step by step to make false ceiling design with lighting 2019

How to make the best false ceiling with lighting ideas, step by step to choose the suitable false ceiling lighting and installation of false ceiling in your interior 2019, LED ceiling lights and all types of ceiling lighting

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

Until recently, a chandelier, proudly located in the center of the ceiling, a modest sconce and a majestic standing lamp near the chair, was used to light the room. Today, people have appreciated the advantages of modern lighting products. With their help, you can not only correctly equip the lighting, emphasize the advantages and leave some of the shortcomings in the geometry of the premises in the shade, but also set a certain mood for space. In the article, we will talk about the various settings the types of the ceiling lighting.

Numerous varieties of mini-lamps, spots, ribbons provide the opportunity to design the original lighting in accordance with their wishes. The miracle of technology on stretch and gypsum plasterboard false ceilings of complex shapes is especially advantageous. By the way, there are practically no restrictions on intricate design.

Tips to make false ceiling 2019:

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

The organization of the false ceiling lighting is engaged in the repair of the room. This allows you to hide the electrical wiring, aesthetically veil the transformers, dimmers and other related devices.

Stretch, false (rack, panel) and plasterboard false ceilings can create complex configurations. This is exactly the case when full freedom is given to realize the client's fantasies. What kind of material to choose for the arrangement of the false ceiling - the choice is for the owner of the property.

Tip: grandiose in performance designs will show themselves in all its glory in spacious rooms with high ceilings. In smaller premises, it is appropriate to use simpler solutions.

However, an important drawback of tensioning structures is the limitation on the power of the installed lamps. Therefore, before giving preference to PVC films, it is necessary to consult with specialists regarding lighting equipment.
false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

Tip: in any case, the placement of the highlight is discussed already at the stage of developing a project for any ceiling. Since the electrical wires, working holes, projections for lighting products are performed before the installation of the ceiling structure.

It is worth saying that the owners of an unremarkable false ceiling should not be upset. This will help simple wit. To arrange the lighting around the perimeter of the room is taken the usual false ceiling skirting board or polystyrene cornice, glue and LED strip.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

The skirting board is glued to the false ceiling (wall) along the perimeter of the room at a distance of 10-15 cm from the adjacent walls (or ceiling). To the inner side of the fillet is attached a strip of LEDs (the protective film is removed and the sticky side is applied to the installation site). In this simple way you can decorate, it would seem, an ordinary false ceiling.

The best types of ceiling lighting 2019:

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom

The backlight is auxiliary lighting. Here, lighting technology serves more to decorate and create an environment conducive to rest. In this connection, it is not necessary to assign full-function lighting to such equipment.

Today, a huge number of lighting devices are offered, which will radically change not only the type of false ceiling design but also affect the interior of the room. The list includes:
  • spotlights, including devices with rotary mechanisms (spots);
  • neon tubes;
  • LED strip;

Tips for making a two-level ceiling with lighting

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

When choosing luminaires, specify the number of parameters that must match the material of the false ceiling (the presence of thermal rings, the weight of products, etc.).

Mounting fixtures is carried out prior to false ceiling installation of the structure. Therefore, necessary supplies are prepared in advance, markings are made, the wiring is performed, etc.
The aesthetics of the false ceiling will depend entirely on the light fixtures purchased and the method of their arrangement. With the help of lighting, you can visually change the geometry of the room (narrow the long side of the room, expand the narrow room, raise or lower the false ceiling).

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom

Independent installation of lighting equipment is carried out with at least basic knowledge of electricity. It is not superfluous to read additional information or to watch the video.

The choice of lighting products for the design of lighting for the false ceiling should be based not only on personal preferences but also on the material of the suspension (tension) structure. Important parameters here are the weight of the product and the power of the lamps.

Spots lights for ceiling lighting

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

When designing, it should be borne in mind that the space between the main and stretch false ceiling can be at least 5 cm. At the same time, some point light devices have a base (seat) about 15-20 cm high.

Compact lamps can act as both an auxiliary and a main source of light. Everything depends on the correct location, the selection of the power of the lamps. Technological holes corresponding to the diameter of the luminaires are carried out in advance. According to the type of attachment, there are 2 kinds of point devices.

Latest false ceiling designs for living room and hall 2019

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom 2018

Built-in. The plinths with lamps are hidden in the inter- false ceiling space by means of spring fasteners, only the decorative part of the device remains visible. They are great for organizing the directional lighting of a certain zone (lunch, working, etc.). As a rule, 1 device can cover bright light up to 2 m2 of the area, which should be taken into account when calculating their number and location.

