Decorative 3D epoxy flooring design images for living rooms 2019

For every person it is natural to strive to see their housing comfortable and stylishly furnished. However, the interior design often has to find a compromise between functionality and an attractive appearance. 3D epoxy floors are one of the most fashionable novelties among construction coatings. This option allows you to create a truly unique interior in your house or apartment.

did you see the artistic designs of 3D flooring on facebook pages? why not you get a 3D epoxy floor image in your living room flooring? read this article to learn how to install 3D epoxy flooring design image in your home.

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Best 3D epoxy flooring design images for living room 2019

3D epoxy flooring overview

In previous publications, we have learned how to install 3D epoxy floor , which materials are used , have become acquainted with the technology of pouring polyurethane.
Let's talk in this article about 3D epoxy floor designs. We learned their composition, as well as figure out how to choose the right epoxy self-leveling floors.

Of all types of self-leveling floors, 3D epoxy floor have the most beautiful appearance with a smooth shiny surface resembling glass, At the same time they are much less sensitive to the microclimate in the room in which the pouring is performed, than, for example, polyurethane ones. They are not afraid of drafts, temperature drops and rising humidity, also it have excellent adhesion to the concrete base and can even off its minor defects.

To reduce the cost of epoxy floors perform the underlying layer filled with quartz sand. The face layer is covered with a special wear-resistant varnish.

As a front layer of epoxy floors can be used a decorative coating with the inclusion of chips (particles of paint), flocks (elements of different shapes from polymeric materials) or sparkles of different colors.

3D flooring for living room are widely used in the repair of modern apartments. Due to its high aesthetics, hygiene and ease of cleaning, 3d flooring images can be more often found in hallway and bathrooms. Often, such a floor becomes a real interior decoration.

Latest 3D flooring design images for living rooms.

Despite the fact that in the living room the flood floor is not as common as in other rooms, there is a huge selection of suitable patterns of 3d flooring for living room. You can create an abstract composition, experiment with a spectacular image of animals, pick up pictures with an evening city or picturesque landscapes. A bold decision would be to create an optical illusion on the floor.

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50 Modern living room interior remodeling ideas for Indian homes

Repair or reconstruction of the living room is always a difficult task. A common room for the whole family often carries a serious functional load - it is not only a room for rest and relaxation after a busy day, but also a space for organizing meetings with friends and family, holding celebrations and business meetings at home. Among other things, the living room often combines the working area of ​​the office or space for creativity, a library or a game segment. But the most common combination of living room comes from the kitchen and dining area. so,we will talk about modern living room remodeling ideas in this article.

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modern living room interior design remodeling ideas pop ceiling design for hall 2019

Modern living room interior remodeling ideas

The main trend in 2020 is the desire for environmental friendliness. In today's world, people are tired of continuous synthetics, a constant flow of information, fast rhythm and stressful situations, so we are drawn to natural materials and calm shades. For living room decoration ideas, designers advise to surround the apartment with details of natural origin, natural motifs.
Another prerequisite for lovers of fashion trends is simplicity on the verge of minimalism. This year it is advised to remove the magnificent decorative elements, foreign parts and things, without which you can do in the interior.

When they call the modern living room interior design, they can mean several directions at once - from minimalism to industrial and fusion. Give preference to modern materials and technologies. Designers advise for a change to pay attention to the knitted details, textured wallpaper, upholstered velvet.

In accordance with the recommendations of designers, we can say that among the living room furniture design ideas you should pay attention to the following options for the living room 2020:

- Exquisite furniture; 
- Sofas in eclectic style; 
- Padded stools with knitted upholstery; 
- Open shelves and cabinets; 
- Headsets in the form of modules.

If we talk about materials, this year they choose wooden, cork, bamboo, marble objects.

Latest living room interior design ideas

Modular corner kitchen cabinets for small kitchen designs 2019

The issue of arranging kitchen space often causes many problems and contradictions. Each hostess dreams of making her working area as comfortable, functional and, of course, beautiful as possible - you should agree that in such an atmosphere it is much more pleasant to cook favorite dishes for the whole family. Today, one of the leading positions is occupied by corner kitchen design, which have many variants of execution. In our article we will look at various ideas of how a modular small kitchen design can be, as well as the possibilities of its functional filling.

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modular small corner kitchen design ideas 2019
modular small corner kitchen design ideas 2019

Modern corner kitchen cabinets for small kitchens.

