Best 50 Italian curtain design ideas for all rooms

Italian window curtains are aristocratic and very elegant decor. Due to their exceptional elegance and noble appearance, they can perfectly fit into almost any interior.

Latest Italian style curtain designs ideas fabrics colors for living room bedroom bathroom kitchen 2019

The main features of the application of Italian window curtains:

For Italian curtain fabrics, it is advisable to choose denser fabrics, since they are better drapable.
The combination of materials of different color and texture, will give the Italian curtain designs volume, pomposity and expressiveness.
Italian paintings should be in harmony with the overall style and interior space.
Such curtains are universal. They are perfect for decoration high, narrow or even arched windows. In addition, they will allow you to adjust and visually change its shape.
These models will be appropriate in any configuration and size of the room.

Italian window curtains in the interior for rooms:

50 Amazing small bedroom design ideas catalogue 2019

The bedroom is exactly that corner which most of all should please with the cosiness, comfort, ability to invigorate in the early morning and relieve tension after a hard day. Small bedroom design - this is quite an acceptable square, where you can embody various design ideas, place the necessary zones and create a suitable environment for relaxation. In our article we will look at Small bedroom design ideas, how to choose the Small bedroom decor, style, as well as the possibility of competent placement of necessary furniture.

modern small bedroom decor lighting furniture design ideas 2019

Very small bedroom interior design ideas.

For Small bedroom furniture design, The main element of any bedroom is the bed, which should be quite comfortable and spacious. Even before buying it is necessary to lie down on the bed, in order to fully feel how this or that model will fit anatomical features.
Given that we are talking about a relatively small bedroom design, it is better to purchase a bed with an additional storage system in the form of a built-in box, where you can put the necessary pastels.

Also in Small bedroom furniture design, There are also models with a multi-functional headboard, in which there are various shelves and niches. The most "advanced" option are floating beds with hidden supports, as well as round beds that fit perfectly into the interior of Small bedroom design. In small apartments often in the bedroom place a dressing room. In this case, the best solution could be a wardrobe with mirrored doors that expand the space.

For Small bedroom lighting ideas. The best option would be a soft multi-level lighting. Spotlights and a chandelier will be the main sources of light, and various wall lamps, floor lamps, tableware will not disregard certain functional areas. To create an original, mysterious environment, you can arrange the perimeter of the plasterboard ceiling with LED tape and install the back light in the lower area of ​​the bed.

Latest small bedroom decor ideas and storage ideas

Summarizing all the above, we can safely say that by correctly choosing the Small bedroom decor, color and using the features of the finish, you can even turn a small room into a cozy corner filled with an atmosphere of romance and peace. And now we offer you to look at our photo gallery, where there are many successful Small bedroom design ideas. Enjoy watching!

50 Stylish 3D curtain design ideas for all rooms 2019

In the modern market of design and facing materials, 3D effect curtains are a stylish novelty that allows to realize even the most original design solutions. They are able to fill the house with comfort, give the rooms a unique and emphasize a particular style. Digital printing on textile canvas looks spectacular and very realistic

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modern 3d effect curtain design ideas for living room bedroom window shower 2019
modern 3d effect curtain design ideas for living room bedroom window shower 2019

types of 3D effect curtains:

3D curtain design are made from thick and light fabrics in a variety of formats: roll , Portieres or tulle.

Portieres: window curtains with 3D effect of opaque dense fabric, are both decorative and functional. Moving on the eaves, may consist of two parts, placed at the edges of the window. In the closed state, they perfectly transmit graphics in three-dimensional display.

Rolled: canvases with three-dimensional pattern are set to the size of the window. When closing, they are going to the shaft representing a small roll. In the open state, such 3D effect curtains create the illusion of beautiful views outside the window.

Tulle: Translucent chiffon 3D curtain design is created on the basis of natural cotton, silk and synthetic threads. Perfectly miss the sunny color, while displaying a 3D drawing.

3D curtain design in the room interior:

Best 100 American style kitchen designs with breakfast bar 2019

Surely, lovers of American films or TV series remember the shots in which families enjoyed their meals in cozy spacious kitchens. Today it will be about them. On the American kitchen design .
To begin with, the modern american kitchen design requires a large area on which you can easily place everything you need.

