50 Modern Indian bedroom decor ideas and furniture design catalogue 2019

India is a very fascinating country in all its glory – people are interesting, art and Architecture, fashion and design and pretty much all the she-bang! Today we have a list that focuses more on the Indian bedroom decor and Indian bedroom furniture that is usually seen and visible in an Indian-inspired decoration; slightly Mediterranean and a whole lot of Asian!

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Modern Indian bedroom designs for homes 2019

Deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history, Indian interior design features rich textiles and furniture, often-handmade using traditional methods. Transport yourself to this exotic country and get Indian bedroom ideas for your home. With that idea inculcated in our heads by now, let's go ahead and check out the stunning Indian bedroom designs we have collated for you guys!

100 Modular Indian kitchen designs, ideas, colors, cabinets 2019 catalogue

The Indian style of decorating premises spread in Europe and most countries during the time of English colonization. This design variant has gained wide popularity and still does not lose its positions. Indian kitchen cabinets a harmonious combination of originality and ancient traditions of the East. In this article, we are going to submit a complete vision of Indian kitchen cabinets through many Indian kitchen designs and Indian kitchen colors photo collection. So, keep going.

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modular indian kitchen designs ideas cabinets for modern home interiors 2019
modular indian kitchen designs ideas cabinets for modern home interiors 2019

Indian Kitchen Designs

The design of the Indian kitchen cabinets, the photo options of which are presented in the article, has some nuances that allow not confusing it with other directions. Ethnic notes in the overall design will create certain simplicity and at the same time the originality of the kitchen. This style will be perfectly combined with modern household appliances and furniture.

Modern TV wall units: Living room tv cabinet design catalogue 2019

Living room is the third element forming the image of your house design, the first is the home front design and the second is the entrance design (home exterior design). This is the reason why the overall living room interior design and the living furniture sets are very important and should be carefully chosen, In today's article we present a new catalog for an essential furniture element of the living set, it's the modern TV wall units and TV cabinet design made of wood. new ideas for designing this item to make your main room elegant and comfortable.

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latest modern tv cabinets designs for living room furniture - tv wall units 2019 catalogue
latest modern tv cabinets designs for living room furniture - tv wall units 2019 catalogue

50 POP false wall design ideas for modern homes catalogue 2019

Installation of a false wall or gypsum board wall helps in many cases - if it is worthwhile to hide the lines of communications if there is to be an additional over the main wall if it is necessary to hide radiators, pipes. In this work there is nothing super complicated, a non-professional can do it too. However, some experience of repair work is still required, as well as special equipment.

In this subject, we are going to tell you how to install gypsum wall decoration and pop wall design step by step with a great gallery of photos contain the latest false wall designs. Go!

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Latest gypsum board wall designs for hall and living room 2019 catalogue

Why do we need a POP false wall design?

First, it is sound insulation or wall insulation. It turns out that behind the false wall you hide the insulation material or soundproofing. Usually, we are talking about mineral wool.

False wall and installation reasons:
  • Laying the system of hidden communications;
  • Installation of hidden mechanisms;
  • Decorative purposes - for example, the construction of special niches.
Finally, such a false wall can even out the curvatures of the base wall. Well, of course, this is a partition without the load-carrying capacity for the room - so that between the two zones in the room there was such a homemade wall. This zoning is also very in demand.

100 Dressing room ideas and wardrobe interior designs 2019

Today, the dressing room is not just a wardrobe; it's a whole trend in interior design, over which many talented professionals work. Modern wardrobe rooms help to simplify the task of storing your belongings, making the most of your free space. In this subject, we are going to talk about modern dressing room designs and wardrobe interior design ideas in details, and we will offer the latest dressing room design ideas and dressing room organization ideas.

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latest dressing room designs 2019 catalogue
latest  modern dressing room designs

Dressing Room Design Ideas for modern homes

The internal filling in such rooms has grown from a simple cabinet into a separate room with a separation of zones and a thoughtful layout. To find the right thing in a properly planned dressing room - just open a section or drawer. On the mezzanine can provide shelves for rarely used things, such as suitcases, and below make a compartment for storing the vacuum cleaner, this again saves space in the apartment. Usually, there is an additional place for changing clothes in addition to the storage shelves. Must be a thoughtful modern lighting, perhaps LED lighting shelves and niches. There must be a mirror, and maybe a mirror wall panel, an island with a glass countertop under which you can see the contents of the upper crates of the island.

As already mentioned above, the basis of the dressing room in the modern style is its filling. The fittings with modern mechanisms should be used to achieve the most convenient storage. Everything should be divided into functional areas for ease of searching for the necessary thing. Pantographs or elevators, boxes with closers of companies such as Blum or Harn, corner bars, hanging, net baskets for linen, all this is necessary for a modern dressing room.

30 Small corner dressing table designs for bedrooms 2019

Dressing table is known since ancient times. Even then the beauties prinked up, sitting in front of the mirror, and on the table in front of them were lovely women's boxes, caskets and bottles.

A new small dressing table design catalog for modern bedroom furniture sets, and new corner dressing table ideas for maximize the space of the room 2019 designs

For Small bedroom furniture designs including dressing tables: Modern bedroom furniture catalog 2019

small corner dressing table designs ideas for modern bedroom interiors 2019
small corner dressing table designs ideas for modern bedroom interiors 2019

What is dressing table in the bedroom needed for?

Of course, we can say that this subject of furniture art is not absolutely binding now. One can complain that the rhythm of the life of modern ladies does not involve a long seat in front of the mirror. But even they somewhere need to store their lovely trinkets, jewelry box, jars of creams, a bottle of perfume and a cosmetic bag.

Best bathroom color ideas and trends 2019 - 100 paint & tile design

How to design your bathroom with the best and stylish bathroom color ideas 2019, see latest 100 bathroom tile design 2019 and paint color ideas, fashionable bathroom color trends 2019

The bathroom is a special room. Although we do not spend much time here, it is difficult to overestimate its importance, because without this room a comfortable existence cannot simply be. It is here that everyone deals with hygiene procedures that are part of everyone's life. Moreover, for girls and women, this is a kind of SPA salon where they can relax, clean up themselves, take a contrast shower or a hot bath with foam and various oils.

100 hall & Living room curtain design ideas and trends 2019

the best curtain living room curtain design ideas 2019 and hall curtains, what fabric you can use and top curtain colors trends for living room 2019, living room window treatments 2019

hall and Living room curtain design ideas and trends 2019

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100 kitchen backsplash ideas and design trends 2019

How to make stylish kitchen backsplash 2019 with the best and new backsplash design trends and ideas for 2019, and what is the best colors and materials

Successfully matched material for the kitchen backsplash can save the most ordinary interior. In fact, the kitchen backsplash in the interior design is just as subtle as the textiles. And in order not to make a mistake with him, gather all the materials that are in your kitchen - samples of facades, countertops, wallpaper, painting of walls, flooring - and already being guided by these stocks, proceed with the choice of the backslash itself. Also, a great role is played by the furnishings - a dining table with chairs, lamps, decor elements. And only when you have a complete picture of the kitchen interior, you can safely embark on the concept of a backsplash. But first, answer yourself a number of questions. What effect do you want to achieve: make the backsplash an accent or leave it invisible? If all the same an accent, then how exactly: using material or color?

kitchen backsplash ideas and design trends 2019

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Best bedroom curtain design ideas and window treatments 2019

The best 100 bedroom curtain designs and ideas 2019 and best curtain fabric and colors trends for bedroom 2019, how to choose curtain design and window treatments for bedroom

best bedroom curtain design ideas 2019, curtain designs for bedroom 2019

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