Fantasy 3D Wallpaper Designs for Living room&bedroom walls

creative ways to use 3D wallpaper murals on home walls, which 3D effect wallpaper design to use for living room walls, bedroom, kids room and bathrooms and how to glue the sticker wallpaper

Most of us are not against change. people try to change the atmosphere around them. Such a useful desire often becomes an occasion for cosmetic repairs. New kinds of finishing materials are constantly appearing on the market.

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3D illusion wallpaper design for bathroom walls

These include 3D wallpaper designs. Modern materials will make it possible to create a completely unique interior without much expense. In addition, such a wall covering can visually expand the space, create a special effect. Not so long ago, an ordinary consumer could not afford such a "luxury": the wallpaper was considered exclusive, made on order for a lot of money. Fortunately, sooner or later all trendy innovations are made available to the vast majority.

Trend: Artwork to 3D wallpaper for walls of living rooms

Glowing 3D wallpaper or living room walls
Glowing 3D wallpaper or living room walls
Today, 3D wallpaper for home walls is a special pattern applied to the wall covering, which creates a distinctive three-dimensional image. This way of decorating the interior is not considered such an innovation for modern designers. The idea of creating 3D wall murals worried the ancient masters, who tried to combine a variety of shades and tonalities to achieve the effect of three dimensions.

+30 style of withe brick wall & wallpaper in the interior

3D effect wallpaper for walls of living room 2019 designs
3D effect wallpaper for walls of living room 2019 designs
Using 3D effect wallpaper for living room walls and a creative approach for interior decoration, you can get an absolutely incredible design of the home. It will be original, unusual, with a special atmosphere, cozy or festive. Whatever you want!. This wall covering, as usual, should be combined with overall style: the decoration of the ceiling, the floor, curtains, and furniture.
This material is allowed to stick not only to the walls themselves but also to decorative partitions, cabinet doors, ceiling and even doors.

This is not the first 3D effect option to present at 3DEX, We recently shared: 3D flooring murals, 3D false ceiling, and 3D kitchen backsplash

3D projection for wedding on dress and cake (video)

The wedding industry quickly picks up any potentially beneficial innovation from the world of advertising, design, art and other areas related to beauty and transformation.

At the moment, the possibility of applying 3D mapping to small objects, namely the 3D interactive projection on a wedding dress and cake, is very interesting and promising. Therefore, in this article, we will tell in detail about this very interesting technology that will decorate your celebration.

3D projection on wedding dress
3D projection on a wedding dress
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3D interactive projection on a wedding dress

Using 3D mapping, the advanced technology coming from marketing will allocate your wedding in the general mass, it will be remembered for a long time by guests, and you will get a lot of unusual photos and memorable video. If you are a wedding organizer or video operator, then, of course, the availability of such a service will significantly increase the number of your orders. And if you are a cafe owner, then with the help of 3D mapping you will finally find the answer to the question " How to attract customers to a cafe? "

Contemporary 3D wooden blinds and room divider

window sun protector blinds are not a very important issue for the hot sun in the summertime only.
Some products are also a great option for creative, functional and stylish designs, for example, the 3D blinds made of wood, that is integrated optimally into every interior and sets beautiful accents.
The 3D wooden blinds, that we would like to present to you, are an attractive and contemporary alternative to the wooden blinds and wooden room dividers.
They are designed by the talented American designer Elish Warlop. With her creations, she tries to interpret the paradox between silence and movement.

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3D blinds made of diamond wooden pieces
3D blinds made of diamond wooden pieces

Interactive Floor Projector Games - New life for your Kids

Why you should get an interactive floor projector for your kids, With interactive floor projector games you can change the life for your kids from all life aspects, interactive games, and live systems

Are you inspired to join your kids in playtime and laughter? 
Are you looking for a product that can, not only be a way to laugh and play but can also help you educate and watch your kids as well as enhance their skills?

The interactive floor gaming systems technology creates a new and different world of fun and education for your kids.

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interactive floor projector, interactive games, live systems, interactive kids games

Interactive flooring systems for games cannot be compared to any other kind. It’s considered as one of the most important outcomes of using modern digital projection technology, for it allows you to translate all your movements into imagination.
This is due to how it’s capable of changing the boring interior and activity between your kids and all your family members.