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modular american kitchen design ideas with breakfast bar 2019
modular american kitchen design ideas with breakfast bar 2019

American kitchen design with breakfast bar.

Most often, the american kitchen with bar is combined with the living room, dining room, sometimes the hallway and corridor, this allows you to significantly increase the space.
Plus: The owner can communicate with guests during cooking.
Minus: An untidy kitchen, where they were preparing food in a hurry, will disturb the comfort of the living room.
Solution of the problem: Think over in advance of a powerful system of hoods and ventilation .

The walls in the American kitchen design are mostly painted in light colors or sheathed horizontally with a tongue-and-groove board.
Part of the walls in the most "dirty" area may be covered with ceramic tiles .
On the floor in most cases trail parquet (heavy boards or cherry golden color) or floor tile light shades.
The ceiling can be sheathed with boards or other materials that mimic the wooden coating. To complete the ceiling can low hanging heavy chandeliers .
Modern American kitchen design use wallpaper with a variety of ornaments and designs.

American kitchen cabinets should be made of wood: varnished or decorated in white.
A distinctive feature of American cuisine is the american kitchen with bar . It is a multi functional desktop equipped with a multitude of shelves for storage, as well as a stove,  wine cabinet and / or bar counter.
also, kitchen breakfast bar is designed to allow a fast breakfast during any other activities.
In a classic American-style kitchen design, the sink is placed under the window. Natural light illuminates the wash area well, so it is very convenient. Also beautiful.

Latest american style modular kitchen designs 2019

Any American kitchen has a lot of various shelves, the headsets in it line up to the ceiling and american kitchen cabinets . Americans use separate cabinets for storing plates and cups, various utensils, festive service, textiles, cookbooks and small household appliances.
American kitchen design can not do without a huge amount of home appliances. In addition to the overall refrigerator and powerful exhaust, the presence of other devices (toasters, food processors and mixers, fryers and blenders, etc.) is necessary.

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Best 50 bathtub design ideas for modern bathrooms

we often face the problem of lack of space in the bathroom. But even if there is enough space, some simply do not like to take a bathtub and are ready to leave only a shower in the bathroom or to put it together with the bathtub. Whatever it was, beautifully want to make any room. In this article we will describe how this can be modern bathtub design done, and demonstrate ready-made solutions for a stylish bathtub.

modern bathtub design ideas

modern bathtub design luxury bathroom ideas 2019
modern bathtub design luxury bathroom ideas 2019

Selecting plumbing, including a shower cabin, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room and its characteristic features.

In the spacious bathroom you can install the volume hydro box. This Luxury bathtub design is completely isolated from the external space. This allows you to not reach the critical level of humidity, which is detrimental to wood and wallpaper. Therefore, if you want to finish such materials, choose a private shower.

The largest construction - five-wall. It looks very stylish, spacious, but requires sufficient room space. After all, it is important not only to fit the shower, but also to leave enough room for free movement.

bathtub design for small bathrooms should be equipped with open showers, a corner or a rectangle. Open cabins are the best choice for a shower to fit into a classic interior.

Radius versions, and especially - glass models look organically in modern bath design for a small bathroom. Folds can be not only transparent, but also matte, patterned.

In recent years, increasingly for modern bath design used showers without pallets. Such designs, especially if they are rectangular, fit perfectly into modern spaces, which are characterized by lightness, minimalism and straight lines.

Latest bathtub designs for modern bathroom

You will find bathtub design ideas for decorating the bathroom with a shower in our photo gallery. Here are collected already embodied design projects that will help you competently and beautifully organize the space of your own premises. We wish you inspiration and pleasant viewing!

50 Modern bathroom tile design ideas catalog 2019

For most people, the bathroom is just a room, but for others it is a kind of paradise where people can relax, relax and take spa treatments. It must be understood that comfort and sophistication must be present in this room.So, Beautiful bathroom tile design, photo ideas and tips from the experts. Which is better to choose a bathroom tile ideas for a small and large bathroom:bathroom floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles.  Recommendations for the care of tiles in the bathroom.

