New 3D wallpaper designs for wall decoration in the home

How to decorate your home with 3D wallpaper for the wall, One of the best 3D wall covering and texture for unique interior 2019, Top tips on how to choose suitable 3D wallpaper for a wall in your home, All types of 3D wallpaper types and how to install it?

3D wallpaper for the walls, Create in your apartment a time machine or a wall that erases distances. Now almost everything is in your power!

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d panoramic wallpapers

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Modern technology is not limited to the development of fashionable gadgets. Now 3D effects are full elements of the interior and entered our life under the name 3d wallpaper for walls.
At the height of popularity now there is a trend of using for wall decorations 2019 with the help of 3D wallpapers.

Despite the fact that 3D wallpaper for a wall is so little like the usual finishing materials, It is absolutely harmless.

Currently, three-dimensional wallpaper is successfully used not only to create a three-dimensional image in the cinema, television, architectural but also used in printed products to create 3D wallpaper on the wall.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for bedroom

This is the newest design of the finishing wall covering, which is a picture applied to the canvas and when viewed visually creates an impression of the volume of the image.
3D wallpaper will create an inimitable and unique look in the interior home, as it is usually created by individual order, by 3D images of the customer's choice, even by a photo.
The peculiarity of 3D wallpapers is that the picture depicted on them seems to protrude into the space of the room from a perfectly flat wall.

This kind of 3D wall covering will give the nightlife its originality, as it is produced according to a single order.
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One of the main functions of 3D photo wallpaper for home is the expansion of space.
Help your home become bigger, and each day is brighter and more interesting.
Strengthen the effect of light fixtures with ultraviolet light. 3D wallpapers are very easy to use. The main requirement is a flat wall. It should not have old wallpaper, bulging block junctions, and other irregularities.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, best 3d wallpapers

3D wallpaper for a wall is famous for its resistance to mechanical impact, water repellency and increased fire safety.

It is very convenient to use since they are cleaned with usual detergents.
The bottom of the ocean, the surface of the desert, the harmony of the forest or the rich nightlife of the metropolis - all this may now be closer to you.

It remains only to determine the goal: do you need relaxation or do you want to be constantly in tone? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery or feel like a part of a huge galaxy? Whatever you choose,

The 3D wallpaper will be able to satisfy you.

 What is 3D wallpaper for walls:

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for bedroom

At its core 3D wallpaper - this is the usual wallpaper and wall covering, but the technique of drawing a 3D picture allows you to achieve incredible realism.
The image printed on this technology looks bright and multifaceted, conveys depth and volume.
Most often, 3D wallpapers are used to decorate children's rooms, but designers are very successful in playing realistic images in the interiors of adult bedrooms, living rooms and in the interiors of other rooms.

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3D wallpaper types for interior walls:

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper galaxy mural

Despite the fact that the technology is quite new, there are a lot of varieties of its execution: single 3D wallpaper, standard, panoramic, fluorescent and LED.
Single 3D wallpaper - a kind of picture, a small decorative element in the design of the wall with incredible realism.

Standard 3D wallpaper: 

wallpaper in the usual rolls, but with a volumetric print or pattern. It can be applied to all the walls in the room, but, as a rule, they are used to divide space into zones, highlighting one of the zones.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper black and white

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3D Panoramic wallpaper:

3D wallpapers that are applied regardless of the size of the whole canvas.

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3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d panoramic wallpaper for bedroom

Fluorescent wallpaper:

This is one of the ways to improve the visualization, on 3d wallpaper or ordinary flat wallpaper is applied a luminous composition that will be visible only in the dark, and in the fresh time of the day, the wallpaper will not differ anything. The main, "day" pattern coincides with the additional, "night".
Products with such coatings have been produced for many years and can not be called a novelty. This coating as such 3d effect does not give it only complements the style emphasizing the edges.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, fluorescent wallpapers

3D Fluorescent wallpapers - an innovative material that appeared on the market recently. but the popularity of wallpaper is gradually increasing in The USA.

What is their feature?
In a dark room, if you provide a backlight BLB-lamps, fluorescent wallpaper turns into a bright 3D panorama.