With a quick far away glance you’ll find that it’s basically a static image on the floor or a slightly dynamic one, but if you stood on top of it or moved on it, you will watch everything transforming and coming to life.

The flowers blossom around you, fish float away from you and balls start to blow! It’s just awesome!

interactive floor projector, interactive games, live systems, interactive kids games

The interactive floor systems respond to any external movement on its surface. Not just my feet, but it also responds to waving arms or legs (left and right, up and down), jumping, squatting, and any other movements or activities that don’t associate with movement in space. It’s very effective!

You can create a pleasant conversation with the floor through the unique effects that depend solely on your movement; because it doesn’t depend on the storage and display style as the rest of the interactive floor projections. For example, if you decided to stomp on these fish, they will randomly swim and float away from you, and their pathway continues to change with the changes in your movements. We can say it’s basically a reaction to every move you make.
What is this smart technology?

Latest modern boys room design ideas and colors 2019

Interactive floor systems technology for kids and how it works:

The interactive floor games is an amazing type of technology that works on developing your kids’ knowledge. It also depends on modern and unconventional ways and it’s the smartest way to a mixture of mental and physical activity for kids. The interactive floor gathers all your kids’ activities in one tool, that’s why it’s the best for the future.

Original 3D lampshades with LED optical illusion

AS we present Ideas and write articles on 3D flooring, 3D walls and 3D ceilings, we also provide you with creative and original elements that give the 3D effect, Today's article element is an awesome LED lampshade with acrylic glass body and wooden stand illuminate the room with adjustable lighting with 3D effect.

3D led lamps with wooden stand

The so-called BULBING lamps have an interesting property in itself. And this is the 3D effect that makes the lamps unique pieces. This effect is achieved by the use of etched plexiglass.
The Plexiglas 3D lamps were designed by Nir Chehanowski, a studio based in Tel Aviv.

25 Best 3D Curtain Designs open New horizons to your room

It's not easy to get an extraordinary interior design for your room, office or business place. most of the decoration products you see on market will not give you the result you are looking for, the creative and designers and the special homeowners who want to be different and have a different home are now opting for the 3D technology in home decoration: 3D flooring, 3D walls, 3D backsplash design, and 3D ceilings.
Today, we present a new and little different type of the 3D home decoration elements, it's 3D curtain designs for living room, bedroom and 3D shower curtains, explaining why and how to opt for a 3D curtain,
How to choose it properly, from where to buy it, how it differs from other types of 3D interior elements especially 3D wall panels, 3D curtain design options and how much does a 3D curtain cost?

3D window curtain image for modern living rooms
3D window curtain image for modern living rooms
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20 Glass 3D backsplash designs to transform your kitchen

3D backsplash designs for kitchen enlarge the workspace of cooking and preparing food. it's a smart solution for the small and tight kitchens
glass panels with 3D kitchen backsplash images, murals, and designs with LED lights

When decorating our homes, we focus on living room walls, ceiling, and furniture, we decorate the bedroom with gypsum board false ceiling and creative and comfortable furniture, we make a kid's room theme for making them happy and involved in their imagination life, but when we decorate the kitchen, we do that with the functionality concept only, we opt for the solid wall colors and functional furniture. Today, 3Dex art presents the kitchen backsplash designs an innovative solution for the modern kitchen to spice your kitchen and add volume it, glass 3D backsplash panels with printed or painted murals create a three-dimensions scene in this part of the room.

realistic 3D kitchen backsplash designs 3D glass backsplash panel

The kitchen is your kingdom, So after we presented creative solutions for 3D flooring and 3D ceilings, now we add 3D glass backsplash for kitchens.

Reasons why I opt for 3D backsplash designs in my kitchen?

3D kitchen back-splashes is not only a something of welfare, in many cases, it is considered a necessity in the kitchen as we will explain in the following part:

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Extremly amazing 3D False Ceiling Designs with optical illusion

To paint the ceiling with solid with a solid color or to decorate it with traditional gypsum molds is from the past, ceiling and flooring are as important as the walls in any room, and as we're writing on the 3D flooring at 3Dex arts, its types, materials, and designs. now we present creative ideas to make a 3D ceiling design whatever is it a false ceiling design or a stretch ceiling, the designs and ideas fit into any room: living room, kids room, bedroom, and entrances.

