Make a 3D flooring for your swimming pool with epoxy paint

Realistic 3D flooring murals and 3D epoxy floor painting3D epoxy flooring for swimming pools: installation guide and design options
The swimming pool is one of the most important signs in any place, whether it is a home, hotel or club. It is one of the first things to be seen when entering the place as it is a place to relax and enjoy, but the swimming pool is a headache in the head of the owner of the house or hotel because of problems related to it from water leakage, floor and wall damage, color change to other problems related to the swimming pool.

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3D epoxy flooring for swimming pools
3D epoxy flooring for swimming pools
In fact, such a passion and obsession are not a luxury, but an imperative, and most importantly it is a very nice addition that makes life really comfortable at your home or hotel.

Today we will help you in this regard and we offer you a comprehensive solution not only will end most of the problems of the swimming pool, but also will turn it into a piece of art that dazzles every visitor, whether for your home or your hotel, furthermore it also will add a unique touch and intimacy to your swimming pool.

epoxy painted 3d flooring for swimming pools
epoxy painted 3D flooring for swimming pools
This solution is the three-layer epoxy flooring, which is the three-dimensional (3D flooring). What is an epoxy? What are the advantages of this type of floor? And why is it best suited to swimming pool floors at the moment, superior to all other paints? All that you are going to know in detail in the subject of the day, so it is necessary to complete reading to the end.

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Types of Swimming pool paint:

Paint for concrete swimming pools are different and must have specific characteristics as the environment of its use is rather unusual. This is why conventional paints that we use at home, it does not fit.

In the beginning, we will talk about the types of floor paints available for swimming pools and the characteristics of each type of them:

The First type: epoxy pool paint:

epoxy painted 3D flooring for swimming pools
epoxy painted 3D flooring for swimming pools

Epoxy is considered the longest and most durable of all types of swimming pool paint types in the market now. It lives about 10 years before it needs to be re-painted. The most important feature about epoxy pool paint is that its resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, all mechanized detergents and also to many various cleaning chemicals.

The second type: chlorinated rubber base pool paint:

It is another type of special paint for swimming pools in the market, its performance is much less than epoxy, and its age is shorter as well, but what characterizes it is the lower price it has and the ease of installation, also there is now in the market a transformative paints that make this very kinda suitable base for epoxy pool paint. It lives up to 3 years before it needs to be re-painted again.

The third type: water based Acrylic paint:

This type suits the paint on any surface whatsoever and can be painted on any other type of coating, such as epoxy pool paint and chlorinated rubber base pool paint and also acrylic itself. It lives up to two years so it is suitable for places that are painted periodically without considering the validity of the current paint.

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3D flooring as pool coatings for home and commercial places:

Now we will focus on explaining the first type of epoxy and how it can be used to get a 3D floor at the bottom of the swimming pool of your home or hotel.

At first, we presume you will definitely ask “what is the benefit behind installing a swimming pool with 3D flooring?”

3D flooring for swimming pools

Let me tell you that: if you are thinking of installing it in your home, then the different shapes of dolphins, colorful fish, and coral reefs will give you a sense of relaxation and pleasure for you and your children. This will make bathing in this bathroom a unique experience for all members of the family, which will completely eliminate the monotony resulting from getting used to the pure blue in all swimming pools with all the houses, hotels and clubs of the world.

If you do not find your personal pleasure in all this (and I doubt that), then it is enough that your kids will thank you very much for this work that gives them a lot of fun and excitement.

But if you're thinking of installing this special 3D floor in the hotel bathroom which is managed or owned by you, then what applied to you and your children at home applies to hotel guests and their little ones too.

We do not exaggerate when we say that this change you make in the swimming pool of the hotel will be a direct reason in the orientation of many customers to choose your hotel rather than the other hotels, many guests who are activists on the social networking sites, and those who are fond of photography while they are swimming with the dolphins and colored fish or with anything else you choose to put in the 3D floor murals for the swimming pool design will also be present in this painting art and then they publish on their personal accounts, such these things can sponsor your hotel without the need to spend large sums of money on advertising to achieve this.