Small kitchen design ideas are compact and functional: even with the simplest design, they are able to surprise with their unexpected decisions. The use of corner areas with the placement of capacious storage systems makes it possible in the best way to keep the space of a small room free. Small kitchen cabinets design can be found in studio apartments and even fairly solid premises of private houses, as they provide the opportunity to organize a large area with an overall dining table where you can not only eat, but also celebrate with friends.

For small kitchen design ideas there are many colors and materials. These can be colorful purple, yellow, green headsets with plastic or MDF fronts or decorated with photo prints. You can choose a more relaxed tone wooden canvases, giving orderliness and elegance of the setting.

The choice depends more personal preferences of the owners, as well as the styling of the room. Today there are a lot of adherents of the minimalist direction, who prefer to see the strict laconic design of the headset in white colors with glossy facades and built-in appliances. Of course, for modular small kitchen design this option is often the most acceptable, as it allows you to visually expand the space.

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In conclusion, we invite you to visit the photo gallery, where we tried to collect a variety of small kitchen design ideas. Here they are presented in various style directions, color palettes and differ in functionality. Enjoy watching!

Best modular small corner kitchen design ideas 2019

Top 50 POP ceiling design for hall, false ceiling designs for living room 2019

The pop false ceiling design is one of the most difficult, but interesting tasks during the renovation of an apartment. In this article we will tell you how not to get confused in the variety of design options, think out the lighting correctly and design the design so that it will eventually become a bright final chord for your updated interior.

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latest POP design for hall plaster of paris false ceiling design ideas for living room 2019
latest POP design for hall plaster of paris false ceiling design ideas for living room 2019

Modern POP false ceiling designs for living rooms

When planning the pop ceiling design for living room, it is worth considering the functional purpose of the rooms, the placement of furniture in them, and the decoration of the walls. This will help to properly zone the space and save you from errors. Interesting ideas for each type of room are presented in the photo gallery.

Pop design for hall - the perfect idea for ceiling. Volumetric plasterboard ceilings will be a good addition to any style. Aristocratic Victorian, gentle Provence, elegant classics emphasize symmetrical vaults, arches and stucco. Plasterboard beams can be attached to a cheerful country loft or a spacious loft. For a restrained modern or laconic Japanese style, strict geometric shapes will do.

If you place the upper tier of the ceiling in the center in a narrow frame of the lower level, the living room will appear higher and lighter. But at the same time, it is worthwhile to abandon the hanging chandelier in favor of a wide flat canopy.

40 Modern stair railing ideas - Best staircase safety grill design 2019

Do you need a safety grill design? any design is inevitably associated with the need to choose the right rail. This important structural element affects not only the level of safety of the entire structure, but also forms the appearance and staircase design. Ways of execution of stair railing ideas. They may differ in material production, shape, size, filling level, design and presence of decor. In order for the whole staircase grill design to be safe, practical, aesthetic and harmoniously fit into the interior of the dwelling, the choice of railings must be approached with particular care. We offer you to be inspired by the stair railing ideas of a wide variety of designs and materials of execution using the example of our large-scale photo collection.

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modern stair railing ideas iron safety grill design for staircase
modern stair railing ideas iron safety grill design for staircase

modern stair railing ideas

According to unspoken rules, railings for stairs are required where the structure exceeds three steps.There are many stair railing ideas of any shape and size: from carved wooden or forged metal balusters to glossy glass panels. And they can be contrasting or, conversely, inconspicuous, made of wood, glass or metal.

Currently, metal staircase grill design can be safely called the most popular method of execution of this element of the safety grill design. The benefits of metal products are obvious;strength,durability,reliability,high wear resistance,resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations,high fire safety,ease of care,wide range of design possibilities,a large variation in pricing policy (depending on the selected material).

35 Modern bedroom wardrobe design, wooden cupboards catalog

The wardrobe is a necessary furniture in the house, especially modern bedroom cupboards, where you want to place a maximum of clothes, personal hygiene items, cosmetics, jewelry, bedding, as well as cute accessories, family photos and mirrors.
Due to the limited space, it is necessary to choose the right bedroom cupboard design, size, shape, color, texture to complement the existing interior, do not overload the atmosphere and fit everything you need in it.

The newest bedroom furniture design catalog with modern bedroom cupboard design ideas and wooden wardrobe interior designs 2019

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latest modern bedroom cupboard design ideas wooden wardrobe interior design 2019
latest modern bedroom cupboard design ideas wooden wardrobe interior design 2019

The modern bedroom cupboards can save up to 20% of free space and use non-functional wall openings or niches. When choosing, it is worth examining the edge, which should be solid, unharmed and 1 mm thick. Between the edge of melamine and PVC is better to choose the second option. It is very convenient to have LED lighting inside the cabinet.

