highlight that attracts attention. Many manufacturers produce modern console table mirror made in the same style. This enhances the aesthetic effect, allowing you to use the table as an independent decoration of the room. If, however, supplement it with a pair of lamps, interesting watches or a luxurious vase, you can create a real corner of elegance and beauty.

Compactness. Few apartments have a large free space. However, the miniaturized size of the modern console design allows it to easily fit even into small spaces. This table can be put in a narrow corridor, and in a small living room.
Practicality. The console table design can be used as a stand for various souvenirs, photo frames, flowers and other beautiful things. Models with drawers or extra shelves can replace a small chest of drawers or bedside tables.

Top 50 wooden wall shelves designs for modern living room interior 2019

Modern wall shelves are no longer just boards, nailed to the wall, but a whole genre of object design, and very complicated. It would seem that you can think of thousands of configurations of sofas, beds and chairs, and the shelf - it is the shelf. But, fortunately, the designers found a way out of this boring situation, and the wall shelf design turned into whole storage systems. They can be of any configuration, color, shape and properties. Let's explore all these possibilities in practice.
modern wooden wall shelves design ideas for living room 2019
modern wooden wall shelves design ideas for living room 2019

modern wall shelves:

The main advantage of modern wall shelves is that they can be safely used in any room: from the living room to the nursery. And to keep books, dishes, clothes, decor on them - whatever! In addition, modern shelves themselves can become an ornament, even if they are empty. But the main disadvantage of open shelves is a jumble of objects and chaos that can make something quite uncomfortable out of a neat interior. So the designers had to solve the problem with the help of original forms and high-quality work with materials.

Wooden wall shelves can have a rough texture or repeat the texture of wood, can be made of bright plastic, sparkling metal or lightweight glass combined with wood. And this is the most interesting style when these materials are combined with each other. Depending on the style of the interior, you can get a bright and unusual result.

wall shelves for living room:

So, the wall shelves for living room now play a completely different role, replacing the cabinets and the once-popular “walls”. But so that they do not spoil the living room, but decorate it, designers have to sweat. Modern brands often approach their work not only with inspiration, but also with humor, otherwise there is a great chance to create something bulky and banal.

Therefore, the shelves are transformed into multi-colored broken lines that can be “bent” at any angle and twist. And even completely deprived of their corners, creating a continuous ribbon that infinitely winds along the wall. Or try to systematize with built-in holders that can move along the shelves. Whole shelving systems also appear: conservatives will appreciate them, who want to be in trend, but do not dare to experiment too bold. There are many options, and we have prepared for you only a small selection of current ones.

Best 40 kids study room decoration ideas 2019

What weeks of returning to school, I thought of sharing study room decoration ideas for your children. At the base, you need a work surface, a comfortable chair, good lighting and a few storage shelves.
The student’s room is a multi-functional space. study room design should be convenient to study, play, sleep, meet friends, be creative and store a lot of things. In this case, I want her to be comfortable and change easily as the child grows up. From this material you will learn how to equip a student’s room from scratch or transform an already established interior, as well as study room ideas from a selection of 60 photos of boys and girls of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old.
modern kids study room design decoration ideas 2019
modern kids study room design decoration ideas 2019

study room design:

But nothing prevents you from adding decorative elements to make the kids study room more inviting. I love the giant pencil that you can customize on behalf of the child!
A large chalkboard is handy for perfecting handwriting, learning multiplication tables and irregular verbs, or simply teaching. Do not hesitate to give a second life to objects. Here, an old wooden ladder is transformed into a beautiful library.
Where you will install the study room design in your home will often dictate the layout and style. It is possible to arrange more than one study area in the family room, kitchen, or playroom. In this case, we can break the symmetry by associating an accent color to each child.
Many parents find it more convenient to arrange kids study room adjacent to the kitchen as they can prepare meals while being available for their children.

study room decoration:

This reception is safe if you want to arrange a study room design for children to grow up. When the time comes for a change, you can update the interior without making repairs, only replacing furniture, curtains or decor and make changes in study room decoration. In addition, neutral shades are good because they do not interfere with either study, or games, or sleep. Well, in order to not be too boring in the room, you just need to dilute the interior with colored accents.

Best 50 Exterior wall design ideas for modern house

The Exterior wall design of any building is its architectural attire, the outer shell. And from what it will be, depends the first impression, which will be about the whole house. Of course, the chosen method of exterior wall decoration of a private household reflects the taste preferences, the favorite color palette and even the lifestyle of the owners. But when planning the exterior wall decoration of the house, it is important to remember not only the external attractiveness of finishing materials, but also the functional component. Finishing should protect from moisture and be resistant to corrosion, withstand frost and calmly transfer the active sun rays, insulate the building and be non-toxic, do not harm the health of homeowners and the environment.

