Best 3D flooring images with epoxy coating for kitchens 2019

Should we install 3D flooring design images with epoxy flooring paint in our kitchens? read this article and see the epoxy 3D flooring murals 2019, designs, prices, installation, and cleaning.

We previously posted a complete guide to 3D epoxy flooring that explains the characteristics of this type of floor-painting and its features in details; as well as how you can use it and the average 3D flooring prices per square meter in the market and how you can install epoxy painted 3D floor art yourself if it's in a tight range. We also discussed the use of promotional 3D flooring in malls, shops, hotels or the promotion of a new product.

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3D flooring art murals for modern kitchens 2019

 If you've read about 3D floor art painting before, of course you know it's mainly used in high-load locations and locations subject to risks such as humidity, heavyweights, continuous and frequent use and high temperatures. Accordingly, its use started in halls, garages, 3D bathroom floors, swimming pools and other places that require a highly capable floor that can block humidity and heat. Our question is, is 3D epoxy flooring suitable for house-kitchens, restaurants, and hotels or is there another kind of flooring that's overall better for these places in particular? Generally, kitchens come second after bathrooms in terms of frequent use and exposure to temperature risks, humidity and high loads – especially in houses where families of 4 or more members live.

kitchen 3D floor art with epoxy flooring paint

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Features of 3D floor art with epoxy coating:

kitchen 3D floor art murals with epoxy flooring paint

Resistant to heat and humidity of epoxy coating: -

High-quality epoxy comes in the forefront as the best floor paint when it comes to resisting heat and humidity and working in high temperature. Mainly, epoxy is used in the insulation of reservoirs and swimming pools. It's also used in insulating heat and humidity underneath and kind of tiles such as ceramics, marble, and porcelain. Kitchens in houses and hotels usually are subject to high temperatures because of their stoves and ovens. They're also more exposed to humidity because of steam and the permanent use of water. Therefore, these kitchens definitely need a buffer or an insulating floor for those two types of risks that always threaten them and cause lots of problems that can be difficult to process.

3d floor art for kitchen flooring


When talking about kitchen/bathroom flooring we shouldn't ignore the amount of water these floors are daily exposed to. It's unreasonable to choose a floor for these rooms without keeping this point in mind. Fortunately, the manufacturing of epoxy paint is based on rubber, which makes epoxy-painted 3D floors with art designs ensure safety for you, your kids and for kitchen staffs in hotels and restaurants. Moreover, the rubber used in making epoxy paint makes it resistant to slippage and ensures balance inside your kitchen while you're busy cooking.
modern kitchen with 3D floor art with epoxy coating
modern kitchen with 3D floor art with epoxy coating


One of the most important elements of judging the quality of any kitchen is, of course, the element of safety; and by looking at the floor, safety resides in what we said earlier about slippage resistance. In addition to that, the floor is capable of reacting to all the food that falls on it. The 3D epoxy flooring paint for kitchens is considered very safe because it doesn't react to either the water or the nutrients/food that fall on it that's why it doesn't pollute it and doesn't produce dangerous gases. This resistance also makes it protected against the pigmentation caused by reactions with food or any other chemical reactions –which is a matter that causes lots of problems in other types of paint.
epoxy painted 3D flooring art for modern kitchen designs 2019
epoxy painted 3D flooring art for modern kitchen designs 2019

Durability and age of 3D epoxy floor paint:

As we previously mentioned, kitchen floors face lots of high loads, especially in big-family kitchens, hotels, and restaurants. From the dangers, the floor is subject to are falling knives or sharp objects that usually cause scratches and cracks in traditional floors, but when it comes to 3D epoxy flooring, it's at the top of the list of floorings that resist sharp edges. Accordingly, no scratches or cracks will be caused unless there are violent collisions or if you choose low-quality epoxy paints.
3d kitchen floor murals with epoxy coating
3d kitchen floor murals with epoxy coating

Unlimited epoxy 3D flooring designs for kitchens:

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Undoubtedly, what makes us attracted to this kind of flooring and what makes it gain more popularity as days go by between great interior designers and house owners are the unlimited design options that grants you the freedom to finish designing your kitchen as you please as if the floor is a blank page and you own all the colors, paint and designs to make your own unique work of art out of it! Here are some of these unlimited options that you can apply to the 3D kitchen floor in your kitchen, restaurant or hotel.
epoxy painted 3D floor art murals for modern kitchen designs 2019
epoxy painted 3D floor art murals for modern kitchen designs 2019

Metallic epoxy flooring:

Despite the tremendous development of 3D flooring technology and the great options when it comes to adding shapes, graphics, and lighting in designs, there's still a large audience that is only captured by simple metallic floors that give a touch of elegance to the kitchen design. Metallic epoxy floors are the simplest application of epoxy-painted floors and the easiest to install and take care of, and it's also the cheapest.
metallic epoxy flooring for kitchens 2019
metallic epoxy flooring for kitchens 2019


Another simple thing when it comes to installing epoxy flooring in kitchens is the use of different colored paints and simply distributing it on the floor without the overlap of certain graphics. Only consistent colors arranged in the form preferred by the owner of the house or restaurant that perfectly matches the design. This design option isn't higher than metallic flooring in cost, but it's a little bit harder to install than the first kind. This is because it needs some experience and skill in distributing colors appropriately without an overlap that ruins the mural as a whole or results in a chaotic design.
floral 3d flooring murals for kitchen floors

3D flooring with kitchen tools or favorite foods:

 Here we start the most complicated applications for epoxy paint that is 3D flooring. Since we're in the kitchen, the first thing that comes to lots of designers and house owners is food or kitchen tools. Some people prefer the interior design of the kitchen to have only the things that have to do with this place so that it would create a perfect atmosphere for cooking.
3D epoxy flooring for modern kitchens

3D floor murals with natural views:

We previously published a full article on the use of natural views' murals that relax sometimes and dazzles sometimes in the kitchen backsplash. Why don't we use this kind of design in 3D kitchen flooring too? There are some designs for nature that suits walls and some others that suit ceilings and others that can only be installed on floors with respect to the photography and viewing angle. Generally, these murals add quietness and comfort to the kitchen and make it more welcoming.
3D flooring art murals for modern kitchens 2019

Fish, dolphin flooring, and images of the ocean depth:

For most of us, the sea represents a refuge from life's pressures, daily problems and constant exhaustion from what it has from fish colors, dolphins' delight, the splendor of coral reefs and other inspirational, relaxing things. Why don’t you make your kitchen as though it was in the bottom of the ocean? You can achieve that by a 3D epoxy-painted floor with a mural of the bottom of the ocean. The options are unlimited in this type of designs. In fact, the only limitations are the angle of photography and the quality of the image. Keeping these two factors in mind will bring you the 3D landscape you dream of. Of course, there are lots of other design options; you can try out any design you pick but always keep in mind the angle of photography and quality of the image.
3D flooring mural designs for epoxy kitchen floor

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How can you install 3D epoxy flooring yourself?

how to install 3d flooring for kitchens
how to install 3d flooring for kitchens
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For cleaning and taking care of 3D floor art:

installing 3D flooring art with epoxy floor coating

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3D flooring prices

To know how much it costs per square meter when it comes to 3D epoxy flooring, check out the article we previously published on 3d Epoxy flooring

3D floor art with epoxy coating for kitchen flooring
3D floor art with epoxy coating for kitchen flooring
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