Modern bedroom wardrobe design ideas

Wooden wardrobe design can be decorated with columns or frescoes. Borders and the mosaic made of a tree of different breeds are demanded. This design will be originally combined with the traditional interior, and continue the overall style of the room.

For those apartment owners who follow fashion trends, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with modern solutions in the wooden cupboard designs for bedroom. Modern styles are different from other styles in that they are intertwined with light and dark colors. If you have a small bedroom, combine rich colors with a light gamut: black-and-white models are on sale, variants of dark and light wood species.

Wooden bedroom cupboard design images 2019

The collection of photos that we have compiled for you will help you to get modern bedroom cupboards and wooden cupboard designs for bedroom. enjoy watching!!

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+50 Modern dining table designs - home furniture design ideas

 A spacious dining table will decorate modern dining room interior design , which will be a pleasure to gather for all your friends and relatives. And even in a small room, a modern dining table design will cope with this task, which reveals its full potential of hospitality only when necessary. The modern dining table design images given in the article below are evidence of this.

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latest modern dining table design ideas dining room interior furniture design sets 2019
latest modern dining table design ideas dining room interior furniture design sets 2019

Modern dining room decor

Modern dining room interior design, as can be seen in the photo of 2019, is often dictated by the style and composition of the kitchen and living room, as modern ideas imply that these spaces directly interact and flow into each other. Therefore, if the country is dominated by an apartment, the dining area is unlikely to be a baroque sample. In such a dining room, in extreme cases, features of Provence or Russian style will be traced. In the portfolio of the Home Interiors Bureau , in addition to design projects of canteens that are classic, non-standard solutions of dining areas are also widely represented.

Placing a dining table in a room is quite a standard interior design option. Of course, a lot depends on its size. In a modern dining room interior design, a large and spacious modern dining table design is likely to fit; most likely, it will be designed for a number of people from two to six. At such a table, so much welcome guests, as they eat breakfast / lunch / dinner in a small family circle or more guests. In addition, it can be used as a kitchen table for cooking. For the reception of guests dining table can be used if there is a sufficient amount of space. Otherwise, it is better to put a table in the kitchen somewhere in the corner so that it does not interfere, and if necessary, bring it into the hall.

Latest modern dining table design ideas 2019

The collection of photos that we have compiled for you will help you delve into the topic of modern dining table design,modern dining room interior design and dining room furniture sets. Enjoy watching!

Top 50 Modern corner sofa set design for living room furniture sets

Everyone knows that Italy is the birthplace of people who value comfort, comfort and extravagance above all. It was the representative of this amazing country that was able to give the world the first modern sofa set design. Designer Antonio Citterio approached the creation of furniture in an original way, combining practicality, unusual shapes and functionality. Modular designs are perfect for those who do not like boring monotony in the interior, who want to beautifully zone a room into two separate zones, as well as owners of small spaces where you need to effectively place accents.

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modern corner sofa set design ideas for living room furniture design sets 2019
modern corner sofa set design ideas for living room furniture design sets 2019

Corner Sofa design options

This non-standard type of living room furniture design has its own distinctive characteristics. One of the main features is considered an unusual design. It is not created from a single element, but from a whole group of individual objects. They can be poufs, tables, chairs, sofas. Such an original variation makes the living room furniture design more stylish.

Another important characteristic is the possibility of individual collection of a corner sofa design. The customer can choose any components that will create exactly the sofa, which harmoniously fit into the room. For example, living room furniture design often consist of a soft zone and seating area , bedroom furniture includes a niche for storing sleeping clothes, kitchen designs include chair elements and an additional storage system for items.

A good option to diversify the kitchen or living room. Such a corner sofa design consists of different elements, which are formed into an angular form. The backs on such modular products may or may not be present. They are usually located in the corner of the room.

Latest modern corner sofa set design images 2019

Our collection of photos will show you different types of modern sofa set designs, as well as their undeniable influence on the creation of comfort, comfort and style in the design of any room. Enjoy watching!

Best 40 Modular kitchen cabinets for small kitchen designs 2019

Many people mistakenly think that only a big kitchen can be cozy. In fact, even a small space can be arranged in a spacious, comfortable and functional room. To properly have an organized modular kitchen design for small kitchens is enough to know the basic rules for choosing a headset. This will help to visually expand the existing square meters, beautifully place accents, highlight the working area, as well as emphasize the individual characteristics of the room. Our article will help you determine the choice of the desired headset for a small kitchen design.