How Fluorescent wallpapers works? 
The ultraviolet light wave emanating from the lamp is reflected from the pigments, which are saturated with wallpaper, due to which a three-dimensional image appears. Lamps should be placed so that the rays evenly illuminate the wall. The room looks more mysterious if the light source is invisible, because of this it may seem as if the pictures themselves are shining. Daylight on the wallpaper does not work.

Pasting wallpaper with a fluorescent coating is no different from sticking conventional vinyl wallpaper. An alternative to wallpaper paste can serve as PVA glue. Care of the coating is necessary only in case of contamination.

LED wallpaper:

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, LED wallpapers

3D LED wallpaper, This is a whole complex consisting of directly wallpaper and lighting system, which competently plays out the picture in the interior.
It is a system composed of 900 LEDs, which are connected to the integrated chip.
Using a special remote control, you can change the color image on the wall.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, LED wallpapers 3d

Buying LED wall covering, you get a fabric and electric lighting on the entire surface of the wall.
The disadvantage of LED wallpaper is the large consumption of electrical energy, it is very fragile, difficult to assemble and its price is relatively higher.
And yet during the installation may require expert help provided by the services which also require considerable funds.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, LED wallpapers

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, LED wallpapers

Types of 3D wallpaper images for the wall are limited only by the imagination of the customer. 

These can be photo illustrations, drawings in various styles or all kinds of prints.
For children's rooms most popular images in the style of fantasy, fabulous panoramas of your favorite cartoons, prints on space themes.
3D wallpaper for living rooms, simulating the view from the window. This drawing expands the space and makes it more complex and interesting.

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Pros and cons of 3D wallpapers for the wall.

3D wallpaper for walls, as well as any high-tech novelty, is characterized not only by virtue but also by shortcomings.

The material of the three-dimensional wallpaper is polyester, thanks to which the wallpaper does not fade, it is very easy to glue on the walls, it falls well on the surface, does not require special care and does not deform with time. If it is dirt, It can easily be removed with a damp cloth and soap solution, since the wallpaper is waterproof.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d tree wallpapers

However, the owners of small apartments should abandon the idea of buying these wallpapers, because the effect of the three-dimensional image is fully felt at some distance.
Consider this when planning one-bedroom apartments.

The walls should be ideally prepared for the application of 3D wallpapers since the slightest roughness will be visible. As a consequence, the 3D effect of realism will be lost. In addition, to independently paste a 3D wallpaper you need to have some experience, otherwise, there is a chance to spoil the drawing. If there is no experience, then it is better to use the services of professionals, but this will cost certain financial costs. The disadvantages also include the need to purchase additional lamps.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d clouds wallpaper

Using of 3D wallpaper in your interior design:

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The latest technological developments allow you to create wallpaper for walls with a three-dimensional image of any photo or picture.
Thus, you can make the decoration of your interior not only stunningly beautiful but also absolutely unique, using as a basis a picture taken with your own hands.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for bathroom

When decorating a room with the 3d wallpaper, it is important to take into account the general line of interior design and although this is certainly a matter of taste, given that the 3D wallpaper prices are great, it is better to get advice from a specialist after all.
Decorating the ceiling or walls with this material can be anywhere, from the living room to the bathroom because of its universal qualities.

Another factor that plays a role in the design is the presence of a sufficiently large volume of the internal space of the room, so, as soon as this condition the effect of presence is revealed most fully.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for bedroom

Using 3D wallpaper for walls can diversify the interior of the room so much as your imagination will suffice. Guests, friends or just acquainted with the owner of the house with such an interior for sure, if they do not experience an easy shock, they certainly will not remain indifferent.

Before gluing the walls with 3d wallpaper, you need to carefully prepare the pasted surface, the most important stage of preparing the walls before gluing is aligning the walls to the beacons, this is a necessary step before applying glue and pasting the surface, without leveling the walls,
No one will guarantee that the 3D wallpaper will look properly
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How to choose a 3D wallpaper for home:

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper galaxy mural black

There are several key questions that will help determine when choosing 3D wallpapers.
The main of them - the style of the interior, based on which you need to choose the subject of the image. After that, choose the main color gamut.
Be sure to take into account the size of the room, because in small rooms 3D wallpaper loses its individuality, and look like ordinary wallpaper, so the cost of their purchase may not be justified.

