How to use 3D hallway flooring at homes, shops, malls

Can you deny that your guests at the hotel, customers at the mall or visitors at your home can move from one place to another without walking through the hallway or corridor?
Then, it’s time to add 3D flooring for the corridor, the new technology, and a modern vibe to your hotel, mall or home!

If you're looking for a wonderful revival for the corridor of your home, hotel, mall or business shop, then 3D floors are the touch you're looking for! There’s a great reason why you should be interested and care for the design of your corridor and hallways, and that is because they link together everything and basically no one can go anywhere without going through the corridor or hallway.
Now, I'll help you know everything about 3D corridor flooring and tell you the basic things you need to know.

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awesome 3D epoxy flooring for hallway
Awesome 3D epoxy flooring for hallway

Why Is 3D Hallway Flooring Is Important?

3D flooring for the corridor is ultimately important because it brings together everything in the hotel, or mall or your home. The corridor or hallway is the floor, which connects all parts of the place together. So, that is why, it is of vital importance to make sure that your guests or customers walk on a remember-able corridor or hallway, or do you prefer being ordinary? I highly doubt so!
How Can You Care For Your Corridor Or Hallway?
Remember that every little thing in your business matter a lot, even when you think that your corridor is hallway is not a big deal, but believe me, it highly does. I believe you’re looking for the best unique idea for your corridor and hallway, and to do so you need to take care of:
  • The lighting in the hallway.
  • The wall paintings and designs.
  • The furniture you decide to decorate the corridor with.
  • Some good quality carpets that go with everything else.
  • Most important, our topic of the day, 3D flooring for hallways.

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3D hallway flooring for mall corridor
3D hallway flooring for mall corridor
I can’t stress how your guests or customers will be stunned when they see such amazingly designed floors.
You should make sure to get 3D flooring that:
· Is good quality,
· Nonslip
· Heavy-load resistant 3D flooring for your hallways or corridors as this where people walk the most and you don’t to find any cracks on your floor, do you?
Moreover, later on in this post, you’ll learn how to install them and make them last longer.

What is 3D Flooring?

3d flooring designs for hotel hallway

This is an amazing technology applied to floor manufacturing and has added so many wonderful effects to it. The ordinary floor that you walk on has turned into something beyond imagination. There is a huge selection of 3 dimension images, colors, materials to create your floor design for your home, hotel, business, and malls.

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Is 3D Flooring A Necessity Or For Fun?

Well, depends whether you actually care about adding the new technology to your home, but most important to your business. Do you want to have an ordinary, unattractive floor, or a wow floor that will catch the attention of your guest in the hotel, or customers in the mall or business shop or office?

3D flooring murals in company hallway
3D flooring murals in a company hallway
Do you want to make everything in your business count or just ignore something that could add to your business's profits and customer attraction?
I bet you want a floor that will have everyone astonished to the design of the floor, talk about it after leaving the place, and want to come back.

Why Should You Install Your 3D Flooring?

The texture and the shades in the 3D images of the floor add a story to the floor people walk on, rather than just a plain colored floor. You can add a good & durable coating to your 3D floor so that people can walk on a creative, beautiful, long-lasting floor and that is done by the help of the epoxy floor that we'll discuss in details later on in this post.

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Where Can I Apply 3D Corridor Flooring?

There are many options where you can apply the 3D flooring technology:

In Your Home Corridor:

You can make amazing designs in your corridor as you walk from one room to another and have something awesome on the floor with a spectacular 3D floor.

3D corridor flooring for home with epoxy paint
3D corridor flooring for a home with epoxy paint
epoxy painted 3d flooring for home corridor

3d corridor flooring for home

In Your Hotel Hallway:

3d hallway flooring for hotels and stores with epoxy paint
3d hallway flooring for hotels and stores with epoxy paint
You can use 3D flooring in many creative ways in your hotel like;
· Room numbers:
You can design 3D number on the corridor floors in front of each room, which will make it easier for guests to find their room.
· Entrance and exit directions:
You can a creative man exiting on the floor in front of the exit door of your hotel.
· Directions for areas within the hotel or resort:
You can lead your guests through your hotel using a new creative idea like the 3D flooring techniques.
· Direction of elevator or stairway:
Imagine having an elevator or staircase sign on the corridor or hallway floor in 3D form to guide your guests in a fancy way.