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modular kitchen design ideas for modern small kitchen 2019
modular kitchen design ideas for modern small kitchen 2019

Small kitchen design options

Before you start choosing your favorite decorative items, soft corners, small kitchen cabinets and other elements for the kitchen, you should be familiar with the basic types of planning. The most successful options for a small kitchen design are angular and single-row construction. Each of them fits easily into a small space, leaving enough free space for the dining area.

Experts believe that one of the best options for a small kitchen design is a set with fronts made of MDF material that can be combined with enamel, acrylic or plastic. Such a coating gives a beautiful glossy shine, and skillfully hides small spots, fingerprints and water drops.

Latest modular kitchen cabinet design images 2019

The collection of photos that we have compiled for you will help you delve into the topic of optimizing a small space, and will vividly show options for layouts, facades, and headsets in the interior of a wide variety of modular kitchen design for small kitchens. Enjoy watching!

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Decorative stone wall designs - home wall decoration ideas

As the most durable and reliable material, stone is used for construction, probably since the appearance of the first people on Earth. From it are laid out the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China, megalithic structures of the Mayan civilization, ancient temples and medieval fortresses.
Only a hundred years ago, only wealthy owners could afford stone houses - the rest were content with clay and wooden huts. And now, despite the huge variety of building materials, the use of natural sandstone, granite, marble in the home interior wall decoration is a sign of elitism.

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decorative stone wall design home interior wall decoration ideas 2019
decorative stone wall design home interior wall decoration ideas 2019

Home interior wall decoration trends

In one form or another, stone wall decoration ideas can be seen anywhere: they are decorated with houses, apartments, offices, cafes, train stations and administrative buildings. In dry rooms, raised artificial sandstone, shell rock, cobblestone, slate are more common, and in wet and crowded areas - smooth “polished” granite, marble, and glazed brick bricks.

The energy of the decorative stone wall design, brings into the house a feeling of a certain stability, tranquility and peace. Perhaps, on a subconscious level, it is associated with reliable walls of a fortress protecting against enemies or constancy of a native hearth.

Even the hallway, living room, kitchens or any other room in the interior, decorated with stone wall decor, is a bit like the cozy streets of ancient European cities. It immediately felt the excellent taste of the owners of the house.

Decorative stone wall design ideas 2019

In the photo selection below, you will see how you can still use a stone wall decoration ideas in the interior. The picture gallery includes the most interesting decorative stone wall designs.

Top 50 modern living room interior design trends - new ideas 2019

competently modern living room interior design in the apartment - not an easy task. Many people trust this process to experienced designers, whose services are, frankly, not cheap. Knowing some of the principles of the formation of the situation and choosing the most appropriate in spirit style, it is possible to come up with a design yourself and make your idea a reality. In our article we will look at how a living room interior design ideas in an apartment can be and what needs to be taken into account during registration.

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modern living room interior design ideas latest hall wall decoration 2019
modern living room interior design ideas latest hall wall decoration 2019

Planning the living room interior design

When planning the hall interior design, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all family members and to organize the space in such a way that everyone has their own cozy corner here. Also, an important point is the choice of style, which must match the design of other rooms. Agree, it would be absurd to look like a living room in a classic style, adjacent to a minimalist kitchen or hallway. In the modern living room interior design, despite their size and shape, there are some general rules of design, which should be followed in order not to end up with an uncomfortable fancy little room.

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Modern living room wall decoration ideas

The living room decoration ideas in the style of minimalism is significantly different restraint decoration and furnishings. Here excessive decoration is inappropriate - it gives way to brevity and functionality. This area is perfect for halls of any size, suggesting a monochrome color scheme (white, beige, ash, etc.), good lighting, minimal furniture and maximum expansion of space both at the visual level and at the practical by eliminating interior partitions. The finishing materials of the walls are liquid wallpaper or painting, decorative plaster and wall panels made of plastic, wood. It is desirable to choose furniture with a glossy surface; glass and mirror elements are relevant.

For a better acquaintance with various examples of living room interior design ideas in apartments, we have prepared a photo gallery, which contains pictures of the best design solutions. We hope the visual overview of the interiors will help you to make the hall interior design in your apartment stylish, cozy and as comfortable as possible. Enjoy watching

Modern home indoor plants decor ideas

Indoor plants decor vary in type, size, design style, plant type, and we will look at various ways to arrange home indoor plants. Without a doubt, flowers and living plants give the interior a natural charm and freshness of sensations. Flower arrangements not only enliven the atmosphere, but also become a stylish accent in the interior. There are many ways to introduce indoor plants decor into the interior of any home, even if you live in a house with limited living space. There is a huge variety of plants that are suitable for growing at home. They require constant care, watering and feeding, but the plants in the house will not allow dust to accumulate and the spread of allergens. In addition, home indoor plants are a great way to add vibrant accents to the interior or set the focus in the room.

