Original 3D lampshades with LED optical illusion

AS we present Ideas and write articles on 3D flooring, 3D walls and 3D ceilings, we also provide you with creative and original elements that give the 3D effect, Today's article element is an awesome LED lampshade with acrylic glass body and wooden stand illuminate the room with adjustable lighting with 3D effect.

3D led lamps with wooden stand

The so-called BULBING lamps have an interesting property in itself. And this is the 3D effect that makes the lamps unique pieces. This effect is achieved by the use of etched plexiglass.
The Plexiglas 3D lamps were designed by Nir Chehanowski, a studio based in Tel Aviv.
3D lamps with LED lights and wooden stand
3D lamps with LED lights and wooden stand
The three 3D lamps from Plexiglas from the BULBING collection are called ZIGGI, DESKI, and CLASS. These differ from one another in their stand, which consists of wood, as well as in their size. The 3D lighting effect, which makes the Plexiglas appear like a lampshade, provides more light. For the design, the classic and vintage properties of table lamps were combined with modern ones.

Original 3D LED lamps with wooden stand
Original 3D LED lampshade with wooden stand
But what exactly are the lamps made of Plexiglas and how does the 3D lighting effect arise? Each 3D lamp consists of a thick piece of acrylic glass, with dozens of complex lines. The LED light then shines through these lines and then creates the optical illusion, thus the impressive 3D effect. At the same time, however, the light is also radiated into the room.

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LED 3D lampshades for tab;es
LED 3D lampshades for tables
The Plexiglas lamps also have a warm light, as well as a dimmer to adjust the desired amount of light. The LED bulbs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. With the Plexiglas lamps, you will undoubtedly get a unique accessory for your interior, which will not only give you a pleasant light in the room, but also an interesting, decorative accent.

Desk lamp with LED 3D lights
Desk lamp with LED 3D lights

LED 3D lampshade with 3D lighting effect
LED 3D lampshade with 3D lighting effect
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