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modern bathroom tile design ideas for flooring and walls
modern bathroom tile design ideas for flooring and walls

Modern bathroom wall tile design ideas

The use of bathroom tile design is not a new technique, but with the help of a variety of interesting and fashionable novelties, anyone can create a unique and modern bathroom tile ideas with their own hands . Bathroom tile design revets the walls, decorates the floor and is used as a decor on different surfaces. Its textures, types and colors are so diverse that they will help to realize even the most unusual and courageous imagination without sacrificing comfort. Mosaic, glass, mirror, clinker - all these are bathroom tile ideas.

Trends in 2019 bring us back to geometric shapes and unobtrusive patterns that do not distract from the main subjects, but set the general mood and create an atmosphere.

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50 Modern wallpaper designs for bedroom walls 2019

the bedroom is one of the favorite places of any person. It is here that we can retire, relax and unwind from the daily hassle. Here we also meet the dawn, when, basking in the embrace of a warm blanket, we still want to spend some time in a calm, peaceful atmosphere. An important role in creating the necessary atmosphere is performed by the wallpaper design for bedroom, its color palette, patterns, so most often designers use wallpaper for bedroom as a finishing material. Their choice today is so wide that it allows you to embody the most sophisticated fantasies, make the bedroom design calm and at the same time quite expressive.

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Modern wallpaper design ideas for bedroom wall decoration 2019

types of wallpaper for bedroom:

Choosing wallpaper design for bedroom, you should pay attention to the materials from which to make modern canvases. There are a lot of them, and each has its own advantages. Since the bedroom does not have any special micro-climatic conditions (temperature changes, high humidity, pollution), from the point of view of practicality, any canvases are suitable here. Therefore, we will pay attention to their other characteristics.

The simplest and most well-known option is paper wallpaper for bedroom. These are the most cheap canvases, since they do not differ in resistance to various kinds of impacts. Nevertheless, they have not lost their relevance for decades, as their range is constantly expanding, new shades, patterns, prints appear, allowing to select material for any style with minimal cost. If you are afraid that over time, the wallpaper will somehow become dirty, you can paste over the upper surface of the wall with them, and lower the lower one with another, more resistant material, such as plastic panels.

Non-woven wallpaper for bedroom more practical. Most often they have the form of canvases for painting with embossed patterns, although there are already tinted models. Durability of the material can withstand up to 15 colors, so this is a good option for those who do not like permanence. In contrast, vinyl wallpapers are already endowed with a certain pattern. These are fairly dense canvases that perfectly tolerate various conditions. The vinyl layer gives the wallpaper bulkiness, and the mass of decorative solutions allows you to create unique interiors. The combinations of non-woven and vinyl wallpapers look beautiful, where the patterns alternate with a monochromatic coating. This design will not get bored and, in the end, you can always change it by painting monochromatic flizelin in your favorite color scheme.

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modern dining room decor

We will tell about the most important secrets of dining room design ideas in a house, in the atmosphere of which you and your surroundings will enjoy not only a meal together, but also the luxury of communication.

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modern dining room decor ideas dining table and chairs design 2019
modern dining room decor ideas dining table and chairs design 2019

Modern dining room decor ideas

modern dining room decor, designed exclusively for a meal, was an attribute of an aristocratic mansion a few centuries ago. Even now, in most European countries, they prefer to make the kitchen small, and the dining room is a special territory, and it would not occur to anyone to infringe upon its rights. It is so accepted even in the middle class circle.

French decorators (creators of modern dining table and chairs "art de la table") argue that to have modern dining room decor it is not enough just to decorate; here you also need a certain artistry, possession of the secrets of good restaurateurs. Moreover, it is in France that the art of socializing at the table, subtle and aristocratic, according to all the rules of the genre, is still at a special price.

In dining room design ideas, the optimal location is next to the living room, it is logical to place between them not a door, but an open doorway. If the living room is more than 60-70 square meters. m, and you have not too many guests, you can choose the "American version" - a living-dining room in a private house, although, of course, this will be a kind of compromise.

But it is preferable that the dining room is still a separate room, decorated with a special charm.

Latest modern dining room designs - table and chairs

A further review of the various ways of modern dining room decor is suggested to continue in our gallery, where we tried to collect the best Main gate design ideas. Enjoy watching!

