40 Trending modern staircase design ideas and stair handrails

a full guide to choose, design and install a perfect modern staircase design, expert tips for stair handrails, spiral staircase designs, LED stair lights and collection of other contemporary staircase design ideas

The staircase designs are something more than a simple element that connects different heights. Much more. In addition, they can even become the decorative epicenter of our house with just a few steps and a lot of originality and design. There are many different styles of stair designs, different materials, and shapes, as well as sizes.

modern wooden stair design ideas

When you have a house with two floors, the solution to go up to the second floor is one of the decisions that must be taken into account, in the execution of the project, the type of staircase design ideas, the style, the materials to be used, everything depends on the space with accounts and the style of your house. If you have enough space, modern stairs designs with two branches, or straight, if space is small, a spiral staircase or helical, is what you need.

Modern interior stairs and staircase design ideas and trends
The designers of the modern staircase ideas are struggling for the reliability of the structures and tend to make them invisible to create the feeling that we did not climb the stairs, but just soared up.

Amazing 3D flooring art, 3D epoxy floor murals installation

 In the last few years, self-leveling epoxy 3D floor art has become very popular among floor coverings, and gradually replace the old and usual coatings that have been used for decades, such as linoleum, tiles, parquet, and carpets.

Art of 3D bathroom flooring murals with epoxy floor coating
 3D bathroom flooring art murals with epoxy floor coating
A complete guide to installing a 3D floor art as a self-leveling epoxy painted floor, with awesome inspiring 3D flooring murals and designs for all rooms

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3D flooring art from the public to interior floors

A footbridge over a bottomless precipice where you never fall; an exotic beach at your feet framed by a palm tree that extends on the wall; Spiderman climbing between buildings until reaching the floor of the kid's room. The magic of 3D floor art is transforming the interior design into a visual game where the rooms rub against the impossible, opening up virtually to new spaces.
The concept is the same as some street artists who paint on the pavement 3D flooring art and perspective drawings, except that, now 3D flooring murals are gaining more popularity in the decoration of the houses to obtain surprising and personalized effects adjusted to the tastes and imagination of each client.

Fantastic 3D kitchen backsplash designs on glass panels

The Kitchen backsplash wall plays an important role in the kitchen. It protects the walls from greasy spills and another soiling, but is also crucial for the appearance and effect of the kitchen design. The glass backsplash panel is especially modern and elegant. The material is heat resistant, durable, easy to maintain and available in an incredible variety of colors. The back of the glass can be designed to match any style or taste and in today's article, we focus on 3D backsplash panels of glass for modern kitchens. The following is a list of what you need to consider during the selection process.

3D glass panels with photo printing to get a 3D backsplash design for a modern kitchen interior 

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3D kitchen backsplash designs 2019

3D kitchen back splash wall with glass panel

glass panels in kitchens and bathrooms protect the walls of stains - food, grease, water or soap. The kitchen backsplash panels can be laid with a range of protective materials, including vinyl, mosaic, porcelain or ceramic tile, metals such as stainless steel or copper, or glass. Glass flow mirrors have the advantage of being robust and easy to clean. They also offer many color and style choices like 3D glass backsplash panels.

Installing stained glass panels in false ceiling designs

A comprehensive guide to installing stained glass ceiling panels and windows in modern POP false ceiling designs for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and public places.
During planning repairs in the apartment, we always want to make our nest cozy, bright and original. If you want a lot of freedom in the house and bold decisions, filling your life with unique colors, then make your choice on stained glass ceilings. They belong to the false ceiling designs and are an incredibly beautiful ornament on the glass or mirror. Stained glass ceiling panels can create a variety of shapes, so this composition fits into any interior of the apartment.

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Latest false ceiling designs for living room and bedroom ceiling 2019

gypsum board false ceiling design with stained glass windows
false ceiling design with stained glass windows

Design features of stained glass windows for false ceilings

The structure of the stained glass panels for false ceilings includes glass square plates, usually 30x30 or 60x60 in size, and a metal suspension system that is located below the level of the main ceiling. Each plate represents an ornament or part of a general design.

3D wallpaper designs for walls with LED and fluorescent highlighting

25 images for three options of 3D wallpaper for walls: modern 3D wallpaper designs for home walls, LED wallpaper, 3D fluorescent wallpaper images.
Often people have a desire to change the atmosphere around them. This is an excellent occasion for home repairs. There is a question: which repairs to do. Modern society has long preferred 3D movies, and technological progress has made us another gift: 3D wallpaper for home walls. Create in your apartment a time machine or a wall that erases distances. Now almost everything is in your power!
Modern technology is not limited to the development of fashionable gadgets. Now 3D objects are full elements of the interior and entered our life under the name 3D effect wallpaper. At the height of popularity now there is a trend of using for the decoration of walls with the help of 3D wallpaper designs.

