+40 Stylish 3D wallpaper for living room walls, 3D wall murals

Move into the atmosphere of the spring garden, enjoy realistic sea spaces or recreate the mystery of the night city - which option do you like? Choose the best story for the walls among our 3D wallpaper designs for the living room walls.

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optical illusion with 3D effect wallpaper for living room wall
optical illusion with 3D effect wallpaper for living room wall
One of the places that should surprise guests, of course, it is the living room. As one of the most important rooms in the house, it should be designed in accordance with the most vivid and interesting fashion trends. And today, when the production of stylish wallpaper for walls also be developed, one of the trends with aesthetic and practical significance begins to gain popularity - 3D effect wallpaper murals for living rooms.
3D wallpaper for living room walls 3D wall art ideas
3D wallpaper for living room walls 3D wall art ideas
3D wallpaper for living room walls are one of the few options for interior decoration of the walls, allowing you to totally transform the space, without depriving the design of originality and modernity. This approach to design home interiors have already been evaluated by many professional specialists - now it's your turn to pay attention to its advantages.

3D stone wallpaper patterns for home walls
3D stone wallpaper patterns for home walls

Features of 3D effect wallpapers for the living room.

Materials of this type are different from the wallpaper that we are familiar with?
The main feature of 3D effect wallpapers in the living rooms is the specific nature of the picture: high-quality printing makes it possible to create a visibility of a volumetric and realistic image that extends beyond the flat surface.
The ability to recreate realistic themes in the home interior contributes to the creation of a light, harmonious atmosphere, soothes and transfers to another space.

ocean themed 3D wallpaper murals for home walls
ocean themed 3D wallpaper murals for home walls
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Three-dimensional wallpaper suitable for those who adhere to the traditions of Feng Shui in the arrangement of their rooms: for example, natural motifs will set the mood and provide good health throughout the day.

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3D nature wallpaper for living room 3D wall murals 2019
3D nature wallpaper for living room 3D wall murals 2019
Attention! 3D wallpapers of this type can be single and complex. In the first case, the image does not include unnecessary details, except for a large three-dimensional drawing . In the second case , the entire image is full of details: it can be geometric and abstract patterns, panoramic landscape themes, urban themes.
panoramic 3D wallpaper images in small living room interior
panoramic 3D wallpaper images in the small living room interior
Since the design of living rooms in your house requires the use not only of stylish but also high-quality materials for walls, consider the practical properties of the selected materials. Photo wallpapers with 3D pattern can be paper, vinyl, non-woven, and other types of materials.

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characteristics of chosen 3D wallpaper murals for home walls

3D nature wallpaper for living room walls should correspond to the following characteristics:
be wear-resistant. This property is especially useful in the interiors of small living rooms with a small space where the probability of permanent contact with the wall surface is high;
to withstand the influence of the sun. Consider the need for high-quality printing of images and the use of paint, which does not burn out in direct contact with the sun's rays;
Cleaning in case of stains on the surface. If you have children or pets - make sure that even after cleaning the walls with photo walls retain their original appearance;
be environmentally friendly, resistant to fire and moisture, easily applied to the surface of the walls.

panoramic 3D wallpapers for living room wall

Almost all types of 3D wallpaper images correspond to these parameters so you can not worry about the durability of the walls in the living room. Moreover, wallpaper with three-dimensional images has several other advantages that will make your and your home different.
Often 3D wallpaper is used to visually increase the size of the small living room. This feature makes wallpapers more suitable for home design compared to standard wallpaper for walls.
3D effect wallpaper for living room wall behind sofa
3D effect wallpaper for living room wall behind the sofa
The proper selection of the picture and the location of its placement in the interior will make it possible to transform the space.
Sticking photo wallpapers with a thematic drawing is a simple, but rather refined way to highlight the style of the interior. Realistic plots will help to emphasize both modern design and more traditional directions.
Interiors of any type can be visually divided into several zones by pasting stylish 3D wallpaper in one part of the room. The game of color and design will highlight this space and make your living room more functional.
Even monochrome or neutral in color 3D wallpaper designs with the image will support the dynamics in the interior.
realistic 3D wallpaper designs for-living rooms with elephant image
realistic 3D wallpaper designs for living rooms with elephant image
Your Living room will not be perceived as boring, and the possibility of an independent choice of a drawing will allow you to realize your own ideas of decoration.
Another no less important feature of 3D wallpaper designs for the living room walls of this type is the ability to transform the color gamut and adjust the brightness of the interior. The balance of light and shades, provided with well-chosen wallpaper for the walls is not a difficult task: let's find out what colors and styles of such wallpaper are suitable for the interior of your living room.

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Proper 3D wallpaper designs for living room walls

Designers apply wide-format images to solve several problems and achieve the bright design, correction of the size of the room, the union of all decor elements in a single style:
Large 3D wallpapers designs for living rooms adorn the whole wall or some of its parts. For example, to divide the room into thematic areas;
In small rooms, such images will easily provide an optical increase in space;
For greater naturalness, the color of all walls should be in a single light range. Warm shades will make the room cozier, and the cold ones are more spacious;
Living room in warm colors
Important! The general concept of the living room should only be supported by 3D wallpapers. It is better than the photo on the wall should be a continuation of the general theme and not a separate screaming object.

