Top 50 modern living room interior design trends - new ideas 2019

competently modern living room interior design in the apartment - not an easy task. Many people trust this process to experienced designers, whose services are, frankly, not cheap. Knowing some of the principles of the formation of the situation and choosing the most appropriate in spirit style, it is possible to come up with a design yourself and make your idea a reality. In our article we will look at how a living room interior design ideas in an apartment can be and what needs to be taken into account during registration.

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modern living room interior design ideas latest hall wall decoration 2019
modern living room interior design ideas latest hall wall decoration 2019

Planning the living room interior design

When planning the hall interior design, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all family members and to organize the space in such a way that everyone has their own cozy corner here. Also, an important point is the choice of style, which must match the design of other rooms. Agree, it would be absurd to look like a living room in a classic style, adjacent to a minimalist kitchen or hallway. In the modern living room interior design, despite their size and shape, there are some general rules of design, which should be followed in order not to end up with an uncomfortable fancy little room.

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Modern living room wall decoration ideas

The living room decoration ideas in the style of minimalism is significantly different restraint decoration and furnishings. Here excessive decoration is inappropriate - it gives way to brevity and functionality. This area is perfect for halls of any size, suggesting a monochrome color scheme (white, beige, ash, etc.), good lighting, minimal furniture and maximum expansion of space both at the visual level and at the practical by eliminating interior partitions. The finishing materials of the walls are liquid wallpaper or painting, decorative plaster and wall panels made of plastic, wood. It is desirable to choose furniture with a glossy surface; glass and mirror elements are relevant.

For a better acquaintance with various examples of living room interior design ideas in apartments, we have prepared a photo gallery, which contains pictures of the best design solutions. We hope the visual overview of the interiors will help you to make the hall interior design in your apartment stylish, cozy and as comfortable as possible. Enjoy watching

Modern home indoor plants decor ideas

Indoor plants decor vary in type, size, design style, plant type, and we will look at various ways to arrange home indoor plants. Without a doubt, flowers and living plants give the interior a natural charm and freshness of sensations. Flower arrangements not only enliven the atmosphere, but also become a stylish accent in the interior. There are many ways to introduce indoor plants decor into the interior of any home, even if you live in a house with limited living space. There is a huge variety of plants that are suitable for growing at home. They require constant care, watering and feeding, but the plants in the house will not allow dust to accumulate and the spread of allergens. In addition, home indoor plants are a great way to add vibrant accents to the interior or set the focus in the room.

Home indoor plants decor ideas

Creating a indoor plants decor begins with good planning. There are a number of questions that you need to consider when you want to set up home indoor plants . Regardless of whether you are planning a vertical garden, a living wall, a garden with herbs in the kitchen or a mini-garden, the right preparation and the right choice of plants, you should take care that nothing threatens your plants.

So we can get many types of home indoor plants which used in interior decoration with natural light: Dracaena, Cypress, Saintpaulias or Saintria, Anthurium, Spathiphyllum, Azalea, Mummily
and Lobivia
contemporary home indoor plants decor ideas 2019

Beautiful bathroom storage ideas and furniture design

The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, and towels, hygiene products, household chemicals and various small items should be placed in it. We will explain how to organize bathroom storage furniture with ease here.

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bathroom storage ideas towel storage furniture bathroom sink cabinet

Modern bathroom storage solutions

How to get bathroom storage ideas? In ordinary city apartments, this room, although such an important one, is not at all pleased with the size. Honestly: I am always surprised by the beautiful pictures from the articles, where they talk about storage in a small bathroom, and on the huge bookcase there is one candle on each shelf) Today I tried to collect bathroom towel storage ideas that can be used in the bathrooms of ordinary city apartments. So…

Regardless of whether you use the sink on a pedestal, stand, or in combination with a cabinet, try to subordinate each centimeter of space to your needs. Build in additional shelves, use baskets and hanging items, so as not to lose useful storage space and get bathroom sink vanity storage.

Think over competent system of shelves, use baskets and containers to organize bathroom storage furniture most effectively. Many little things can create real chaos, so divide things into groups: shower accessories in one container, household chemicals in another, towels on your shelf.

Latest bathroom storage furniture design - bathroom sink cabinets

Do not forget about the surface of the door: you can place a hanger for a hairdryer or mini shelves for different things on them.

Modern Home interior design ideas - New ideas 2019

For each person, a home is a place where it is pleasant to return after a busy day, where you want to spend time with your family, receive guests. That is why it is so important to make your home as comfortable, stylish and functional as possible. About what home interior design ideas 2019 should be noted for home or apartment arrangement, we will tell you in this article.

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Modern home interior design trends

Modern technologies allow using the projection of images to change the wallpaper on the walls whenever we want, at least several times a day to get a fashionable home decoration ideas 2019.

In the home interior design ideas 2019, try to avoid dark and abstract colors, like pictures. Choose bright colors to create a good mood, nice eye scenes that will bring joy to your life.

Latest Home furniture set design ideas

In accordance with the home decoration ideas 2019 , the furniture is quite simple, with clear geometric lines. Beds, sofas, armchairs have classic forms, without decorative elements. If it seems to you that the room, furnished with such furniture, looks too strict, add to the interior a couple of chairs with openwork backs, a round table with a chrome finish. Minor deviations from the general concept to get modern home interior trends will only add comfort to the room: multi-colored pillows; huge poster; family photos in neat metal frames.