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3D wallpaper for home walls
New 3D wallpaper designs for wall decoration in the home

3D wallpaper designs for walls 2019
3D wallpaper designs for walls 
Finishing walls with 3D effect wallpaper create a unique and unusual interior for any room. Not so long ago, not every person could afford these 3D wallpaper for walls, they were made mainly by order and for a very high price. But almost all innovations sooner or later become accessible to most people. This is the newest design of the finishing wall covering, which is a picture applied to the canvas and when viewed visually creates an impression of the volume of the image.

There are wallpaper with a picture that seems to the viewer to be volumetric - these are geometric figures, flowers, snowflakes, any repetitive decorative elements. The picture can be colored, but you can buy 3D effect wallpaper for walls with drawings, which is especially suitable for kitchen or children's room walls. In any case, the main thing in them is the visual "bulk" of the elements.

A wall, covered with 3D wallpaper design with drops of water - so real that I want to reach out and touch; or flowers that never fade, although they look quite like real ones; or fruits that "even sees an eye, but a tooth does it" - such illusions will enliven any interior. It is just as unusual to look on the wall, say, a three-dimensional tree, or "traces" of someone's paws, or stonework - it seems to be chilling with cold.

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25 Gypsum board design ideas to do in your home

Have you ever stopped to think about the universe of possibilities that, in the matter of decoration, the plasterboard designs offer? They are versatile, attractive and, above all, much more economical than other resources that you can consider when transforming the design of the rooms of your home. This type of panels allows you to form a multitude of creations, from unique walls to original storage solutions and false ceiling designs.

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40 Latest gypsum board false ceiling designs with LED lighting 2019

Gypsum board designs for false ceiling LED lights
Gypsum board designs for false ceiling LED lights
If you are determined to give a new air to your home but are not willing to invest a fortune, in this book of ideas we propose a catalogue of gypsum board design ideas that you will not be able to resist. 

Modern gypsum board designs for false ceilings

15 Best 3D effect wallpaper designs visually enlarge room space

3D wallpaper for home walls became popular. thanks to new production technologies, improved picture quality and ease of use, this material is often used to decorate walls in apartments and offices. 3D effect wallpaper designs can boast of its versatility. They decorate the room, hide the flaws of the walls and bring a special accent to the interior. Some drawings are able to perform another important task - to visually expand the space.

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relaxing 3D nature wallpaper ideas for bedroom walls
relaxing 3D nature wallpaper ideas for bedroom walls
Useful tips, options, and ideas for how to use 3D wallpaper designs and images with a three-dimensional effect to visually enlarge the room space, whatever is it, bedroom, living room, office or kids room

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and New 3D wallpaper designs for wall decoration in the home

How to choose the proper 3D wallpaper design

Properly chosen wallpapers can create a small miracle and create an optical illusion of space in the room. Here are a few points to consider when choosing:

  1. Surface. Glossy wallpapers with ease will hide narrowness in a room. Such coatings work as a mirror - they reflect light, due to what space seems wider. Textured 3D wallpaper for walls creates a depth of an image, which gives it volume.
  2.  Color. There is a general rule: white visually expands. Therefore, bright walls make the room visually greater. Neutral cold shades - blue, lilac, green - have the same property.
  3. Contrast. The combination of contrasting details will help to expand the room. If one wall is covered with dark 3D effect wallpapers, and the rest with light monophonic wallpaper, it will seem to extend the room, it will seem longer.
  4. Figure. The bands will help to expand the room upward or in breadth, depending on their direction. Images with perspective create a sense of latitude of space.
  5. To achieve maximum effect, you can combine several techniques. For example, glossy wallpaper designs of light colors will perfectly cope with the task of expanding space.

Modern dressing room: How to design and Organize?

Many still think that the dressing room is a welfare of spoiled fashionable women who live in vast palaces. In fact, the organization of even a small dressing room is a reasonable and functional solution that helps to free the living space from bulky cabinets and keep all things visible and in perfect order. No wonder, in modern, even one-room apartments, many architects allocate a separate, if small, dressing room design for the storage of things and clothes.

Why may I need a Dressing room?

