15 Best 3D effect wallpaper designs visually enlarge room space

3D wallpaper for home walls became popular. thanks to new production technologies, improved picture quality and ease of use, this material is often used to decorate walls in apartments and offices. 3D effect wallpaper designs can boast of its versatility. They decorate the room, hide the flaws of the walls and bring a special accent to the interior. Some drawings are able to perform another important task - to visually expand the space.

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relaxing 3D nature wallpaper ideas for bedroom walls
relaxing 3D nature wallpaper ideas for bedroom walls
Useful tips, options, and ideas for how to use 3D wallpaper designs and images with a three-dimensional effect to visually enlarge the room space, whatever is it, bedroom, living room, office or kids room

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How to choose the proper 3D wallpaper design

Properly chosen wallpapers can create a small miracle and create an optical illusion of space in the room. Here are a few points to consider when choosing:

  1. Surface. Glossy wallpapers with ease will hide narrowness in a room. Such coatings work as a mirror - they reflect light, due to what space seems wider. Textured 3D wallpaper for walls creates a depth of an image, which gives it volume.
  2.  Color. There is a general rule: white visually expands. Therefore, bright walls make the room visually greater. Neutral cold shades - blue, lilac, green - have the same property.
  3. Contrast. The combination of contrasting details will help to expand the room. If one wall is covered with dark 3D effect wallpapers, and the rest with light monophonic wallpaper, it will seem to extend the room, it will seem longer.
  4. Figure. The bands will help to expand the room upward or in breadth, depending on their direction. Images with perspective create a sense of latitude of space.
  5. To achieve maximum effect, you can combine several techniques. For example, glossy wallpaper designs of light colors will perfectly cope with the task of expanding space.
3D effect wallpaper images for home walls
3D effect wallpaper images for home walls

Which 3D wallpaper images to install on home walls

The key moment when choosing enlarging 3D wallpaper design for small rooms is the picture. You can name a few options that look nice and visually push the walls of the room.

Urban themes

3D wallpaper for walls in small home

These 3D wallpaper design ideas will fit well into the interior of modern apartments, designed in the style of loft or modern. On such canvases depict city sights, wide streets, bridges. It will be great if the figure has a front and back plan, which will give even greater depth to space.

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Perspective 3D effect wallpaper

3D wallpaper ideas for small office walls
3D wallpaper ideas for small office walls
This subject has the most diverse options. For nature lovers, images of ascending trees or forest paths that run to the horizon are suitable. Also beautiful are the sea landscapes and natural open spaces. And for fans of urban life, you can pick up a drawing in the already mentioned urban style, but with the prospect of objects, for example, the colonnade of a building that goes deep.

3D wallpaper designs with Windows and steps

best 3D wallpaper design for small bedroom walls

These 3D wallpaper designs for home walls include drawings that show open windows, balconies, verandas or doors facing the garden. These photo wallpapers create a feeling of realistic continuation of the room and therefore do it more. Another useful story - stairs and steps. They move the space vertically, and the ceilings seem to be higher.


3D wallpaper for home walls 2019
3D wallpaper for home walls 2019

panoramic 3D wallpaper designs for living room walls
panoramic 3D wallpaper designs for living room walls
3D panoramic wallpaper images though do not continue a space but find it increases. Such a plot includes photographs of cities or islands taken from a bird's eye view. Natural expanses, mountain ranges, huge flower fields - all these drawings create the feeling that the room has no boundaries.

3D wallpaper drawings

optical illusion with 3D effect wallpaper for living room walls

Volumetric drawings look very unusual. But most importantly, they create an optical illusion that allows you to perceive the surrounding dimensions not as they are. 3D wallpaper images with flat patterns convey a sense of depth and volume. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use special lighting.

3d wallpaper images for bedroom walls

3D modular painting - the best solution for wall art design

3D effect wallpaper pattern for bedroom walls
3D effect wallpaper pattern for bedroom walls
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Important advice: do not block the wall with a 3D effect wallpaper design or hang a TV on it. The space in front of it should be free, and then the wallpaper will fully demonstrate its useful properties.

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