25 Best 3D Curtain Designs open New horizons to your room

It's not easy to get an extraordinary interior design for your room, office or business place. most of the decoration products you see on market will not give you the result you are looking for, the creative and designers and the special homeowners who want to be different and have a different home are now opting for the 3D technology in home decoration: 3D flooring, 3D walls, 3D backsplash design, and 3D ceilings.
Today, we present a new and little different type of the 3D home decoration elements, it's 3D curtain designs for living room, bedroom and 3D shower curtains, explaining why and how to opt for a 3D curtain,
How to choose it properly, from where to buy it, how it differs from other types of 3D interior elements especially 3D wall panels, 3D curtain design options and how much does a 3D curtain cost?

3D window curtain image for modern living rooms
3D window curtain image for modern living rooms
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realistic 3D curtain ideas for shower
realistic 3D curtain ideas for shower

Where can 3D curtains be installed?

This type of curtains in really awesome and impressive, now we help you to choose the place where you should install it in your home or your business place, where and why to install a 3D curtain design in a certain place?

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As a main living room curtain:

for most of homeowners, the living room is the heart of the apartment, when the designer is designing the home, he starts with the question " where should the living room be?. your guest comes to your home and leaves without seeing any room in your home except the living room, so it means the whole of your home for your guests. Adding a touch of 3D in this room leaves a great impression on you and your guests, there're to options to install a 3D curtain design for your living room, one of them is to install it as the main window curtain, in this case, you can opt for a charming landscape to add glamour and natural beauty to your room, or a 3D infinity design to ad volume to the room dimensions and enlarge its space visually.

3D curtain design with high quality fabric
3D curtain design with high-quality fabric
 The second option is to use at as a room divider curtain, in this case, it's preferred to opt for a 3D curtain with furniture or wall with decorative columns design to make a virtual wall to complete the room view design.

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3D shower curtain:

Each room in your home has its particularity, The main feature we look for when we enter the bathroom is the clearness, this is the reason why we should think about a 3D shower curtain in our bathroom, if we op for a 3D shower curtain design with a green landscape or sky stars or space themes, it will enhance the clearness in the bathroom, 
You also have another option to make a funny 3D curtain design, this will be impressive for your kids and it will create a great atmosphere for them while taking a shower.

welcoming 3D shower curtain design ideas

3D bathroom curtains for funny shower
3D bathroom curtains for funny shower

3D shower curtain images 2018
3D shower curtain images 2019
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New catalog for curtains for bedroom modern interiors

As a bedroom window curtain:

We have mentioned in a recent article the importance of the atmosphere in bedroom interior, and the impression of it on the daily mood, that was in the article of the 3D flooring for bedrooms, the same thing here, you need a curtain design that makes you wake up on mood. a 3D window curtain design for bedroom will achieve that.
About the design, there's no doubt that a beautiful landscape is a great choice for this purpose, but you also can use a city image design to add a city lights atmosphere to your room, or a fairy tale scene from your favorite movie to wake up seeing it.

3D bedroom curtains with city image
3D bedroom curtains with city image

Completing Kid's room themes:

when searching for Kid's room themes on the internet, of course, we find many beautiful and creative themes that take our breath, but there is a common factor in all of these themes, it's that all of the room elements participate in the overall theme except the curtain, always we find it a solid or patterned curtain fabric that considered a neutral element.
3D curtains for kid's bedroom complement the overall design and add a great decoration to the room, for example, if you have opted for a space theme for your kid room, you can add a 3D curtain design of high quality fabric with planets or clouds to implement the design
you also can use the 3D kids curtains to complement the design of the favorite Disney movie scene to make it more realistic and enhance the artistic atmosphere inside the room.
3D curtains: kids room curtain design ideas
3D curtains: kids room curtain design ideas
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In your office or home office:

most people don't love or feel comfortable at companies and offices atmosphere, because of the high loads of work that causes tension and high pressure, of course, you will not love the place that makes you tensioned. Adding a 3D office curtain to your office at the company where you work, will improve the overall atmosphere for you and your customers, of course, adding a funny high-quality curtain designed and printed with 3D technology will make the place more peaceful and welcoming, why not also will increase your work rates!
You also can opt for a forest tree image, relaxing landscape or infinity geometric image, that depends on your preferences and your daily work nature.

3D curtain designs VS 3D wall panels:

We previously shared an article on 3D wall panels  and 3D backsplash panels. of course wall panels are a great technology that has added wide range of options to the interior designer and homeowners, and changed the concept of the solid or colored wall to the concept of textured wall that gives the three dimensions feeling, but it has gone further to the panels with lights that enhance the reality of the wall view. now we are explaining some differences between textured wall panels and 3D curtains.

relaxing 3D shower curtain ideas
relaxing 3D shower curtain ideas

When you decide to add a 3D element to your room walls, You are in front of the two options we have mentioned above, your choice between them depends on some factors: how long do you want this element in the certain room, how much is your budget to this project, how complicated is the design you want to install? and how is the design nature of your room?
 Curtains Blackout with a panorama of the night city

IF you want to make this type of decoration for short time or if you want it to be changeable, of course, the 3D curtain design is the proper choice, wall panels are for the long-life decoration because it's not changeable that meant if you want to change the design you need to install wall panels from the beginning.
3D curtains are low-cost in compare to textured wall panels, so if the budget you put to this project is low it is the best choice, but to do textured wall panels you need a bigger budget
3D window curtain or 3D shower curtains give you the opportunity to carry out any digital design you want because of the technology printing on fabric, infinite number of simple and complicated designs is available to get into your room, but on the other hand, wall panels enable you to install the design with textures and lights only, so the designs you can install are limited.

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The design nature of your room and the certain place where you want to get the 3D design is an important factor, if this place in the bathroom around the bath, there is no option except 3D shower curtain design, you cant install wall panels on air or hang them!
if the room where you want to install has a large window, or it's open to the other parts in your home, that means it has one or two walls, it's preferred to install a 3D window curtain to let the few walls be used in other necessary purposes.

modern shower curtain with 3D design
modern shower curtain with 3D design

funny 3D shower curtains 2019
funny 3D shower curtains 2019

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