3D flooring for swimming pools offers unlimited design options:

The good thing in the epoxy paint for swimming pools with 3d flooring is that it gives you infinite choices in design which make you able to carry out any design you will choose in your garden or hotel. Below we will mention some of these choices with images and also some ideas of designs for swimming pools with 3d flooring.

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Dolphin is human-friendly:

3D flooring with epoxy coating for pools
3D flooring with epoxy coating for pools
Dolphin is a symbol of joy and fun associated with the sea and swimming pools, using the pictures of real dolphins and cartoons on the floor of your swimming pool will have the magic effect of adding fun to it.

Dolphin flooring:

swimming pool design with 3d flooring dolphin paint
swimming pool design with 3d flooring dolphin paint

The colored fish in the middle of the landscape and the coral reefs on the side of the landscape will give you a sense of diving in the ocean deeps. A lot of risk, effort, and money are being paid for this deep-sea experience. The 3D floors will make your children experience this enjoyable experience without paying a lot of money. In addition to the attractive scenery that you will enjoy doing in your home garden or your hotel.

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Funny and scary 3D floor designs for swimming pools:

epoxy painted 3D flooring for swimming pools

Many people like the scary designs that represent an adventure to them, their children, and their guests every time they decide to use the bathroom. If you are one of those people, we recommend you a set of designs that contain whales, scary sharks, octopus or other scary, fearsome and predatory sea creatures and marine organisms to choose from.

3D flowers or other patterns:

3D epoxy floor coating for pools

You can also use any 3D fkoor design of beautiful roses or different graphics according to your personal choices that suit the conditions of your hotel or home.

3d epoxy pool paint

3d epoxy pool flooring paint

5 Reasons why you opt for epoxy pool coating:

Not only the multiple design options available for 3D epoxy floor coating for pools are the only reason you choose this type of swimming pool paint. There are many reasons we will mention you of some of them:

  1. 1- Most experts and designers advise home and hotel owners to use the epoxy coating for swimming pool paint.
  2.  No more foot wounds to you and your children due to tiles, marble or other materials used on bathroom floors.
  3. Enjoy the smoothness and balance of your feet after swimming for long hours.
  4. Maintenance and cleaning of the bathroom have become easier: you can now put cleaning materials and chemicals without fear or trouble or any occurrence of damage to the floor.
  5. Save your money: All the characteristics of expensive floor types that you pay huge amounts of money for, such as fiber optic, marble and others can be achieved using 3D epoxy floor coating for pools with other advantages such as price difference and design options available.
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So, How to install 3D Epoxy floor coating for pools?

Now that we have talked about some of the options available to you in the design and after choosing one of these designs, here we will explain to you how to install the 3D floor in the pool using epoxy paint step by step.
In the first, we will talk about the installation tools you are going to need to install Epoxy 3D floor coating:
  • 1. Sander.
  • Flat-edged shovel or scraper.
  • Stiff-bristle garage broom.
  • Power scrubber brush.
  • Wooster Brush R 233-18.
  • Cement Self-leveling Kit.
  • Floor Paint Roller.
  • Blade Spike.
  • Solvent Resistant Nylon Roller.
  • Epoxy Coater Roller Cover, 18-Inch.
  • 24 cm. Wall Rollers Brush defoaming for Epoxy Paint Coatings.
  • One Pair Rigid Spiked Shoes.
  • Cotton rags or paper shop towels.
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How to apply Epoxy 3D floor coating?

Now that we have listed the necessary installation tools required to install Epoxy 3D floor coating, we will explain the installation process step by step:

3D flooring with epoxy coating for pools

First of all, we need to know how to deal with the existing ground we are going to apply Epoxy on it?
If it is a new concrete, a paint from another type, or even if it’s an Epoxy paint? How to deal with them in preparing your floor surface for Epoxy application.