Models designed for installation in stretch false ceilings are equipped with special thermal rings, which prevent heating of the material and also protect it from deformation and fading. For such fixtures, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or LED lamps are used.

For stretched false ceilings with light, you should prefer lamps with lower heat emission (energy-saving or LED). When using incandescent lamps, their power should not exceed 60 W, for halogen analogs this figure is 35 W.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

Outdoor. Here, the lamp along with the bubble is located directly on the false ceiling. Thus, the outgoing heat can not damage the false ceiling structure. Particular attention is drawn to the spots, their swivel mechanism allows you to adjust the direction of light.

false Ceiling fixtures with an overhead type of fastening, especially with several spot lamps, often have an impressive weight, so before you purchase, you should clarify this point with professionals. In any case, this will not become a "contra-indication" for installing an attractive model but will serve as a reason for installing additional structural elements in the installation of the false ceiling.

Ceiling lighting ideas by own hands

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

The first thing on the false ceiling is marking the future location of lighting products. To the marked points, the wiring is skipped, which it is recommended to insulate in corrugated tubes.

The ends of wires for connection to terminals of spotlights should be left with a margin (not less than 20 cm). When working with halogen lamps, use gloves.

New false ceiling designs ideas for bedroom 2019 with LED lights

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom

Further, additional equipment is connected: transformers, brightness controllers, switches, etc.
It is necessary to check the operability (serviceability) of each electrical link.

For the luminaires under the false ceiling, pre-installed racks, brackets, insulating rings.

All elements of the system are connected and checked again for serviceability. If the result is positive, the wires are isolated, the section is de-energized, and the false ceiling is installed.

Neon tubes for false ceiling lighting:

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

Lamps of this kind are used only as a false ceiling decoration because of their low brightness and high energy intensity. They perfectly complement the design of the room thanks to a wide range of shades. The backlight can be monochrome, rainbow or contrast.

The service life of quality products is 10-15 years. Most luminaires are available in lengths of 1.5 m and diameters of up to 1.5 cm. The maximum temperature during operation of lamps does not exceed 40º, during operation they practically do not emit any noise.

At the junction of the lamps, dark spots are not formed, thus, a uniform and continuous glow is obtained. If desired, you can order tubes of different diameters and configurations.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

An excellent alternative to products with individual sizes is a neon cord. Due to the flexibility of its installation is easy and simple. Its glow is similar to that of lamps, but the intensity is noticeably lower. As for the cost, the cord will cost a little more than the tubes.

To create a false ceiling from gypsum board with backlighting, you will need separate niches in the structure. For the work of neon products, a converter is needed, which increases the frequency of the electric current. You should know that one transformer serves up to 7 m of tubes.

installation of the ceiling lighting from neon tubes

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room

Installation of false ceiling lighting equipment is performed on any base. So for the plastered surfaces polystyrene plinth is used, in gypsum plasterboard, false and stretched bases niches are arranged, the optimum size of which is: 20x50x70 mm. In calculations, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the voltage converter.

Depending on taste preferences, the luminous flux can be directed to the walls or to the center of the false ceiling. The intensity of the luminescence is regulated by the rim of the structure, and the higher the bead, the brighter and sharper the strip of light is produced. The absence of the rim provides the diffused glow. For the brightness is responsible and the diameter of the tube - installing lighting products of large diameter, you can get diffuse lighting. And vice versa - a small diameter is allowed to get more sharp boundaries of the light flux.

Top 25 false ceiling design options for kids rooms 2019

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom

Calculation of the connection points of transformers, and hence their number, is based on the power of 1 meter of the lamp (about 10 W). Converters are installed every 6-7 m of tubes.

The shops offer neon lamps in the kit, which includes everything you need (mounts, cords, wiring diagram) so there will be no difficulties in the installation process.

How to Make LED Ceiling Light 2019

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room

Excellent performance characteristics are flexible ribbons with diode bulbs. Serious manufacturers guarantee their impeccable work for 70 thousand hours.

Usually, the tape is produced in length of 5 m, it can be increased or cut into smaller segments. Such free use makes it possible to arrange the lighting of structures of any geometric shapes. LEDs can be monochrome or multicolored.

The intensity of the lighting of the LED false ceiling light depends on the number of located diodes on the meter of the tape. As a rule, this indicator for lighting equipment at 12 V is in the range of 30-120 pieces, for 24 V - up to 240 pieces, where the lamps are placed in 2 rows. The more diode lamps on a piece of tape, the more powerful the power supply should be. The power of the transformer must be calculated with a 20% margin.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room 2018

The hue and brightness of the glow are controlled via a remote control or a special switch via a dimmer. Thus, the owner has the opportunity to create an atmosphere for the mood.