Don't you need to have a 3D scene in your living room, bedroom, kids room or restaurant? here are 30 3D false ceiling designs and stretched 3D ceiling murals and images and how to install them

3D ceiling murals for stretch false ceilings
3D ceiling murals for stretch false ceilings

What is a 3D false ceiling? 

false ceiling is a ceiling that consists of two or more layers, the stretch ceiling, the drop ceiling of gypsum board, plasterboard or POP designs, The coffered wood ceiling and glass ceilings are all considered false ceilings, but we mean with "3D" that the ceiling has a design with optical illusion that gives the feeling and the view of three dimensions.

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The best types of ceiling coverings for your interior 2019

3D Dolphin flooring and photo printing on floors

The beauty of 3D dolphin flooring for each room, and how to install 3d epoxy flooring with 3d dolphin photo printing or mural, 3d dolphin tile 2019

3d dolphin flooring, 3d dolphin tile, 3d epoxy floor , dolphin kiss
3d dolphin flooring kiss
3D Dolphin flooring photo printing "dolphins" is ideal for interior design and decor, 3d dolphin mural more suitable for the bathroom, children's room, living room, kitchen, and hallway too.

3DEX ART presents you a huge number of designs for "3D Dolphins flooring", and also to develop individual designs of 3d epoxy flooring with dolphin murals and photo printing on the floor especially for you, with the subsequent embodiment of it in life.

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Since ancient times, dolphins have caused people's feelings of rapture and reverence.
They were considered mystical and mysterious, they were worshiped, they were loved and deified.

Centuries have passed, and the dolphin is still considered one of the most mysterious animals of the world.

3d dolphin flooring, 3d dolphin tile, 3d epoxy floor with dolphin photo printing
3d dolphin flooring, 3d dolphin tile, 3d epoxy floor art
We are fascinated by the intellect and grace of the dolphin, its beauty, and physical abilities.
Dolphin symbolizes the boundless sea, nobility and freedom, pleasure and love, speed and safety.
That is why the 3d dolphin flooring photo printing enjoys such a huge popularity in interior decorations.

Should we install 3D Epoxy Flooring in restaurants, shops or hotels?

To ensure the success of your business, whatever your project are a restaurant, hotel, club …. Etc, you must be different from your competitors ,you must Carefully ensure all the details of your project among these details interior decor comes in advanced order, and since the flooring (the fifth wall) as professional designers likes to call is very important to you and your business today we will help you to choose the perfect flooring type to your business.

3D flooring designs for luxurious restaurants

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What do I need in my restaurant, shop or hotel flooring?

there are a few questions you must ask yourself before you start choosing the perfect floor to your business.
The first question is, what is the target audience of my business place?
As an example; my audience are families so I need a floor with a cartoon graphics to please their kids

How to use 3D hallway flooring at homes, shops, malls

Can you deny that your guests at the hotel, customers at the mall or visitors at your home can move from one place to another without walking through the hallway or corridor?
Then, it’s time to add 3D flooring for the corridor, the new technology, and a modern vibe to your hotel, mall or home!

If you're looking for a wonderful revival for the corridor of your home, hotel, mall or business shop, then 3D floors are the touch you're looking for! There’s a great reason why you should be interested and care for the design of your corridor and hallways, and that is because they link together everything and basically no one can go anywhere without going through the corridor or hallway.
Now, I'll help you know everything about 3D corridor flooring and tell you the basic things you need to know.

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awesome 3D epoxy flooring for hallway
Awesome 3D epoxy flooring for hallway

Why Is 3D Hallway Flooring Is Important?

