Top 25 false ceiling design options for kids rooms 2019

Creating a design for a kid's room very interesting task. It is necessary not only to properly choose safe, reliable and durable materials for finishing, but also to take into account the fact that for your kid this is the whole world in which it grows, develops, learns new things, rejoices and mourns. When planning the repair of a children's room, there are no trifles, you need to think through every detail, from the general concept, the color palette and the themes to the design of the switches. Ceiling design, the  surface which certainly can not be called a trifle, which will be discussed in this article. Which materials to use to create a safe, beautiful, reliable coating than you can diversify the traditional design, how to find original ideas for an individual approach to the false ceiling design for kid's room and do not ruin the family budget? We will try to answer these and other questions with the help of a large selection of design projects for children's rooms with the most diverse false ceiling design ideas for 2019.
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POP false ceiling design for kids bedroom 2019
POP false ceiling design for kids bedroom 2019

Ways to get a Kid's room ceiling design

You should ensure that your kid's false ceiling design you will install has the following characteristics:

  • ecological (safe for humans and the environment);
  • Durable (does not lose its aesthetic qualities and technological properties over time);
  • hygienic (the material should not contribute to the formation and spread of fungus, mold);
  • safe (it's no wonder that no parent would want the elements of the false ceiling design to be showered on the child);
  • Harmonizing in style of execution, color and textural decision with the overall design of the room;
  • easy to install (because many would like to save on the services of specialists and carry out the installation yourself);
  • affordable (the design of the kid's room does not last long, because the child grows, his interests and preferences change).
Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a version of the finish that would satisfy each item of the requirements. parents will have to solve the dilemma (expensive but qualitatively, quickly, but not eco-friendly, etc.)  in any case. Proceed from the chosen concept of decorating the room, its financial capabilities and experience of finishing works.

Stretch ceilings for kids bedroom

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Stretch ceilings in our country are incredibly popular. A false ceiling design for kids room made of PVC film or impregnated with a special composition of fabric stretches on a metal frame, installed around the perimeter of the room. Create a perfectly flat surface is possible due to the heating of the canvas with a special heater. Advantages of stretch ceilings for kids room are:

kids room stretched ceiling design with starry sky lighting theme
kids room stretched ceiling design with starry sky lighting theme
the possibility of installation without preliminary preparation of the surface (for apartments and houses with uneven ceilings, the presence of level differences is an ideal option);
installation is carried out quickly, within 3-4 hours all work will be completed;
the material does not absorb moisture and does not attract dust - an excellent finish for the child's allergic room;
a sufficiently wide range of color solutions, the possibility of applying photo printing, engraving.

if you use a synthetic stretch for finishing the ceiling, which can change the microclimate of the room, but for walls it is better to choose paper or other natural wallpaper, and for flooring use a parquet board;
The kid's room will need to be ventilated regularly (keep the windows on micro-ventilation);
if possible, then use a PVC film to a textile fabric with micro-perforation;
it is necessary to take responsibility for the choice of the manufacturer of the canvas and purchase only certified products.

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stretched false ceiling designs for kids room

If we talk about stretch ceiling design and color solutions for kids bedroom, it is obvious that the most popular design is a universal and neutral version of the stretch ceiling is a snow-white satin cloth. If the room is scheduled color execution of the walls (at least one accent), then the best option for creating a neutral background of the false ceiling design will be a white execution. For small spaces, this method of decoration will be optimal, white color in a glossy design will help visually increase the height of the ceiling.

Bright execution of the stretched false ceiling designs for kid's room can become an original accent of the interior. But it is important to understand that this way of attracting attention to the ceiling is suitable only for rooms with a sufficient height. In rooms with low ceilings, bright design can create a negative psychological effect, creating a "heavy" atmosphere in the room.

Gypsum board false ceiling designs for kid's room

Finishing the ceiling with gypsum board false ceiling is an inexpensive, practical and rather a durable way of creating a beautiful and environmentally friendly coating. This option has a lot more advantages:

POP false ceiling designs 2019 in modern kids room
POP false ceiling designs 2019 in modern kids room
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  • from the name of the material it is clear that it consists only of ecological raw materials - cardboard and gypsum;
  • the material has hypoallergenic properties;
  • gypsum board false ceilings will help solve the problem of noisy neighbors, to. has excellent sound insulation properties;
  • good thermal insulation  is another advantage of sheets from the gypsum board;
  • ease of processing, sufficient flexibility of the material allows you to carry out various ceiling design ideas, use complex lighting systems with different types of luminaires (local devices or ribbon lighting);

beautiful false ceiling design for kids bedroom interior 2019
beautiful false ceiling design for kids bedroom interior 2019
POP false ceiling design for kids bedroom 2019
POP false ceiling design for kids bedroom 2019
gypsum board design can be mounted on the untreated surface of the ceiling and you can do it yourself if you have the necessary tools and skills for finishing work;
gypsum board ceiling design has a high fire safety - only a layer of paper can burn, the gypsum itself is charred, does not contribute to the spread of fire

gypsum board ceiling and wall design for kids bedroom
gypsum board ceiling and wall design for kids bedroom
gypsum board designs for kids room false ceilings