Ready-made sets make it much easier to mount the LED backlight. Before you make a false ceiling of gypsum board with backlight you need to prepare all the necessary elements, and this: power supply, controller and control panel. The installation process consists of the consecutive connection of all the elements of the system.

Installation of LED Ceiling Light 

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

A large area of lighting implies the use of a powerful block with considerable dimensions. In this case, it makes sense to replace one powerful unit with several deviceIf the backlight is assembled from separately purchased parts, the installation process will consist of the following steps:

It is not recommended to connect the tape with more than 3-meter lengths, the tracks cannot withstand the passing current. The incision is made along the cutting line, indicated by the manufacturer with sharp scissors in one motion. It is worth noting that moisture-proof tape cannot be cut to avoid sealing products.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room

The wires are soldered neatly at a melting point not exceeding 160º with the observance of the polarity. Contacts in places of fastening to the board are protected by heat-shrink tubes and special tips. Special clips allow you to connect the contacts without soldering.

When connecting single-color products solder 2 wires, multi-colored tapes - 4, where the vein in the black shell corresponds to the terminal "+".

The whole circuit is assembled without installation in place, this will enable you to check the operating status and make a replacement (fix the system's faults) inconvenient conditions without dismantling.

Top 3D ceiling designs and murals on false ceiling 2019

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room

s with the same total power.

To fix the tape on the surface, it is enough to remove the protective tape and attach the adhesive side to the base. Here it is important to consider that it will stick to the polystyrene cornice "tightly", but from the plastered surfaces it will eventually fall behind.

How to make a ceiling with a backlight 

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom

This type of false ceiling lighting is a flexible cord made of plastic with a diameter of 10-16 mm, in which miniature incandescent lamps are connected in series. Unusual brightness, the elasticity of the cord (freely takes any shape) and low power consumption make the product popular with the organization of the decorated backlight.

The cord is cut into pieces according to special risks. The connection of several parts is made by means of a coupling. To connect to the mains, no transformers or transducers are used.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for bedroom

The product is presented in both single-color (fixing) and multi-color palette (chasing). The latter option, when connected to a dimmer switch, operates in a different dynamic order, for example in the form of flickering or "running lights" of the same color. In a series of chameleon alternate lamps of two shades. Multi-chasing is a 4-color production. If desired, multi-colored cords can be combined according to design solutions.  
One of the drawbacks of this false ceiling lighting products is the high cost of repair. So, if one of the bulbs burns out, you will have to replace the whole length of the cord.

Tips for the installation of the false ceiling with backlight:

The installation work of the tube is practically the same as the installation of the LED tape. The only difference is the absence of a transformer. Assembly of all elements is made first on the table or on the floor.

The cut of the cord is made according to manufacturer's marks. So for fixing the multiplicity of the cut is 1 m, chasing and chameleon - 2 m,  - 4 m.

When connecting lengths of different lengths, a transition sleeve is used. The end of the cord should end with a special tip (cap).

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

A cable with a plug for connecting the product to the mains is usually 1 m long, so it is important to take into account this factor when installing both an additional outlet and the location of the most sacred cord.

After assembly, the system is operational. If the result is positive, the cord is installed in the planned location. The fastening elements are clips, staples or rubber suckers.

Top tips for specialists for ceiling lighting 2019

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation

When adjusting the lighting, it is important to remember that no one canceled the main light sources: chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces, floor lamps. Backlighting performs only a decorative role.

Before creating the "scenery", pay attention to the numerous photos presented on the Internet. Illiterately selected contour can lead to the cumbersome weighting of any false (tension) structures, especially for multi-level false ceilings.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room

In natural light with the backlight off, the design may look very depressing. Therefore, the organizational process must take into account this nuance.

The backlight should carry the task itself: to emphasize the character and the style direction of the interior or the structural structure.

false ceiling design,false ceiling lighting,false ceiling installation for living room

See more false ceiling designs and ideas in this video

With extreme caution, it should be used in rooms decorated in retro style, Empire style, etc. The modern solution does not harmonize with solid wood furniture; a chandelier with candles and a table covered with a tablecloth.

Well and not to regret the spent means and the spoiled interior address to highly professional designers who will consider all wishes and will offer an optimum variant of creation and decoration of false ceiling designs.