3D flooring for the corridor is ultimately important because it brings together everything in the hotel, or mall or your home. The corridor or hallway is the floor, which connects all parts of the place together. So, that is why, it is of vital importance to make sure that your guests or customers walk on a remember-able corridor or hallway, or do you prefer being ordinary? I highly doubt so!
How Can You Care For Your Corridor Or Hallway?
Remember that every little thing in your business matter a lot, even when you think that your corridor is hallway is not a big deal, but believe me, it highly does. I believe you’re looking for the best unique idea for your corridor and hallway, and to do so you need to take care of:
  • The lighting in the hallway.
  • The wall paintings and designs.
  • The furniture you decide to decorate the corridor with.
  • Some good quality carpets that go with everything else.
  • Most important, our topic of the day, 3D flooring for hallways.

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Easy ways to clean and maintain your 3D epoxy flooring

how to clean your epoxy painted 3d flooring in detail and expert tips on how to maintain the epoxy floor in your home

3D Epoxy floor maintaining and caring in a regular manner and knowing the foundations and the correct rules of cleaning and caring is one of the most important factors that make them long last and remain beautiful and bright and beautiful appearance, so we offer you in the next

Your guide is integrated into the maintenance and cleaning of epoxy flooring and preservation in order to remain in good condition The longest possible period

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor art mural installation

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How to maintain Epoxy flooring with 3D murals

Although Epoxy painted 3D flooring is the best choice among the types of flooring not only because it is the most long-lasting in the list, but also because it has a great appearance, attractive and attractive, and also require minimum (a minimum) maintenance and cleanliness
Although it requires a minimum (a minimum) of maintenance and cleanliness, it is very important to remain in its quality and vitality.

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor art mural installation

The longest period is possible so we offer you the most important reasons that make you interested in the floors of epoxy and preservation and protections to make your floor last longer

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why you should maintain your epoxy floor regularly:

A: appearance

If you own a restaurant, hotel, hall, living room or entrance, the most important reason for choosing epoxy flooring is appearance, any deformation, wear or malfunction of the appearance or shape that reduces the efficiency and quality of your building, in addition to the psychological discomfort of clients or people living in the home or living room. Therefore, maintaining the appearance and general shape of epoxy painted 3D floors is the most important factor ever and must be maintained periodically and regularly.

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor art mural installation

How to use 3D epoxy flooring for promoting your products and business

How does 3D flooring help you to promote your business and products?

Do you suffer from excessive advertising costs? Have you got tired of repeating propaganda ideas and the inability to impress your client? Do you confront the negative impact of all this on your sales? Here is the best solution for all of these problems, it’s the promotional 3D epoxy flooring.

Today, we will offer you some innovative ideas for using epoxy floor painting and it's promoting 3D flooring choices which you can use to promote your product, raise the awareness of your brand, and advertise a new product or offer so far.

Epoxy is a material that is used in the coating of floors, 3d walls, and 3d ceilings, whether in the interior or the exterior designs, in homes, public places, or even commercial places. Furthermore, it’s also used in the coating and insulation of swimming pools and many other uses for this special type of paint.

In the following, we will discuss in detail the choices offered by the 3D floors made by Epoxy in your promotional campaigns that of different and diverse goals.

A new product branding with epoxy 3D floor graphics
A new product branding with epoxy 3D floor graphics

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What can you do using 3D epoxy flooring?

If you compared Epoxy to other types of floors or billboards, it is undoubtedly the longest and the most durable and resistant to high pressure, humidity and skiing.

Such a long life and a high endurance give you more choices when you use it to create a commercial 3D flooring for business, and in all of these choices, you will find it less expensive comparing to the size of the impact you will make through it.

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Your Full Guide to Interactive Floor Projection systems Technology - And why Interactive floor projector become trend today

Now, we will mention you some of them:

Why The Interactive floor projector become Trend today

How you should Buy the interactive floor projector to change your life and your family life, live systems - the Interactive floor for kids games and entertainment, successful business, Advertisements, Events and interactive floor for interior home decor 2019

interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system

Interactive systems projection & Live Systems:

interactive floor projector for stunning stairs and staircases live system
interactive floor projector for stunning stairs and staircases live system
see what is it from your full guide to Interactive floor projection Technology

What is this amazing Live floor technology?

It is the technology of interactive video drawing, the latest technology for tracking body movement and recognizing and monitoring the signals intelligently as it responds to the movement of the body, which provides management and interaction with the graphic content in real time.