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3d corridor flooring for hotel hallway

· Instructions for guests:
Instead of using the old techniques of putting a poster with the instructions, you can use a new innovative way by the 3D flooring technique to spice things up.

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3D Flooring for Hallway In The Mall:

There are so many ideas on how you can use 3D flooring in your mall's hallways as customers walk through, like:
· Map of the mall:
It’ll be much easier to guide your guests or customers through your mall by making a 3D map on the floor of the hallways.
· Directions in the mall:

You can use 3D floors for ascending and descending directions & guiding them through the directions of the special places in the mall

· Instructions for customers:

Rather than have the traditional instructions written on a poster, you can make it on a 3D floor in the hallway or corridor.

Offers and discounts:
3D flooring graphics for mall hallways
3D flooring graphics for mall hallways
You can the offers and discounts exciting for the customers rather than having a plain poster about it.
· Announcement of concerts or new events:

epoxy painted 3d flooring for gym event promotion

Allow the guests and customers to visualize the even through a 3D floor design.
· Games for children and adults:

epoxy painted flooring games for mall hallway
epoxy painted flooring games for mall hallway
There are amazing games that you can make in 3D forms, such as chess, the ladder, and the snake.

In Your Business Shops:

shop hallway flooring with 3D painted graphics
shop hallway flooring with 3D painted graphics
You can turn your business into a three-dimensional world for your customers and I have some ideas for using 3D flooring in your business shop, like:
· Advertising:
3D flooring promotion graphics in shop hallway
3D flooring promotion graphics in shop hallway
When you’d like to advertise new products, advertising offers, and discounts you can spice it up with some 3D effects.
· Spreading the trends in the different areas of the shop:
You can make the experience room in clothing stores sensational by adding a 3D touch to it.
Now, we can discuss what the 3D flooring is, the 3 most common types and which is best for hallways and corridors.

What Are The 3D Flooring Types?

Now, you should know that there are several types of 3D flooring that vary in quality, age, durability, appropriate conditions, price and the purpose of their installation. You’ll choose your 3D flooring depending on your needs and personality.

Type 1: 3d Flooring Stickers:

First, you have the 3d stickers and here are the details
· Short-lived, it doesn’t last long on the floor.
· Low moisture & water resistance,
· Non-heat resistant and heavy loads,
· Suitable for short-term installation as a discount or for a limited period of time
· Its price is cheap, with a price range of $ 19 to 25.
· Not the best option for corridor or hallways.

Type 2: 3d Tile Flooring:

Then, we have the 3D tile flooring, which is the oldest solution for installing a three-dimensional flooring, and it is suitable for permanent purposes for instance; if you want a map for the mall or for your company commercial logo.
The price for 3D tiles flooring is very high, there are few great designs available, and it is difficult to get the design of the 3D tiles at very high cost.

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Type 3: Self-Leveling 3d Epoxy Flooring:

Now, for the most important and common 3D flooring type and that would be the self-leveling 3d epoxy flooring! We’ll discuss:

1. Pros and Cons
2. How to Install
3. How Much It Costs

The 3D technology and designs are winning an amazing popularity amongst us. To be more specific, the Epoxy 3D floor is used, nowadays, more and more in shopping malls, offices, hotels, apartments, and homes. The reason for the epoxy floor popularity is to its variety, creativity, attraction, and high performance. This is the newest innovation in the decorative floor world.
Let’s jump right into it.

a) 3d Epoxy Flooring Pros & Cons:

Like any other flooring type that we mentioned earlier, epoxy 3D floors have both pros and cons.