3D effect wallpaper design for living room walls
3D effect wallpaper design for living room walls

3D effect wallpaper murals

Abstract drawings are perfect for modern or high-tech rooms. For classics, panoramic pictures are more acceptable. Of course, the picture on the panorama must correspond to the laws of the genre of the entire living room;
Some versions of 3d effect wallpapers perfectly match with wall panels or decorative moldings.
When preparing the surface for sticking 3D wallpaper designs, make sure that all surfaces are flat. Even small defects can damage the canvas, and disturb the image. For fixing to the wall, an adhesive is chosen which is applied directly to the wall. When working with 3D wallpapers for home walls, observe the temperature regime and monitor the absence of drafts.

3D wallpaper designs for walls with LED and fluorescent highlighting

funny 3D wallpaper in living room interior

Ideas to use in the living room interior

When decorating a room, its purpose is usually taken into account and in accordance with this, choose a stylistic direction. The living room can take on the implementation of any creative project. In spacious houses, it accommodates many guests and serves as a venue for a variety of holidays. In small apartments, except for the reception of guests, is a favorite place for communication of the whole family. Some ideas are quite simple to implement:

A 3D natural wallpaper designs for the living room of the snow-capped mountains in white and blue tones. On the one hand, the blue shades work well on a person's mental state, quickly calming and tuning into a businesslike mood. On the other hand, the room in cold shades becomes an oasis of freshness in the hot season, while increasing a small room;

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The space theme can be reflected on one of the walls and ceiling. Mysterious planets, nebulae, images of stars and ships offer the whole space of the room to support this theme. This is promoted by solid walls, laminated gray-beige tones, built-in spotlights;

Panoramic 3D wallpaper views with houses and gardens are an excellent background for the placement of upholstered furniture in the living room. Located on the couch, you can get a full sense of being in the forest more often at the waterfall. Or in the garden, among the blossoming lilacs;

relaxing 3D nature wallpaper ideas for bedrooms
relaxing 3D nature wallpaper ideas for bedrooms
The city image 3D effect wallpaper designs in living rooms will create an atmosphere of relaxation on the roof of a megacity or it will easily support the mood of a party;

3D wallpaper with city images for small living room walls
3D wallpaper with city images for small living room walls
The beach of azure beach on the wall, wicker furniture, tropical wood, and carpet repeating the color of sand will create a complete illusion of presence on the seashore. The appropriate music and cocktails will help to relax after the work day to the owners of the apartment;

3D wallpaper murals for home walls 2018

In the living room of a young girl, 3D effect wallpapers of brightly colored flowers, butterflies and ornaments are quite appropriate. A lot of soft multi-colored pillows, beautiful armchairs, golden and silver furniture decor will create a romantic and dreamy mood;

The 3D wallpaper design of a museum, an ancient castle or an art gallery is suitable for lovers of peace and comfort.
In the spacious living rooms of large country, houses apply 3D nature wallpaper designs of huge flowers. Depending on the color of the interior, it can be tea roses, white chrysanthemums or an image of a blooming glade;
For the living room in the Eco-style choose pictures of the rain-forest or landscapes with waterfalls, animals, and flowers.

How to use 3D effect wallpaper in small and large rooms

When choosing wallpaper, be sure to focus on the size, height, and degree of illumination of the room. In small rooms, a too large picture will not be very appropriate, as it creates a pressuring effect. And, on the contrary, in large rooms, the line drawing will be lost, and it will look inappropriate. You can take into account the advice of designers on the application of 3D wallpapers in the living room interior walls:

In small living rooms, it is better to use 3D wallpaper design with a visual perspective. Glue it better on the entire area of the wall. This method allows you to maximize the space;
Delicate pastel colors reduce the pressure of a large pattern, and the dark part of the room is optically removed;

wall art 3D effect wallpaper murals for modern living rooms
wall art 3D effect wallpaper murals for modern living rooms
In the interior of a spacious living room with an abundance of sunlight, you can use any wallpaper. A large image, a volume texture, gloss, multicolored or 3D stone wallpaper design can safely be placed on any wall. The only thing you need to pay attention to is furniture. If the wallpaper is bright, then furniture is better to be in more calm colors. And vice versa. Gloss on the wallpaper is acceptable on the walls on the side of the window. With a direct hit of light there will be glare, which deforms the image;

To divide the room into zones, you should select the pattern in accordance with the meaning of each place. For relaxation and high-grade rest landscapes, photos of plants, reservoirs will approach. For the part of the room intended for the reception of guests, abstract drawings, photos of evening megacities will naturally fit in.
artistic 3D art wallpaper design for classic living rooms
artistic 3D art wallpaper design for classic living rooms

realistic 3D wallpaper designs for small living rooms

3D wallpaper patterns for optical illusion in living rooms
3D wallpaper patterns for optical illusion in living rooms

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