Interactive flooring technology makes you able to work directly on any level surface and any size.
Interactive floor projector is the integration of modern digital and projection technology that warrants you to dramatically revive the interior of almost any space and create an extra video on the floor.

interactive floor projector, live system in the mall flooring
interactive floor projector, the live system in the mall flooring
In the present (today): The possibility of using smart interactive floor technology has become more extensive and more sophisticated for all aspects and high-quality visual effects.

This smart technology of living or interactive systems relies on the use of the latest methods and integrated systems to attract the attention of people without feeling, which makes us able to use for many purposes.

For example, interactive floors as well as walls and ceilings, are used in the world of business in addition to its uses in the educational and rehabilitation processes, games and entertainment also as we will see.

Interactive floor projection systems features:

We will try to mention you the most important features of this smart technology, but we are unable to talk about all these infinite features.

interactive floor projector, live system, ifloor
interactive floor projector, live system, floor

Great ideas: Interactive Floor Projector Games - New life for your Kids

Despite the great development, this technology reflects from the interactive floor system, it is designed for ordinary users not only professionals, as it relies on a simple and easy user interface and you can control it by automatically calibrating the system by the remote control system through the Internet.

One of the unique features of interactive floor systems or interactive projection systems is its ability to horizontal, vertical and back projection of multimedia content, giving us the ability to use it on both grounds, wall, and ceiling.

It has a large number of high-quality effects and realistic graphics, but the best is your ability to connect the sound system to get more dynamic effects and displays in the interaction.

Interactive projection systems help you customize the system as it enables you to insert your own backgrounds, logos, video, sounds, and also easily customize your settings.

This is not only what characterizes the interactive projection systems that we call interactive floor in this topic, but there are many features that you can use in your day, your life, career and business, as it helps you to store an unlimited number of effects and live presentations, information, statistics, in addition to controlling the number of users and presenting them more effectively to the public to gain more interaction, and provides you with modern methods of scheduling especially for the management of advertising campaigns for large companies and brands as we will show you.

interactive floor projector for kids games and dance, live system floor
interactive floor projector for kids games and dance, live system floor
All these features make me able to say that the living systems used in the work of interactive floors are one of the most important tools that will enhance the world of technology in the future not only for the world of decoration but also for business and educational sides.

Why interactive projection is the most appropriate choice ever?

This is the latest type of interactive floor technology, despite all the great features we have mentioned to you, but it has endless advantages so we will talk about some other features that concern us all, such as:

You can see How to install interactive floor projector step by step
  • Effect on your health:
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system floor
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system
One of the most important features of concern to all of us, which characterizes the system of interactive projection, as the system does not use the display and control devices (mechanical or electronic) - system does not have a physical contact (mechanical or electronic) so it does not pose any risk to users, and you can use it in public places full of people as the risk is reduced to zero.
  • Can I use it on any surface?
When we talk about this smart product it is important to remind you that this system is not limited to working on a specific type of surfaces or floors, where you can use it on the floor, for example, as in our topic today, use it on the wall and also can be used on any other surface such as table and different parts of furniture to be converted to a surface or interactive floor "live ground" immediately.

Interactive floor projector, live systems

With the use of interactive flooring technology and interactive or live display systems, changing the color and shape of your flooring will be easier and simpler, just Display and Select.
  • Interactive Floor Sizes and Dimensions:
It's unique in live flooring systems. It enables you to customize the display space for any size required, as it allows you to be able to merge more than one system in one view by Special Edge Blending software.
  • Create High-Resolution Effects:
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system
The interactive flooring product is unusual and exciting. It combines all the elements of pleasure and thrill, as it helps you create high-quality effects in an infinite number for different purposes and events.

Creative ideas to use Interactive floor Projector:

Great ideas: 3D projection for wedding on dress and cake (video)

interactive floor projector for kids games and dance, live system floor
interactive floor projector for kids games and dance, live system floor
Interactive flooring or interactive projection system has an unlimited number of possibilities, making us easily able to use them to create unusual ideas in different areas and places.