Home indoor plants decor ideas

Creating a indoor plants decor begins with good planning. There are a number of questions that you need to consider when you want to set up home indoor plants . Regardless of whether you are planning a vertical garden, a living wall, a garden with herbs in the kitchen or a mini-garden, the right preparation and the right choice of plants, you should take care that nothing threatens your plants.

So we can get many types of home indoor plants which used in interior decoration with natural light: Dracaena, Cypress, Saintpaulias or Saintria, Anthurium, Spathiphyllum, Azalea, Mummily
and Lobivia
contemporary home indoor plants decor ideas 2019

Beautiful bathroom storage ideas and furniture design

The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, and towels, hygiene products, household chemicals and various small items should be placed in it. We will explain how to organize bathroom storage furniture with ease here.

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bathroom storage ideas towel storage furniture bathroom sink cabinet

Modern bathroom storage solutions

How to get bathroom storage ideas? In ordinary city apartments, this room, although such an important one, is not at all pleased with the size. Honestly: I am always surprised by the beautiful pictures from the articles, where they talk about storage in a small bathroom, and on the huge bookcase there is one candle on each shelf) Today I tried to collect bathroom towel storage ideas that can be used in the bathrooms of ordinary city apartments. So…

Regardless of whether you use the sink on a pedestal, stand, or in combination with a cabinet, try to subordinate each centimeter of space to your needs. Build in additional shelves, use baskets and hanging items, so as not to lose useful storage space and get bathroom sink vanity storage.

Think over competent system of shelves, use baskets and containers to organize bathroom storage furniture most effectively. Many little things can create real chaos, so divide things into groups: shower accessories in one container, household chemicals in another, towels on your shelf.

Latest bathroom storage furniture design - bathroom sink cabinets

Do not forget about the surface of the door: you can place a hanger for a hairdryer or mini shelves for different things on them.

Modern Home interior design ideas - New ideas 2019

For each person, a home is a place where it is pleasant to return after a busy day, where you want to spend time with your family, receive guests. That is why it is so important to make your home as comfortable, stylish and functional as possible. About what home interior design ideas 2019 should be noted for home or apartment arrangement, we will tell you in this article.

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Modern home interior design trends

Modern technologies allow using the projection of images to change the wallpaper on the walls whenever we want, at least several times a day to get a fashionable home decoration ideas 2019.

In the home interior design ideas 2019, try to avoid dark and abstract colors, like pictures. Choose bright colors to create a good mood, nice eye scenes that will bring joy to your life.

Latest Home furniture set design ideas

In accordance with the home decoration ideas 2019 , the furniture is quite simple, with clear geometric lines. Beds, sofas, armchairs have classic forms, without decorative elements. If it seems to you that the room, furnished with such furniture, looks too strict, add to the interior a couple of chairs with openwork backs, a round table with a chrome finish. Minor deviations from the general concept to get modern home interior trends will only add comfort to the room: multi-colored pillows; huge poster; family photos in neat metal frames.

Best home decoration ideas - living room and bedroom images

Best POP False ceiling design for living room - POP design for hall 2019

Thinking through the interior design, many people remember the ceilings as a last resort or don’t pay enough attention to this issue, choosing the simplest solution. Do not underestimate this part of the space, because the upper partition can be a bright accent in the room, creating an interesting composition. a modern solution that amazes with a variety of POP false ceiling design for living room options

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In the POP false ceiling design for living room, the choice of material is limited only by the budget and the style of the space. It may seem to someone that false ceiling design for living room is suitable only for a modern interior, but this is not so - the construction of plasterboard with monochromatic painting will perfectly fit into any design.

false ceiling design for living room pop design for hall
false ceiling design for living room pop design for hall

The combination of tension and plasterboard constructions is very popular In the POP false ceiling design for living room. This is an excellent basis for lighting when there is a massive chandelier in the center, and point sources of light are designed on the sides.

POP design for hall - false ceiling designs for living room - Latest images

The apartment, in which the large family lives, will surely come in handy surfaces with a high level of sound insulation - so as not to disturb the neighbors with a children's cry or noisy music.