In its essence, the modern dressing room is an orderly system of shelves, rails, baskets, and shelving, which provides maximum visibility of the objects located in it, which fundamentally distinguishes it from the dark and cluttered pantries typical for many modern apartments. Usually, in small apartments, the storage role is played by a wardrobe or corner wardrobe, but a full dressing room planning has a number of significant advantages

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ultra modern dressing room design ideas 2019
ultra modern dressing room design ideas 2019

Pros of the modern dressing room:

  • all things in sight and easily accessible
  • You can use space from floor to ceiling and place more things
  • filling and configuration of the dressing room are planned by you individually
  • there is an opportunity to place an ironing board, a washing machine and other necessary, large-sized items
  • The other rooms remain free from massive cabinets and chests of drawers

How to make a perfect dressing room design?

The ideal modern dressing room design is the one that combines elements of the dressing room and the closet as well. It is a room in which you can expose and locate designer dresses and shoes with the naked eye in a unique and orderly and luminous space, a place where both the man and woman of the house can dedicate time to himself and plan what to wear that day. Anyway, a modern dressing room is much more than that: it is also a haven from the daily fuss, a room where to make calls and enjoy some time alone, as well as a place to have a cocktail or a glass of champagne with your friends before going out at night. It is no wonder that more and more homeowners decide to turn the unused space of the bedrooms into their dreamy dressing room.

How to make world map decor and art for your interior design

Do you think to use world map decor in your interior then we show you the best ideas to make world map art and decor ideas in your interior rooms, world map wall art, floor and ceiling, and how to use the maps to decorate furniture and Diy world map artwork in your home

world map decor, world map art, world map wall art decor for interior home
world map decor, world map art, world map wall art decor for interior home
In the soul of each of us lives a traveler. And let not everyone manage to make a trip around the world, we still dream about it and, as far as possible, we are in other countries. Geographic world maps in the interior can be considered indefinitely.
World map art mural not only gives aesthetic pleasure from contemplation but also create an easy atmosphere of romance and adventure, bring pleasant thoughts about distant countries and memories of your trips.
We offer you to see how you can use world map decor in the interior of the house.

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World map wall art and wallpaper decor:

A World map wall art will become the central decorative element of the interior of the room.
Today we will not consider the standard version of placing a small world map wallpaper on a wall in a frame or simply pinned with buttons. But if you have a large-scale world map mural, you can completely cover the wall with it. In addition, now you can buy or order a photo world map wallpaper with your chosen image or vinyl decorative stickers on the wall. World map wall decor in the interior can be modern, vintage navigation or abstract stylized. It can be a map of the world, part of the world, a country, a city or a metro scheme.
Most often, the image of the world map is decorated with the walls of the bedroom, but so you can decorate the world map walls in any room - bathroom, nursery, living room or kitchen.

Latest 33 modern dressing table designs for luxury bedrooms 2019

The dressing table is an interior subject, which not only brings elegance to the bedroom but also has an undoubted functional purpose. For many women, it is a favorite pastime. Behind this table, beauty is born.

The dressing table is absolutely necessary for every woman. Women love to sit long at the dressing table and look at themselves in the mirror. If you need to set up your bedroom, consider whether you would have room for this beautiful piece of furniture. We combined 30 luxury modern dressing table design ideas, which make women's hearts beat.

wooden modern dressing table with volumetric mirrors
wooden modern dressing table with volumetric mirrors
Besides the romantic touch, the proper dressing table design offers some practical functions such as jewelry and makeup storage. The modern dressing table drawers are often divided into separate boxes so that everything is cleared away. The dressing mirror and stool are important additions to the table, as well as the appropriate lighting. And if we want to choose one for the bedroom, we have to match its design with the overall decor. It is important to buy the style - classic or modern, the material - wood, glass or metal and whether it comes with or without a mirror. Look at these stunningly beautiful designs and choose your favorite!

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Why do you need a dressing table in your bedroom?

Before making a decision in favor of one or the other model, you need to decide what your bedroom needs?

Interactive floor projection for successful business and advertisement

How to promote your new brand by the interactive floor projector, Interactive floor projection for a successful business, advertisement, Organizing events and festivals, it is the best technology for companies and managers 

Interactive floor projection for promoting business and advertisement

The interactive projection technology infiltrated all aspects of our lives and became a part of the life of many profitable companies and advertising campaigns for world famous brands.
There are so many questions around these smart systems concerning how it works, the ways to use it and so many inquiries that haven’t been answered on the internet because of the modernity of this technology.
However, today we bring you this article for the sake of answering the largest number of inquiries and questions in your mind that reached us from 3DEX Art followers and visitors.