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modern home exterior wall design house front decoration ideas 2019
modern home exterior wall design house front decoration ideas 2019

When choosing a Exterior wall design of a building, it is important to take into account several components: the specifics of the climate and the surrounding nature, the territorial specificity of the location of the house, the appearance of the neighboring buildings, and your desire to merge with a common stop or, on the contrary, stand out from the total mass of private houses

Exterior wall design options:

Best 50 fence design ideas for home exterior 2019

Every owner of a private house wants to have an attractive home exterior fence design for his own plot. The fence will protect the area from the views of passers-by, which will make you feel free and relaxed in your yard. Based on the location of housing, the fence is able to solve individual tasks and implement various variations in size, design, configuration, as well as be made of various materials.
modern home exterior fence design ideas 2019
modern home exterior fence design ideas 2019

fence design ideas:

Wooden fences: garden fence design which made of wood advantageously combine an attractive appearance, a relatively low price and unpretentious installation. Among the main advantages of this variation is the variety of the range. You can stop on a log, picket fence, block or bar. Ornate and filigree details or straight lines of solid boards - the ease of processing each of these fence design ideas will allow you to get the original fence of almost any structure and structure. Such a structure is quite simple to install and repair. The tree can be painted or it can be preserved from its original appearance only by varnishing it. Environmental friendliness and a neutral natural shade allow it to supplement any registration of a site.

Stone fence: this garden fence design is a solid and presentable option. Durable material retains its quality over many years of service. It harmoniously harmonizes with the stone facing of the whole building or its foundation.
For the fence of stone requires a foundation, he himself may be faced with decorative brick or just plastered. Such barriers are very attractive in combination with ornate forged parts. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure the privacy of a private territory, it is important to build a maximally deaf fence. Stone construction is durable and does not require periodic maintenance, not taking into account painted and plastered analogues.

Fence of combinations of materials: Combinations in home exterior fence design of various building materials in the territory of a private house allow you to get an excellent result. Together they create a strong and durable hedge with a unique appearance.

home exterior fence design photos:

Having created a high barrier around your own home ownership on the curious eyes of passers-by and neighbors, you can often catch yourself thinking that you are locked in uncomfortable walls. In this case, use simple techniques that will decorate the fence, turning it into a lively and even cozy structure, from our gallery you can find multiple fence design ideas to apply in your home.

Best 50 turquoise curtain designs and color combinations 2019

Curtains are one of the important elements of the interior. Since their main purpose is to frame the window from which the light comes, they will somehow attract the eye. And if so, then they should look decent.
This type of textile is present in any room and requires special attention. Curtains can be absolutely any color. But consider the turquoise curtain color ideas in the interior. This noble color with a skillful combination with other details will look very advantageous.

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latest modern turquoise curtains design colors for living room bedroom interior decor 2019
latest modern turquoise curtains design colors for living room and bedroom interior decor 2019

Turquoise curtain design ideas for all rooms

Turquoise curtain designs in the bedroom will come at an opportune moment. In this part of the house, as a rule, the fabric is designed to protect the window openings from bright light. Heavy velvet curtains of a bright turquoise hue will be advantageously combined with the walls in pastel colors. And if the bedspread on the bed will be in color in harmony with them, then the guests' delight is guaranteed.

But the guests have no place in the bedroom, so we go to the living room. And here the turquoise curtain designs, photos of which are residual in the network, will be most welcome. If the room is not very large, it is better to choose a light flowing fabric. Another tip: do not overdo it with the number of colors. If you prefer modern turquoise curtains, then let this bright spot be the main one.

The kitchen should give preference to the almost weightless Roman curtains of translucent fabric. On a bright sunny day, they will pass light through themselves, casting beautiful azure reflections around. Thus, the light will be enough, and the highlight will appear. If the dimensions allow, you can hang modern turquoise curtains to the floor.

In the nursery, a turquoise curtain designs will also not be superfluous, both for the boy and for the girl. Look great curtains to match the walls with turquoise pattern.

Latest curtains design ideas with turquoise color combinations

In general, the advantage of this shade is that it can give the interior both the nobility and the magnificent magnificence of antiquity, as well as the lightness and style of modernity. In the living room, modern turquoise curtains can create coziness, and in the study to tune in to productive activities.
On our gallery you can find a lot of photos of turquoise curtain designs, you can always find something for your home.

Latest 50 POP arch designs for modern living rooms 2019

The arch in the apartment is a beautiful way to zone the space without damage to the area. The POP arch designs and its decorating elements will emphasize the stylistic direction of the apartment and decorate the interior. In addition, this way you can refine the outdated design.
Modern wall arch designs are currently actively winning a place in houses and apartments. Being elite elements in the design of rooms, they are most often mounted in hallways, especially if they consist of several rooms or have an elongated shape. POP arches for living room are also a convenient place to place geometric ceilings.

modern pop arch designs ideas for living room interior 2019
modern pop arch designs ideas for living room interior 2019

POP arch designs for modern living rooms

The arch can also divide one room into two different zones. For example, the bedroom has a sleeping area from a dressing room or a seating area. The POP arches for living room can separate kitchen area above the bar counter . Even a small indent above the ceiling will visually divide the room.
For several centuries, POP arch designs have changed slightly, and its functions have remained almost the same:

arches allow you to give the room originality and individuality;
visually divide the space into separate parts and at the same time are an architecturally unifying principle.
Today, many owners in the process of repairing replace doorways with arched ceilings.

Further acquaintance with how POP arch designs can be, we suggest to continue in our photo gallery. Here we tried to collect the best examples of interiors that will inspire you to your own design project. Enjoy watching!

Latest modern POP arches for home wall decoration