We will mention you the most popular and the most demanded ideas,

Interactive floors for effective interior design decorations:

interactive floor projector for interior design flooring 2017, live system floor
interactive floor projector for interior design flooring 2019, live system floor
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Interactive floors or more generally live technology systems make you able to control all the settings of the floor and change it whenever you like, this is what you couldn’t do before or what needed more effort and expensive costs before, now with the click of a button you can change the color of the floor and the shape of the floor of your room.

This is not only what these smart systems provide for you to change the floor, but also they enable you to highlight panels, frames, furniture, wall, and ceiling.

Therefore, it is the ideal choice for the processing of smart home to design unique interiors and customized interior decorations at a time.

live system floor for successful Business & Advertisements:

interactive floor projector for business and brands Advertisements, live systems
interactive floor projector for business and brands Advertisements, live systems
After the great development in the use of the most advanced technology in the world of business, advertising and promotions.

One of the most important purposes that make us use interactive or live flooring in private business and advertising is to attract the attention and to entertain people, as well as giving them positive emotions to gain additional flow of visitors or interacting audience with your advertisement.

It allows you to create completely innovative advertising campaigns, which makes customers unable to believe what is happening and surprises them to interact with the floor of advertising with their movements within the interactive floor of the projection system.

Interactive floor projector, live systems, interactive games

This is not only what interactive projection systems offer you in the business world, but also they enable you to follow up and fully control the context of the advertising campaign for your product, company or private business.

It helps you in various ways in managing content, projection and composition effects, collecting statistics and creating reports, sending messages to your clients by e-mail, and much more, so you can be sure that all your work will be under control - the process under Control!

interactive floor projector for business and brands Advertisements, live systems
interactive floor projector for business and brands Advertisements, live systems
Used by many owners and managers of businesses and large brands already in different areas:
In nightclubs, cafes and restaurants they are set up to make dance floor changes and to be influenced by dancers 'movements. You can also create any idea or effect to attract visitors' attention, such as entertainment games.

interactive floor projector for business and brands Advertisements, live systems

Interactive floor developers say they can create a huge number of different and unique effects for all places.

interactive floor projector for business and brands Advertisements, live systems for fashion show
interactive floor projector for business, live systems for a fashion show

Also, there are many big tags that used interactive flooring in their advertising platforms, and the results were amazing.
It did not stop there, but in some businesses, it came to the arrival of some visitors to see the interactive floor. This is what matters to every owner of a profitable or commercial establishment looking for the development of his business and increasing his audience.

Interactive Floor for Kids:

interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system floor
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system floor
Do you seek to create an atmosphere of fun for your children through exciting and innovative ways?
Are you looking for an ideal product that will also help you teach, train and rehabilitate your children? Not only for entertainment?
Interactive floors are the best way to open a new and dynamic world for your children and the rest of the family.

In the world of children, you can use interactive floor technology and interactive projection in many different activities (games, entertainment, educational and rehabilitation activities, and interior decoration for children).

For the multiplicity of uses of these living ground in the world of the child, where it gained the confidence of many parents and parents for the ideas and effects that help them in the education and development of children's abilities, as well as gain the confidence of many owners of profitable or commercial enterprises for children, where we saw many institutions Which have already used the technique such as:

interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system floor
interactive floor projector for kids games and education, live system floor
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Play and entertainment centers, advanced schools, kindergartens and nurseries, care and rehabilitation centers, children's hospitals, shopping centers and shops for children, museums, and exhibitions.
This is not all that interactive floor gives you to help you entertain your children and motivate them to accomplish the tasks of learning and training more actively and effectively, as they help you to innovate unique ideas for the development of the child's brain, as we will see ...

Before you use the interactive floor for your children, we recommend visiting interactive floors for children.

Unlimited use in games and entertainment:

Have you ever imagined that the floor of your room will interact with you and with each movement you do?

After the advent of interactive projection technology and live systems to this fear of progress and development, now you can use the floor of your room to play by an unlimited number of exciting, stimulating games that attract your attention without feeling, through high-impact effects that can give you positive feelings.

interactive floor projector for kids games and guys play football
interactive floor projector for kids games and guys play football
These are the reasons why live interactive flooring is the best choice for you if you're looking for "all the settings and solutions in one system".

Interactive flooring and living floors have become the most sought-after entertainment products from the popular electronic markets, as they are the ideal solution for entertainment in 2019.