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Best 50 modern bathroom design ideas 2019

Bathroom is not the easiest room for repairs. It has its own climatic environment, as well as functional specificity, capabilities and limitations. Despite the fact that in this space we spend not so much time as in the living room or bedroom, it is simply impossible to do without it in modern realities. It is in the bathroom that we have the opportunity to carry out all the necessary hygienic procedures, completely retire and relax. Therefore, it is important to make bathroom interior design is cozy, attractive and practical. How to transform the transformation in accordance with modern trends in bathroom design ideas - read our article.

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modern bathroom interior design color combinations tile ideas 2019

Modern bathroom interior design trends

There are so many ways to transform a  bathroom. It is likely that it will be possible to create an incredible exclusive Bathroom interior design .

Refer to modern bathroom color combinations, adopt a bright palette and proceed to repair. Of course, neutral shades are allowed to complement the color accents that diversify white, beige or gray monochrome: woody, yellow, blue, muted red notes will make the interior boring. Use mirror, glass, glossy surfaces - they will visually increase the size of the room.

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Amazing DIY shoe storage rack design ideas 2019

have you seen a lot of people who have only 2-3 pairs of shoes for each season? Not everyone is capable of such miracles of minimalism. But there are still shoes of other family members, and all these treasures need to be stored somewhere and, preferably, separately: actual shoes in one place, and off-season shoes in another.We will tell about the best shoe storage ideas.

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modern shoes storage cabinet design ideas 2019

Modern Shoe storage ideas

for a special shoe cabinet design, a narrow metal locker, like in a school corridor or changing room of a swimming pool, takes up little space and accommodates a lot. If you manage to get one like this, install inside some more organizers that double the usable space. It will look great shoe storage cabinet in the bedroom of your son.

Another shoe cabinet designs are The wardrobes in the hallway are one of the most common ways to store shoes for daily use, Specialized shelves for shoes require a large space in the hallway. For small apartments, a wardrobe with a slim mechanism that allows shelves to open 180 °, giving access to shoes, will be a suitable option.

The shoe cabinet design depends on the type of shoes and place of storage. If you plan to leave the street boots in the yard of the cottage - dry them upside down. So they won't get wet inside if the weather turns bad.

Latest shoe storage cabinet designs

A smart shoe cabinet design sliding mechanisms instead of ordinary shelves at times save space - this is a well-known fact. If you have a large family or you have an extensive wardrobe, storage on regular shelves is definitely not your option. Choose retractable.

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Modern wall mirror design ideas for living room wall decoration 2019

It is difficult to imagine a piece of furniture or decor that is more necessary for the interior than a mirror. And the point is not that it is vitally important for us to take a final look at ourselves before going out. A suitable wall mirror design in the interior can be not only a beautiful accent, but also a way to make the space look bigger and brighter. Today you will learn where it is best to hang decorative wall mirrors, and how it can be used to create a stylish interior.
It may seem that the choice of a decorative wall mirrors is not a problem. But in the variety of options that modern shops offer, it's easy to get lost. How to choose the most convenient, successful in size and design, a mirror, this article will tell.

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modern decorative wall mirrors designs ideas for living room decoration 2019

Decorative wall mirrors for modern wall decoration

First you need to decide on the purpose of your wall mirror design and the type of room in which it will hang. Because for different rooms absolutely opposite decisions can be required.

In the living room , as a rule, there is no need to place mirrors to look there. That is, their purpose in this room can only be decorative wall mirrors. In this case, it all depends on your taste and wallet.
for living room wall mirrors, you can choose interesting inexpensive solutions without frames of irregular shape, popular for eclectic styles, Greek themes, mirrors of round shapes in frames that resemble sun with long rays. They are effectively placed on the sofa. You can choose a unique designer mirror, which will become the center of the decorative composition of the room.

Modern wall mirror design ideas for living rooms

At the end of the publication, we offer to your viewing a few more photos of the wall mirror design, on which it advantageously complements and decorates its design. Which option do you like the most? enjoy watching.