Following the pace of the times, do not protect yourself from high-tech novelties.
3D wallpaper is a real technological miracle, accessible to everyone.

At the moment - The 3D wallpaper for a wall is the best way to radically change the interior of your apartment.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for living room

You can choose the hall of the French cafe for the kitchen, a fairy story in the kid's room, a romantic landscape in the bedroom, the castle hall in the hallway, the elven wood in the living room or even the seashore in the bathroom.

How to make a 3d wallpaper for your home:

The basis for the image can serve as a photograph, which can be done by means of a special computer program. You can find already ready mock-ups on the Internet, but you can create a drawing yourself (for this you will have to try hard).

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d clouds wallpaper for dining room

Having finished with the three-dimensional image, it will be necessary to recreate the interior of the room in which it is planned to use them.
The model is also created in 3D projection using computer software. It is desirable to know the size of the rooms and windows, as well as the height of the walls, to see how the wallpaper will look in reality. So it will be easier to understand whether the image approaches the interior well, or something needs to be corrected.

To print stereoscopic 3d wallpaper, you still have to buy the material. The material most suitable for this purpose is polyester.
To draw a picture you need a quality printer. There is another option - to order a seal in the printing house.

The final stage
To the wallpaper did not lose its stereoscopic qualities, the surface (wall or ceiling) should be perfectly even. Dents, cracks, chips, bumps - all this is required to be eliminated. After that, you can apply a primer and glue wallpaper (an alternative option for placement - in the frame). Also, avoid the formation of air bubbles.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for living room

Attention to the fact that the process of applying the 3D wallpapers is somewhat different from the technology used for ordinary wallpapers. In this regard, it is appropriate to do this challenging occupation with a qualified technician.

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How to care with 3D wallpapers in the home:

With 3D effect is not demanding a lot of care. If necessary, remove the dirt using absolutely any liquid detergent, since such a surface has the ability to repel dust and water. This is possible because of the wallpapers include polyester.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d undersea wallpaper for living room

This feature also makes the fabric very strong and able to withstand minor damage and small deformation.
The three-dimensional coating is resistant to direct sunlight and that is very important is the non-combustible material.

3D wallpaper designs and murals for the wall 2019:

3D Wall Mural for an excellent choice of finishes: eco-friendly, modern, stylish, beautiful

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d galaxy wallpaper for bedroom

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, LED wallpaper murals

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, best 3d wallpaper for living room

The cost of 3D wallpapers is quite high, so it is advisable to use them for gluing walls in public organizations buildings in order to attract attention to the institution.
In private rooms it is better to combine three-dimensional wallpaper with other types, sticking them on only one wall.
To increase the effect of 3D, you need to purchase wallpaper with special lamps, because of thanks to its backlight, the images look even more realistic.

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It is important to emphasize that 3D wallpaper is a very beautiful decorative finishing material with excellent technical and physical and operational data.
First, it is known for its water-repellent abilities. In addition, this material is resistant to mechanical stress.
Also, the 3D wallpapers have increased fire safety indicators, which is quite relevant in modern times for the safety of the apartment.

3D photo wallpaper is easy to clean and wash with any detergent.

To date, 3D wallpapers are fashionable and popular. But its price is quite high.
In addition, this finishing material is not yet so heavily advertised, in connection with this, its sales are limited mainly to large cities.

To summarize, all of the above, I want to note that the 3D wallpaper for the walls is an excellent modern finishing material with excellent qualities and properties. 

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, new 3d wallpaper for living room

It is this type of decoration that allows you to achieve original non-standard design solutions in the interior of any room. In addition, it is no limitations to the use of 3D wallpapers.
3D wallpapers can be glued both in the living room, and in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom if you can find the right image. So make your choice, paste and enjoy the beautiful view.

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