Effective education and training with interactive floors:

Living floors or interactive projection systems combine infinite methods into one effective teaching system as mentioned.

interactive floor projector for kids games and education training, live system
interactive floor projector for kids games and education training
In addition to the ease of control and management of educational programs or rehabilitation through an infinite number of settings provided by this technology, to help you in teaching and rehabilitating children and adults in innovative and unique ways.

In terms of the learner or apprentice, it helps them in performing the duties and training exercises in a more interactive and interesting way, where it is used as an incentive for children and trainees to achieve the required roles.

Live Floors for Wedding & Festivals and Events:

interactive floor projector for wedding festival and events, live system floor
interactive floor projector for wedding festival and events, live system floor
Are you one of those who attending or organizing various events: "concerts, events, festivals, symposia, performances, nights" on a regular basis?

With the help of interactive floor projection system, any event will be more fun and exciting for you and all attendees by attracting their attention and participating more interactively with the event.
Interactive flooring technology will greatly facilitate the process of organizing and managing the event or occasion, through unlimited settings of the effects prepared for such purposes.

interactive floor projector for games and festival and events, live system floor
interactive floor projector for games and festival and events, live system floor
As it makes you able to choose from high-resolution effects, with the possibility of adding your own special effects to specific events, this is why it makes the virtual platform not only interesting but also diverse.

After the great use of this technology by professional agents and organizers worldwide, the developers of the live display system competed in the creation of ideas, applications, media and professional multimedia for various types of events and celebrations.

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In addition, so if you like this amazing Technology, you can share the best photo you like it in this album :)

Your Full Guide to Interactive Floor Projection systems Technology

Full guide for the Interactive Floor and Interactive projection systems, Interactive floor projector for all aspects ( games, learning, Business, events, interior design decor and more, Dance floor, iFloor, Interactive floor installation.

If you have reached here, then, of course, the term interactive flooring have stopped you and attracted your attention. Or that you may have heard about it before but you have not found enough information. As there are no Web sites that provide sufficient information on such the most modern type of technology and interactive floor software that is “interactive floor projection system”.

Interactive Floor Projection, Interactive Floor Projector
Interactive Floor Projection Technology
3DEX Arts have a comprehensive guide for everything related to this advanced type of indoor and outdoor flooring.
3DEX Arts is a community interested in 3D flooring technology of all kinds. We aim to integrate imagination with the interior design of your home or business, and we are ready to teach you all the skills needed for both sexes.

Therefore, we have specially prepared for you all that helps you in the good knowledge of interactive floors and ways of using them in different aspects of your life, and how you can turn any surface into an interactive floor or a living floor with lots of amazing high-resolution effects and how to use live floors in the interior decoration of the house, children and their education, promotion of trademarks, weddings and various events, as well as unique ideas for the use of interactive floors that will be presented to you in detail only here.

What is Interactive floor - iFloor technology? How it works?

Interactive Floor Projection , Ifloor, touch floor
Interactive Floor Projection, Ifloor, touch floor
These questions are what brought you here? Let us tell you what interactive floors are and what has been said about it around the world after the tremendous spread achieved by this latest type of floor technology for its ability to attract the attention of adults and children and their infinite uses.

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First, its names varied in different parts of the world:
"Interactive Floor, Floor projector, iFloor, Live Floors, Smart Floors, Touch Floors, Moving Floor, Screen Floor, Display Floors, LED Floors, Dynamic carpet".

Interactive Floor Projection, Interactive Led floor, ifloor
Interactive Floor Projection, interactive Led floor

There are also those who call it according to its use, where it is called:

  • Dance floors in “Clubs and cafes, weddings and events”.
  • Playground and Eye Play floors in “play and entertainment centers”.
  • Educational floors in “schools, nurseries and educational centers”.
  • Advertising floors in “companies and malls”.
But despite its many names, it is the smart interactive flooring, An All in One Solution.
It gives you the ability to convert any available floor space into an interactive surface with a lot of high-resolution visual effects.

So, we can say: this is all possible at the same time as the Interactive Floor System.

It's the perfect time to use this smart technology in all aspects of our lives. Now, let's get to know it closely.