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Best 50 metallic epoxy floor design options for modern home flooring

The metallic epoxy floor is a strong uniform design, absolutely harmless to health and is simple in leaving. Yes, this is exactly the beautiful coverage that is increasingly found in restaurants, airports and luxury apartments. In addition, due to its environmental friendliness, this coverage is quite popular in children's institutions and hospitals. Solid pluses! Are you dreaming to pour such a floor in your own apartment? Now we will tell how to do it.

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decorative metallic epoxy floor paint modern home flooring designs 2019
decorative metallic epoxy floor paint modern home flooring designs 2019

Metallic epoxy floor for modern homes

metallic epoxy floor is considered to be among the most resistant to moisture and the effects of aggressive chemicals: acids, alkalies and solvents. Such floors can be washed with hot water and almost any detergent, why they prefer to arrange in various laboratories, rooms with high humidity and in homes.

Metallic epoxy flooring is also valuable for their unique maintainability: in the case of a deep scratch or crack, just a brush stroke is enough, while you will have to tinker with polyurethane.

It's hard to come up with a better coverage than metallic epoxy floor. The mixture of epoxy resin and hardener when cured forms a solid monolithic layer, which has a number of excellent performance characteristics:

high resistance to wear;
tremendous strength;
the ability to tolerate extremely high or low temperatures;
excellent adhesion to the bases of various types;
complete lack of seams;
low cleaning costs;
resistance to aggressive chemicals;
wide possibilities for design, etc.
These qualities make it possible to use metallic epoxy floors at a wide variety of enterprises and institutions: in production workshops, laboratories, clinics, kindergartens and schools, in garages, in marketplaces and in other similar places. In recent years, owners of residential buildings and city apartments have increasingly preferred this type of flooring.

No matter how great the metallic epoxy flooring, it has a number of drawbacks that should be considered:

the process of filling the floor requires careful preparation and high labor costs;
the cost of work and materials can be quite high;
in case of improper installation delamination of the coating may be observed;
if the need arises for repair, it is almost impossible to select a composition ideally matching the color of the base coat;
Removing a damaged or outdated metallic epoxy floor will take a lot of time and effort.

Best metallic epoxy flooring design ideas 2019

50 New modern bedroom furniture design ideas 2019

In the bedroom, a person spends about a third of his life. It is logical that the room that we use so often should be not only comfortable, but also stylish. Consider a photo of the best options for modern bedroom furniture design. Everything about the choice of furniture sets, dressing tables, bed design, wardrobes and other elements for the interior of this room.

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modern bedroom furniture design sets beds cupboards dressing tables

Choosing wooden furniture sets for bedroom:

The choice of wooden furniture sets for bedroom, especially if the square meters in the room a little, turns into a real problem. Anyway, and without a closet and a bed in the bedroom is indispensable. A complete bedroom suite with bedside tables and a pier in the small bedroom will look ridiculous. How to get to the closet, if on the way is a dressing table? Give up a solid set of furniture in favor of individual items . Furniture is better to choose light colors that do not "eat up" the space.

Best 50 modern wall niches designs for wall decoration

Many specifically leave room for a niche at the time of design. It would seem, what can serve as an ordinary hole, which did not cause before such conflicting and such hot feelings of designers? It's all about fashion trends, superior functionality and ease of installation. If you can afford it, then why not! This article will cover the question: what is the modern wall niches, what is the opportunities of pop wall niches designs, how to use it as much as possible?

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Modern pop wall niches designs ideas with lighting for wall decoration 2019
Modern pop wall niches designs ideas with lighting for wall decoration 2019

what is modern wall niches?

modern wall niches are a small depression in the wall. It can be any: big, small, deep, shallow, to perform any function or just to please the eye. In addition, horizontal niches visually increase the length of the wall, which is very useful for small rooms. Especially often they can be seen in narrow hallways, where they act as guardians of umbrellas, gloves and other small street accessories.

modern wall niches are not just a cavity, but a special space that blends harmoniously with the styling of the interior of the room. But nevertheless at registration of such deepening, it is necessary to follow some general rules, in particular: wall niches with lighting are best used as a corrective element in rooms. It is important to respect the proportions. If necessary, you can adjust the geometry of the room. The color solution of the recessed area should not be darker than the walls of the room. Otherwise it will create the feeling that there is a hole in this place. The vaults of the cavity can be painted on a tone darker than the main. When using decorative coatings of different textures, it is necessary to monitor their compatibility. Visually expand the space by using mirrors .