I want to reassure you that the interactive projection systems will create and control the future of lots of fields such as interactive advertisements, marketing, promotion and interactive gaming technology…etc.

Back then, interactive floors were considered only one of outdoor-advertisements platforms; it was the sole use of it. But, in a few years, ideas of how to use it were developed and the specialized developers also greatly enhanced the interactive floor effects.
This development wasn’t just in marketing, but it also helped it enter all corners of the fields of business and commerce. That’s why it became the most preferable advertisement platform by many companies and huge and small brands.

Interactive floor projection for promoting business and advertisement

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Interactive floor projection for successful brands:

Not all advertising agencies or company managers have the time or the opportunity to experiment with modern technology for their own brand ads or company management, for they prefer depending on advertising tools that have proven their worth before such as internet ads and television. Still, the interactive floor technology has advanced and fully entered the business world. This is evident in the large number of requests to own/buy an interactive floor on our website, and the messages and inquiries concerning the installation of an interactive projection system and how it’s used in ads, events and more. It’s another direction of technology – 3d video mapping – it’s the technology that can transform any surface into an image or video that interacts effectively with any movement done in the projection space.

Top 25 false ceiling design options for kids rooms 2019

Creating a design for a kid's room very interesting task. It is necessary not only to properly choose safe, reliable and durable materials for finishing, but also to take into account the fact that for your kid this is the whole world in which it grows, develops, learns new things, rejoices and mourns. When planning the repair of a children's room, there are no trifles, you need to think through every detail, from the general concept, the color palette and the themes to the design of the switches. Ceiling design, the  surface which certainly can not be called a trifle, which will be discussed in this article. Which materials to use to create a safe, beautiful, reliable coating than you can diversify the traditional design, how to find original ideas for an individual approach to the false ceiling design for kid's room and do not ruin the family budget? We will try to answer these and other questions with the help of a large selection of design projects for children's rooms with the most diverse false ceiling design ideas for 2019.
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POP false ceiling design for kids bedroom 2019
POP false ceiling design for kids bedroom 2019

Ways to get a Kid's room ceiling design

You should ensure that your kid's false ceiling design you will install has the following characteristics:

  • ecological (safe for humans and the environment);
  • Durable (does not lose its aesthetic qualities and technological properties over time);
  • hygienic (the material should not contribute to the formation and spread of fungus, mold);
  • safe (it's no wonder that no parent would want the elements of the false ceiling design to be showered on the child);
  • Harmonizing in style of execution, color and textural decision with the overall design of the room;
  • easy to install (because many would like to save on the services of specialists and carry out the installation yourself);
  • affordable (the design of the kid's room does not last long, because the child grows, his interests and preferences change).
Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a version of the finish that would satisfy each item of the requirements. parents will have to solve the dilemma (expensive but qualitatively, quickly, but not eco-friendly, etc.)  in any case. Proceed from the chosen concept of decorating the room, its financial capabilities and experience of finishing works.

Stretch ceilings for kids bedroom

We previously published an article on 3D stretch ceilings and All types of 3d stretch ceiling designs 2019, 3d ceiling art

Stretch ceilings in our country are incredibly popular. A false ceiling design for kids room made of PVC film or impregnated with a special composition of fabric stretches on a metal frame, installed around the perimeter of the room. Create a perfectly flat surface is possible due to the heating of the canvas with a special heater. Advantages of stretch ceilings for kids room are:

kids room stretched ceiling design with starry sky lighting theme
kids room stretched ceiling design with starry sky lighting theme
the possibility of installation without preliminary preparation of the surface (for apartments and houses with uneven ceilings, the presence of level differences is an ideal option);
installation is carried out quickly, within 3-4 hours all work will be completed;
the material does not absorb moisture and does not attract dust - an excellent finish for the child's allergic room;
a sufficiently wide range of color solutions, the possibility of applying photo printing, engraving.

if you use a synthetic stretch for finishing the ceiling, which can change the microclimate of the room, but for walls it is better to choose paper or other natural wallpaper, and for flooring use a parquet board;
The kid's room will need to be ventilated regularly (keep the windows on micro-ventilation);
if possible, then use a PVC film to a textile fabric with micro-perforation;
it is necessary to take responsibility for the choice of the manufacturer of the canvas and purchase only certified products.