artistic 3d hallway flooring at mall corridors

Let's discuss the 5 positive points of epoxy 3D flooring are:

a) Visual Effect:
The best thing about the epoxy flooring is its visual effects and its stunning looks and gorgeous appearance. The epoxy 3D flooring can visually solve several problems with your room interior design because it has a unique aesthetic quality.

b) High Strength:
Epoxy 3D flooring is practically impervious and highly resistant to chlorine, acids, and other materials that can make the design wear off by time, such as daily cleaners & bleaches.

c) Easy Maintenance:
Epoxy 3D flooring has no joints, seams, pores, cracks, and gaps. In other words, the epoxy flooring makes the floor absolutely immune to any kind of dust, dirt, water, and destructive chemicals.

d) Safe And Hygiene Friendly:
One of the best features I love about epoxy 3D flooring that it is safe and hygiene friendly. It doesn't accumulate any dust at all and is not a favorable environment for bacteria or pathogens. You'll not smell any bad odor from the 3D epoxy floor nor find any corrosive fumes, which makes it perfectly safe for us.

e) Fire Resistance:
Epoxy/polymers flooring do not catch fire and don't burn. The reason behind this is that the coating of the epoxy 3D flooring is made of that used in manufacturing child care centers hospitals, warehouses, and other places where high control of fire safety are required.

f) Can Tolerate Heavy Loads:
In the mall or hotel, you’ll have hundreds of people walking on the floor. So, you need to avoid any cracking in the floor by having an epoxy 3D floor which can tolerate such daily heavy lads.

Now, we’ll take about what some might think of disadvantages for the epoxy 3D flooring to cover it all..
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The 3 Disadvantages Of Epoxy 3D Floor:

1. Hard To Install And Takes Some Time To Cure:
To install a 3D epoxy floor, the construction team will need a professional architect and equipment to accurately install this type of unique floor. It takes 3 to 5 days, seldom even longer to have the 3D floor fully installed.
2. High Cost:
With not much professionals in the market, the cost of installing the 3D floor is high because let's be honest, this type of floor is so spectacular. Moreover, the epoxy floor materials are not cheap yet, so it adds up to the cost.
3. Cold Floor:
Concrete and tiles are cold and the same goes for the epoxy floor type.

Installing Your 3D Epoxy Flooring in a hallway:

3D epoxy flooring graphics for nursery hallway
3D epoxy flooring graphics for nursery hallway
nursery hallway flooring with 3d epoxy paint technology

Installation of Epoxy 3D floor requires a lot of experience, professionalism and the margin of error is zero with this type of floor installation.
So, there's no option but to hire an expert in the 3d epoxy floor to do it for you. Here are the 8 steps for installing the 3D epoxy flooring:
1. Test the place where you'll install the 3D epoxy floor for moisture and vapor emissions.
2. Fully prepare the substrate surface.
3. Auto scrub and vacuum the floor to clean effectively the whole surface for installment.
4. Check the humidity. It is necessary that humidity throughout the floor doesn't exceed 4% to avoid it from peeling off after a week.
5. Apply the self-leveling epoxy primer.
6. Install the 3D epoxy floor mural.
7. Install 2 layers of clear 3D epoxy or more often, polyurethane to create a good transparent layer of epoxy coating over the 3D floor mural.
8. If needed, apply a topcoat protective sealer for long-lasting 3D epoxy flooring.

How Many epoxies 3D Flooring Costs?

The installation of the 3D epoxy floor is a complex and long process and normally takes from 3 to 7 days.
The 3D epoxy price depends on several factors like substrate form, total square footage, & system complexity. Moreover, the strength, durability, and lifespan of the epoxy floor are two influential factors to determine 3D epoxy flooring cost. The higher the quality of the epoxy floor, the more expensive it will cost you.
This was our full guide on the 3D flooring, as we discussed so many aspects and most importantly, we discussed the 3D epoxy flooring in more details for its popularity.

Share your experience and the best 3D floor design you loved and where did you see it.

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