Decorative wall niches design ideas with lighting

We hope our article about modern wall niches helps you with the planning of your interior. See more photos of pop wall niches designs for real projects in the photo selection. Inspirations and beautiful interiors!

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Best 50 kitchen POP ceiling design ideas 2019

In order to decide how to make a kitchen ceiling design, first of all it is better to study what the modern market offers and choose what is best for your kitchen. Today you can choose a variety of materials for the false ceiling designs for kitchen. This is wood, drywall, PVC, plastic and so on. For starters, you can google a photo of the kitchen ceiling design and decide what you want. It is necessary to draw out resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and so that pollution is easily washed off.

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Modern pop false ceiling designs for kitchen interior with lighting pop design for kitchen
Modern pop false ceiling designs for kitchen interior with lighting pop design for kitchen

Modern kitchen pop ceiling design ideas.

Increasingly, on the ceilings of domestic kitchens one can come across structures made of false ceiling, since this method of finishing is considered not only the most attractive and spectacular, but also the most rational in difficult conditions of the wet zone. Often it is the POP ceiling design for kitchen that become the way to solve the problem of hiding the ventilation shaft, open communications, or simply uneven ceiling. For a small room, such decoration allows you to place additional illumination or spot lighting in the niches, and for a spacious kitchen a multi-level POP false ceiling is one of the options for stylish room zoning.

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Modern pop false ceiling designs for kitchen interior with lighting pop design for kitchen
Modern pop false ceiling designs for kitchen interior with lighting pop design for kitchen

Making the POP ceiling design for kitchen - this is an opportunity in the shortest possible time to get a stylish surface that demonstrates the individuality and uniqueness of the room. Experts, noting the increasing attention of both designers and ordinary people to the use of false ceiling designs for kitchen, distinguish the following advantages of this material for such works:

Ease of installation. An experienced master during the week is able to carry out the installation of a rather complex gypsum board form.
Ease of work. Any man in the street who has a general idea of ​​the system of work can cope with concise forms: it is easy to fix the plates, the treatment of seams is simple, and painting the surface does not cause questions.

It is necessary to distinguish two technologies of mounting kitchen ceiling design - suspended and hemming. At the same time, people often incorrectly call the design that adorns their apartment, thereby misleading those around them.

Latest modern POP false ceiling designs for kitchens

So, suspended POP ceiling design for kitchen live up to their name and are suspended from the floor. The mounted metal frame system is attached to the ceiling slab with hangers (usually rods, brackets or thick wire), and then false ceiling sheets are attached to the frame itself. The size of the suspensions allows you to adjust the height of the ceiling, behind which there are communications, sound-proof or heat-insulating materials, as well as a spot lighting system.

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Best 40 Japanese kitchen design ideas 2019

trying to repair the kitchen, each of us wants to see it as a comfortable, ergonomic space, where it is pleasant and convenient not only to prepare food, but also to eat and gather with friends over a cup of tea. If you are not a supporter of everyday life, we suggest to consider the option of Japanese kitchen design, which will perfectly fit into any size of the room, make it a special room that you do not want to leave.

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Japanese style kitchen design decor cabinets ideas 2019
Japanese style kitchen design decor cabinets ideas 2019

Japanese style kitchen interior design.

The main features of Japanese kitchen decor can be identified such as: the use of natural materials with a natural color palette (wood, stone, bamboo, silk, rice paper), squat furniture of regular forms, the absence of bright light and decor, as well as the replacement of interior walls with original ones.

In modern European interiors, of course, some of the details are slightly simplified: natural rice paper is replaced by frosted glass, plastic, and MDF is often used instead of wood. Shoji partitions are also becoming less common - their installation is applicable for large spaces, in small kitchen conditions they are reflected in the decoration of the facades of the headsets, decor. Despite this, the Japanese style kitchen design is recognized as one of the most aesthetic, combining restraint, simplicity and, at the same time, the immutability of the traditions of ancient culture.

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