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Oil painting on canvas for modern interior wall art

Unique art oil painting on canvas for interior art wall and how to choose the best oil painting in your interior rooms, how to make modern art wall with oil painting on canvas

Oil Painting on canvas in the interior serves as an indispensable assistant in arranging the right accents and harmony.
Even after renovating the premises with fresh repair, it will remain unfriendly and uncomfortable without elements of interior decoration.

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oil painting on canvas, oil paintings, modern interior wall art
oil painting on canvas for interior wall art
Therefore, the role of Oil painting on canvas in any room is comparable in importance to the availability of comfortable and comfortable furniture.

oil painting on canvas, flowers oil paintings, bedroom wall art

Top tips to add Art Deco style to your interior home decor

The best tips on how to design Art deco style in home decor and art deco furniture, elements, and materials which used, art deco interior design living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room, What is modern art deco colors

art deco style, art deco living room interior design, art deco home decor

The art-deco style embodies freedom and luxury, excluding conservatism. It gave people the opportunity to abandon traditional designs, giving preference to bright and bold ideas. In such a space you will not see the strict forms, the usual color scale, It were replaced by contrasting combinations that unite different details and interior items.

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Modern 3d decorative wall panels and covering texture

Here you can find elements of exoticism, oriental motifs, the luxurious decor of an empire, intricate asymmetry and, of course, classics Design in this style can be any room: bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, office and even the hallway.

art deco style, art deco interior design, art deco bedroom decor and furniture

The history of the art deco style in the interior design:

art deco style, art deco interior design, art deco home decor and furniture

The art deco style originated in France. After the end of the First World War, the society aspired to global changes in all spheres of activity.
This is what influenced the formation of the style. Already in 1920, the French held an international exhibition at which the latest achievements were presented, which served as an impetus for the new direction.

The name "art d├ęco" in French means "decorative art"

Many features of the style were borrowed from art nouveau, so at the initial stages of art-deco was considered just a variation of it, however more beautiful, modern and luxurious. At that time it was called abstract or jazz modern.

modern art deco style, art deco interior design, art deco home decor and furniture

Individuality and ease of direction very quickly fell to the taste of exhausted people after heavy war years. Rethinking the classical traditions, the designers formed a full-fledged and filled with new bright ideas art deco style in the interior design, photos of which are direct proof.

Decorative 3d gypsum wall panels and plaster wall paneling designs

The best solution for wall art, decorative 3d gypsum wall panels, how to turn your interior with 3d plaster wall panels for any room, and how to install 3d wall paneling design made of gypsum and plaster. 

3D Gypsum wall panels - this is one of the latest developments in the decoration of the interior. The drawings on the surface of the 3d gypsum wall panel will create a sense of harmony and order in the interior of your house.

3d gypsum wall panels, 3d plaster wall panels design, decorative wall panel art walls

3d plaster wall Panels are ideal for decorating living spaces

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We show you one of the newest solutions for interior decoration - decorative 3D gypsum panels for wall decoration.
This method is a new dimension in the direction of interior design, which benefits from its characteristics of cold and flat decoration materials.
A variety of 3d wall textures and the possibility of using different coatings and paints will help you apply environmentally friendly 3D gypsum panels to realize any design tasks and your creative ideas in the transformation of any interior.

3d gypsum wall panels, 3d plaster wall panels design, wall panels for living room green walls

Each finishing material must have qualitative characteristics otherwise you should not spend money on it. 3d gypsum and 3d plaster panels appeared on the market of building materials for a long time already and have already taken their top place.
Such 3d wall panels help create every interior originality and coziness. But the most common 3D panels at the moment are gypsum, and that's why you need to know what characteristics they should match.

Choosing the best kitchen wall panels from different materials

The most important parameter is the ecological compatibility of gypsum panels since it does not release toxins and harmful substances.
Also, such 3d plaster panels have a long service life due to the fact that it can be updated, repainted and restored without harm to the drawing.
3D Gypsum panels are famous for the fact that they produce the most voluminous figure due to good elasticity.

3d gypsum wall panels, 3d plaster wall panels design, decorative wall panels

One of the latest developments in the decor of the interior decorative 3D panels of gypsum for wall decoration and 3D partitions, which are currently one of the most original, fashionable and aesthetic ways of decorating wall planes.
This is the third dimension in the field of interior design, which replaced the banal flat surfaces.
Among the materials for interior finishing, gypsum panels and plaster panels for walls are becoming increasingly popular. These three-dimensional elements with a textured front surface allow quickly and effectively to transform the inexpressive space, make it memorable and highly decorative.