  • It’s important and very necessary for the right Epoxy installation that the old concrete base has to be clean and solid as much as possible, there also should not be any stain of grease, oil, detergent or bitumen on the old floor ground. You better clean oil and grease stains from its full depth.
  • The old existing ground has to be free of all debris and flat as much as possible so you can fill all bumps and cracks with cement.
  • Use a detergent and grease remover to thoroughly wash the floor, and then dry it well.

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Now we are going to move to the installation process steps:

1. The place must be well ventilated before use.

2. Gloves should be worn and gags should be put as a precaution in case of the emergence of certain gases as a result of chemical reactions.

3. Mix the resin with composite steel together by an electric drill, just make sure to mix the two compounds well in the proper temperature and the proportions determined for each of them as shown in the instructions for users stated in the package cans from outside.

Tip: There are kinds of epoxy consist of one compound solidifies by the impact of air and the other three types Resin, Hardener, and fillers.

Note: Make sure to close the cans after taking the appropriate amounts so as not to spoil them by keeping them in normal temperatures.

4. Pour the processed epoxy into the required areas and distribute evenly on the ground. Use a soft brush roller to cover the ground evenly. Make sure that the appearance and finishing should be as flat and smooth as possible.

5. Apply the three-dimensional image you have chosen in order to give an amazing fantasy design to the floor of the pool.

6. You would better use thin layers of the two types of adhesive, then apply the picture on the ground by epoxy and start to drain the air located under the picture to get a flat image and a smooth surface. (The floor should be clean and free of impurities to get a flawless picture.)

7. Wait 24 hours to allow the work done to dry.

8. Mix a transparent epoxy paint for 5 minutes using an electric drill and then leave it for three minutes to stabilize.

9. Pour the transparent epoxy over the photo and distribute it to every part of the floor evenly to make a layer with a thickness of 4 mm.

10. Use a roller divisive of air to remove air bubbles in order to install the image on the ground properly.

11. In the end, you will get a transparent and beautiful image.

12. After 10 days you will get a solid, robust and scalable platform.

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How to maintain and clean 3D flooring for swimming pools:

we recently shared an article about How to maintain 3D epoxy flooring, Don't miss it!
Here we will explain the ways to clean the 3D epoxy floors at the bottom of the swimming pools, and what are the hand tools or any other tools that to be used in the cleaning and the most suitable periodic cleaning schedules.
3D flooring with epoxy coating for pools

1- External places should be prevented by chemical exposure, and that is a very important point.
2- Avoid the heavy loads and the direct impact that require a heavier build or thicker floor system.
3- Avoid thermal shocks, it is an important precaution that must be considered. Thermal shocks; such as steam cleaning of the floor surface will cause a loss of bond from thermal expansion if the floor system is not chosen properly.
4- You better specify a floor coating system.
5- For internal places, wet mopping and drying are typically the only upkeep needed to avoid the buildup of dirt particles on and inside internal places.

We are looking forward to knowing about your opinion of this new technology to cover floors or post designs you might be implementing or enjoying with in your world. We recommend you the 3D epoxy pool flooring as the trendiest and the best available in the meantime.
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Advantages of 3D pool flooring:

3D flooring technology offers you many features that you will not find in any other flooring type:
1- You will have a 3D flooring design that never fades.
2- Freedom of choice in any landscape or design of the flooring.
3- Environmentally friendly flooring for commercial and industrial buildings.
4- Ease of maintenance, restoration, and change, unlike other products.
5- A strong, solid, non-slip and easy to clean.
6- It has a very long life compared to other types of paints.
7- It will make a comprehensive change to your garden.

3D epoxy pool flooring prices - how does it cost?:

It’s our pleasure to offer you a great variety of services at the most affordable price range. Today, 3D epoxy flooring price range starts from 100$ up to 550$ per 1 m2. This cost includes materials, chosen pattern (3D image, the cost of paint ...), base preparation, and installation work.

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