Latest 33 modern dressing table designs for luxury bedrooms 2019

The dressing table is an interior subject, which not only brings elegance to the bedroom but also has an undoubted functional purpose. For many women, it is a favorite pastime. Behind this table, beauty is born.

The dressing table is absolutely necessary for every woman. Women love to sit long at the dressing table and look at themselves in the mirror. If you need to set up your bedroom, consider whether you would have room for this beautiful piece of furniture. We combined 30 luxury modern dressing table design ideas, which make women's hearts beat.

wooden modern dressing table with volumetric mirrors
wooden modern dressing table with volumetric mirrors
Besides the romantic touch, the proper dressing table design offers some practical functions such as jewelry and makeup storage. The modern dressing table drawers are often divided into separate boxes so that everything is cleared away. The dressing mirror and stool are important additions to the table, as well as the appropriate lighting. And if we want to choose one for the bedroom, we have to match its design with the overall decor. It is important to buy the style - classic or modern, the material - wood, glass or metal and whether it comes with or without a mirror. Look at these stunningly beautiful designs and choose your favorite!

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Why do you need a dressing table in your bedroom?

Before making a decision in favor of one or the other model, you need to decide what your bedroom needs?
folding dressing table mirror for luxury bedrooms 2019
folding dressing table mirror for luxury bedrooms 2019

There are three reasons to buy a certain dressing table design in the bedroom:

Make-up in the morning; keep things inside the table; simply as a decorative part of the interior.
Of course, most of these three reasons combine with each other, and the girl makeup suggests, keeps things there, and a table nicely integrated into the overall decor of the room. However, should you decide that this is more important to you? Because the answer depends on what a table needs: a more practical or more elegant approach. On the other hand, if you do not like spending a lot of time in the mirror, you can choose a more elegant version of the table, and instead of a mirror to put your photo or some beautiful picture.

Luxury classic bedroom design ideas and furniture 2019
If you plan to direct make-up daily, then the table will be useful for the purchase combined with them with an ottoman design with chair and mirror, it is a versatile piece of furniture, as it allows not only to make makeup, but also store various items in the cabinets
white modern dressing table design with many storage spaces
white modern dressing table design with many storage spaces
The second thing to look for when buying a dressing table in the bedroom is its combination with the interior of your room. Okay, the elegant pink table in the room in high-tech style looks very strange. And perhaps, on the contrary, it will create the necessary contrast and become missing piece! So, it all depends on each individual situation, but roughly the way you blend the desired table in your bedroom with the other decorating elements.

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how to choose the suitable dressing table design

the most important and basic thing to remember is buy the table you like the most. But sometimes even the favorite model of the majority should turn around and look for more making a choice in favor of another. Why? Because there are some nuances that need to be taken into account.

tips to help you with your choice:

A close look at the favorite modern dressing table design, and more precisely, its dimensions. whether it is suitable for the size of your room? If you have it small and cozy, it is unlikely that bulky dressing tables will fit harmoniously into it. Especially because it will be problematic to find a place for it. On the contrary, if you have a large room, the large single one highlight your luxury. Now, on the other hand, if the table itself will house all the little things you want to put into it? If you have a lot of make-up, a series of different combs, lotions, hair clips and so on, If not, consider whether you can use a folding part in a closet or, for example, the chest of drawers? 
Special attention when choosing a luxury dressing table with mirror, not only does it have to be practical and convenient, but you also personally like it.

Corner dressing table designs

There is another type of modern dressing tables, worth mentioning. This corner table. Of the usual, they differ only in the fact that it did not become rectangular and angular.
This type can be called modern, like the use of a massive demand they have started recently.
Corner dressing tables occupy little space, is therefore very suitable for small rooms

We recently shared a separated article focusing on Corner dressing tables for small bedrooms.
wooden corner dressing table design for small bedrooms 2019
wooden corner dressing table design for small bedrooms 2019

girls choose corner dressing table designs for two reasons:

  • save space in the bedroom. Corner table is placed in a corner and usually takes up less space than the standard model. in interior design. Sometimes conventional models do not fit into your room design plan and then you can help angular model.
  • Girls who do not want the table to take up too much space in their room often choose this type, because the corner option allows you to put a chair in the corner, and therefore save a lot of space.

Luxury modern dressing table design ideas 2019

In our catalog, we present a wide range of selection, small and large, simple and luxury, modern and classic and expensive and inexpensive. and models from the array of valuable collections of wood. You can also pick up a dressing table for a girl in the children's furniture section.

luxury modern dressing table design with many mirrors

Any woman will be pleased to have a house with such a dressing table. This thing is not very useful from the point of view of its usefulness, but it causes inexpressible delight and gratitude from any representative of the fair sex. It's such a pleasure to arrange all of your favorite creams, to take care of yourself on a beautiful table and to stay on a soft padded stool behind a large mirror! In addition to the countertops, the dressing table design for bedroom has a large number of different shelves, open and closed drawers, which will accommodate all the trifles necessary for female beauty.

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modern wooden dressing table design in white pink wooden colors
modern wooden dressing table design in white pink wooden colors
The tender pink color has been considered a female color ever since. But in fact many women do not like this color - they prefer simple white or natural wood colors for their bedrooms. The talented Italian designer Simone Cappelanti combined the three color schemes in a modern dressing table design. The minimalist look and the simple design make the dressing table look modern, the soft accent/pink, natural / optically connects the two components. A drawer provides storage space for the makeup. The table is long enough to place the jewelry-holders on it. A folding mirror is provided for in the design. The second of the make-up design ideas was recently presented at the London furniture fair.

luxurious modern dressing table with small mirror

Venere is a luxurious dressing table design by the Italian furniture manufacturer Gallotti & Radice, which impresses with a clean yet elegant design. The table is made of wood and provided with a metal frame. The table top made of wood is covered with lacquered glass for a shiny effect. In this way, the surface of the dressing table can also be protected and made much easier to clean. The drawers provide enough space for many make-up things and the mirror can be complemented by a second, magnifying mirror.

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minimalist wooden dressing table design for small bedrooms
minimalist wooden dressing table design for small bedrooms
Some dressing table ideas can be particularly space-saving and are therefore perfect for small rooms. An example of this is Pivot by Arco, which is mounted directly on the wall and occupies only a few centimeters of floor space. The built-in drawers are accessible at the same time and can be opened and closed in an original way.

Other dressing table ideas 

luxury modern dressing table mirror design 2019
luxury modern dressing table mirror design 2019
creative wall mounted dressing table design for small bedrooms 2019

ultra-modern dressing table designs with upholstered chair for small bedrooms

ultra modern dressing table for women bedroom

wall mounted white dressing table design ideas 2019
wall mounted white dressing table design ideas 2019

metal dressing table with large mirror for ultra luxury modern bedrooms
metal dressing table with large mirror for ultra-luxury modern bedrooms

ultra modern dressing table design with upholstered surface
ultra modern dressing table design with upholstered surface

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