50 Modern Indian bedroom decor ideas and furniture design catalogue 2019

India is a very fascinating country in all its glory – people are interesting, art and Architecture, fashion and design and pretty much all the she-bang! Today we have a list that focuses more on the Indian bedroom decor and Indian bedroom furniture that is usually seen and visible in an Indian-inspired decoration; slightly Mediterranean and a whole lot of Asian!

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Modern Indian bedroom designs for homes 2019

Deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history, Indian interior design features rich textiles and furniture, often-handmade using traditional methods. Transport yourself to this exotic country and get Indian bedroom ideas for your home. With that idea inculcated in our heads by now, let's go ahead and check out the stunning Indian bedroom designs we have collated for you guys!

latest trends in Indian bedroom decor 2019 catalogue

Modern Indian bedroom decor ideas

In India, great importance is attached to the spiritual side of life, religious concepts and objects form the basis of orderly life. The house dominated by Indian design is necessarily saturated with orange, raspberry, turquoise hues, and their tones can rarely be found elsewhere.

Items of furniture that make up the interior of an apartment prefer to choose low and made with their own hands of teak - solid wood. Beds and sofas should be comfortable and soft, comfortable for rest and sleep.

The Indian house can have a basis only three or four main pieces of furniture, but their choice should be paid close attention. Made-for-yourself interior items should be combined according to texture, style direction and necessarily in color.

Indian style can be recognized on the photo and by the characteristic feature - furniture items can easily be transformed. Screen, doors, shutters, chairs, and tables can easily change their purpose if necessary. The decor of an apartment in India must contain elements of ivory, teak wood, wrought iron.

latest trends in Indian bedroom decor 2019 catalogue

latest trends in Indian bedroom decor 2019 catalogue

Indian Bedroom Furniture design

Round chairs with cushions, but without a backrest, low stools and benches are used for sitting. Back in the XIX century. unpretentious furniture from India was popular in European countries. In the interior is widely used a low bed - a frame with a woven plane for lying, which allows you to observe the traditional style. The design will look harmonious if the main pieces of furniture are combined in their shades.

For the Indian interior, the following pieces of furniture are typical.
  • In the interior, there must be a low coffee or coffee table. It is characterized by straight, massive legs, carved edges and most often a glass top.
  • The interior of any house in India is inconceivable without a narrow and low cabinet with doors. Decorate the doors with metal or wooden inserts in the form of a lattice.
  • The nightstand is also the main detail of the interior. Painting a nightstand with figures of horses, elephants, girls in traditional robes or sketches from the life of the gods.
  • The interior looks good if it has a curved screen.
  • In the interior must be present figures of animals made from natural materials.
Most often in Indian bedroom decor; you can see miniature sacred cows, crocodiles, snakes, antelopes, elephants and necessarily graze in the growth of a man.

latest trends in Indian bedroom decor 2019 catalogue

latest trends in Indian bedroom decor 2019 catalogue

Indian master Bedroom Ideas

Are you bored of the way your bedroom currently looks? You have a lot of things in the room but it still doesn’t feel that great when you look at it? Well, as it turns out, is a common problem. But you need not worry, in this section, we have written down 4 awesome hacks to revamp your bedroom!

  1. Use of Warm Colors

As is evident from our culture, the use of warm colors is a preferred option for many of us. Colors like yellow, orange, light brown, saffron, reddish tinges and a mix of these colors are considered auspicious as well as give a very Indian look to your bedroom. Just go to any roadside paint shop and buy those small sample paints and try them on one of your walls. See which suits your taste best, and then go for it!

Modern Indian bedroom designs for homes 2019

Decorating with Plants

Plants add a sense of closeness to nature in your room. Not only do they go really well with décor, they also help in maintaining the right temperature and humidity inside the room. Go in your local artifact market to select a few fancy pots followed by a visit to a local nursery to shortlist a few décor plants that you like (and can maintain!)

Modern Indian bedroom designs for homes 2019

Placing Artifacts

A usual part of Indian bedroom decor, artifacts can be a cheap yet very powerful item to beautify your bedroom. From statues to showpieces to local craftwork, there are 100’s of options available online and offline.

Modern Indian bedroom designs for homes 2019

Hanging Wall Paintings

Paintings tend to create a focal point in your bedroom, and hence making a particular of your room stand out immediately in the first view. When combined with complimenting wall colors and décor items, the paintings also give a sense of appropriate use of wall space

Modern Indian bedroom designs for homes 2019

Indian Bedroom interior Designs catalogue

Europeans often represent the Indian bedroom decor style in the interior as a mixture of bright colors, fabrics, figurines, multiple mirrors, candles and other attributes, some of which are made by them. The excessive diversity is not quite the right idea of ​​what Indian design is.

Indian bedroom designs really look colorful, but this riot of colors is not cloying, but thoughtful and correctly arranged. A real Indian home attracts with its warmth, home decor, coziness, and softness. The interior attracts, above all, it's open hospitality.

Indian bedroom decor assumes special attention to color compositions since it is the shades that play a leading role in decorating. Analyzed any little thing - how the colors interact, as combined with furniture and objects in the room. Color decoration should not negatively affect the mood of the owners.

Indian bedroom decor is the right choice of color and pattern. Very popular in the Indian style is the color of the flesh of the muscatel pumpkin, it is a bright orange-reddish shade. The Indian modern house can also contain a bold palette of all shades.