They are a few drawbacks of gypsum board designs:

  • installation is a laborious process, takes a lot of time and leaves a lot of dirt after the completion of work;
  • the height of the ceiling inevitably decreases;
  • installation of gypsum board ceiling designs is not the end - it is necessary to seal the seams, level the surface and apply the final painting, wallpapering or any other type of design (which can significantly affect the environmental design, not to mention the additional costs of money, time and effort).
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gypsum board false ceiling design ideas for kids room
gypsum board false ceiling design ideas for kids room

Suspended ceiling systems

Suspended construction is a ceiling module, which is attached to a metal frame. This module can be wooden, plastic, gypsum and even glass and mirror, the frame is usually made of the metal profile, less often - from wood or metal-plastic. In terms of environmental friendliness and safety, wooden and plaster sheets are preferred for creating suspended ceiling designs for kid's room.
Suspended ceiling systems can have not only different color solutions, design, but also texture - to be matte or glossy. Any design ideas regarding the integration of the original lighting systems are feasible if the suspension system is selected for the ceiling. Using the ceiling in the spirit levels, you can zone a spacious room, allocate functional segments (a zone of sleep and rest, games, and creativity, or use levels to conditional the separation of segments in the case of the cohabitation of two or more children in one room).

artistic kids suspended ceiling design ideas false ceiling 2019
artistic kids suspended ceiling design ideas false ceiling 2019
The advantage of suspended ceiling designs is the ability to hide all communications "inside" the ceiling. Also, an important advantage is the possibility of creating a so-called "air cushion". For the upper floors of high-rise buildings and private buildings, the possibility of warming (if necessary, you can use a thermal insulation material between the ceiling surface and the suspended layer) plays an important role.

suspended ceiling systems with LED lights for kids
suspended ceiling systems with LED lights for kids

The obvious drawback is only one - when creating a suspended ceiling design for kid's room, a large amount of space is "eaten up" - the height of the room is reduced by 10-15 cm, which can be critical for standard apartments of the times of the construction of the last century.

The best Coffered ceiling designs ideas and installation 2019

Ceiling wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper is the most simple and inexpensive way to create a ceiling finish, provided that its surface is prepared, perfectly aligned. wallpaper is environmentally friendly, affordable and presented in the widest range of color solutions, a variety of designs, ornaments, and prints. From the shortcomings of paper, wallpaper can be identified fragility, susceptibility to burnout in the sun and inability to clean. But for the finish of the ceiling, all these disadvantages are not essential.

 Non-woven Vinyl ceiling wallpaper experts do not recommend to use for finishing the ceilings of children's rooms. The material is not hygroscopic - it does not allow air to pass through. But in favor of these canvases, it is important to say that it is much easier to paste them - it is necessary to glue only the ceiling, the canvases themselves are not deformed, they do not undergo lubrication of the pattern or removal of the upper texture layer. In addition, there are vinyl and non-woven wallpaper that last longer than paper ones, do not burn out of sunlight and can be painted up to 5-6 times for the whole life.
3D ceiling wallpaper designs for kids room
3D ceiling wallpaper designs for kids room
Natural textile ceiling wallpaper designs are a great way to create a beautiful and safe ceiling finish in the kid's room. The ability to pass air, a wide palette of color and textural solutions, the ability to combine with other finishing materials - this makes textile wallpaper designs an attractive finish option. In addition, being on the ceiling, where they are not contaminated, textile wallpaper is losing one of the most important drawbacks - the inability to undergo cleaning, wet cleaning.
If we talk about the design, coloring, and texture of the ceiling wallpaper for the kid's room, the paintings with a pattern will be appropriate in a room with a neutral, light color scheme of the walls. To glue the ceiling with wallpaper with a motley pattern is possible only if the height of the room allows using such a design technique.

3D ceiling wallpaper

3D wallpaper designs for kids room ceilings
3D wallpaper designs for kids room ceilings
3D wallpaper designs for kid's room ceiling can be identified in a separate group of finishing materials. Thanks to modern technologies, photo printing can be applied to virtually any surface. The paper base is certainly one of the most popular. 3D ceiling wallpapers of modern manufacturers (ready-made solutions or made according to your order) have high image quality, realistic and safe for human and environment. With photo printing, you can create an uncomplicated original ceiling design, but a whole world for a small room owner.
One of the most common options of 3D wallpaper is the sky image. At the same time, in the children's room, you can use, as a bright azure of a clear sky, an image of snow-white clouds, and a picture of the night sky, with stars, real or fictional planets. The topic of space is incredibly popular among modern children.