Best home decoration ideas - living room and bedroom images

Best POP False ceiling design for living room - POP design for hall 2019

Thinking through the interior design, many people remember the ceilings as a last resort or don’t pay enough attention to this issue, choosing the simplest solution. Do not underestimate this part of the space, because the upper partition can be a bright accent in the room, creating an interesting composition. a modern solution that amazes with a variety of POP false ceiling design for living room options

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In the POP false ceiling design for living room, the choice of material is limited only by the budget and the style of the space. It may seem to someone that false ceiling design for living room is suitable only for a modern interior, but this is not so - the construction of plasterboard with monochromatic painting will perfectly fit into any design.

false ceiling design for living room pop design for hall
false ceiling design for living room pop design for hall

The combination of tension and plasterboard constructions is very popular In the POP false ceiling design for living room. This is an excellent basis for lighting when there is a massive chandelier in the center, and point sources of light are designed on the sides.

POP design for hall - false ceiling designs for living room - Latest images

The apartment, in which the large family lives, will surely come in handy surfaces with a high level of sound insulation - so as not to disturb the neighbors with a children's cry or noisy music.

Top jewelry storage ideas, boxes, stands and drawers

Which woman does not like to wear jewelry, especially if there is accessories storage boxes! And it does not matter whether it is expensive jewelry with precious stones or just good jewelry - it all depends on the image and the right outfit.

Usually, each of us has a lot of these favorite “treasures”. But it is reasonable to lay them all on the shelf or dressing table is quite difficult. For storing jewelry, most women use all kinds of caskets. But, if there is a lot of jewelry, it is difficult to quickly find the necessary thing.

 It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of treasure, one day you will surely decide to optimize the storage space for jewelry and bijoux. I want to present you a selection of creative jewelry storage ideas and jewelry storage drawers, and in the end I will share my experience and lifehacks.

the best ways to store your jewellery and accessories in your bedroom, with this idea book for jewelry storage ideas, boxes, stands and drawers

The editors of “3Dex Art” Selected fresh and original jewelry storage ideas for you, how to save your favorite jewelry is simple, beautiful, and most importantly, incredibly convenient in jewelry storage drawers!

jewelry storage ideas for small bedrooms

accessories and jewelry storage ideas boxes stands and drawers

Decorative Plaster Walls for interior wall decoration ideas 2019

Mineral Its basis is the most common cement (lime). The scope of application of
mineral decorative plaster walls has almost no restrictions. However, this type of decorative plaster walls has many drawbacks (otherwise nobody would be looking for the best solution, having limited it to mineral decorative plaster). So, it can crack if the walls are subjected to regular vibrations (repairs from neighbors, heavy traffic on the freeway, and the house is built in close proximity to it). Cracks may appear in the apartment, located in a new apartment building. Why is decorative plaster walls still widely used? The fact is that in comparison with other species, it costs mere pennies.

decorative plaster wall decoration ideas
decorative plaster wall decoration ideas

General option - acrylic decorative plaster walls . It can draw and walls inside the room, and the very facade of the building. The link is a water dispersion of acrylic resins. the main advantage of this type of decorative plaster walls, The fact is that it is not afraid of temperature drops,steam and can be used to decorate wet rooms. In addition,decorative plaster walls dries quickly and is not demanding on the preparation of the base surface. All this together makes acrylic plaster walls a practical choice for interior decoration.

Decorative plaster wall decoration ideas

decorative plaster walls incorporates hydrated lime and marble chips, thanks to which the finished surface will imitate natural marble, as in the photo. This finish is ideal for expensive, pompous interiors. It is better to entrust the finishing with such material to qualified specialists, since the plaster is applied with small strokes with a rubber trowel according to a certain technology. Depending on the type of application, a glossy effect can be obtained.

Women bedroom interior design trends 2019

Equipping the female bedroom interior design, we expect to get a comfortable and cozy room in which you can forget about all the problems and fully relax. It should be noted that the women bedroom decoration ideas in 2019 is based not only on fashion trends, but also on the needs of a person in a healthy deep sleep and high-quality rest. The bedroom is the most peaceful place in the apartment, where we spend a third of our time, it is an important element of the interior of all housing and should be in harmony not only with the inner world of the owners, but also with other rooms.

 women bedroom interior design and wall decoration ideas 2019
 women bedroom interior design and wall decoration ideas 2019

Female's bedroom interior design trends

To equip a female bedroom interior design is not an easy task, but very interesting. Any girl likes this process. They are happy to choose the shape and size of the bed, cabinets, bedside tables, dressing tables, dressing tables, curtains. They select colors for their room, accessories, decor and everything else about women bedroom design ideas that they consider necessary for their comfort. And they do it carefully and thoughtfully. Although there are, of course, women who do not bother much about this, but there are few of them. Most of the arrangement of its cozy nest gives women pleasure and joy.

In the female bedroom interior design is more likely to meet bright and bright shades. Although an excess of pink is also useless. But no one will blame the girl for the bedroom "flowered" in the Provencal style and the love of numerous wooden birds on the shelf.

The wardrobe in the female bedroom interior design should be larger than in the men's bedroom - and always with a mirror. It will not be very convenient for the hostess to choose an outfit for the evening, if after each change of clothes you have to run from the bedroom to the entrance hall with a full-length mirror .

Women bedroom decoration ideas

women bedroom decoration ideas can be designed in any of the styles. It is desirable to provide more lockers, drawers and shelves for cosmetics and accessories.

Corner wall shelves ideas for modern home interior design 2019

finding storage space is one of the main tasks that people face while thinking about home wall decoration ideas, and after it, too. Sometimes even in a large room it would be inappropriate to look like another bulky closet, but what if you need to place a collection of figures or a dozen books? Salvation in this situation -corner wall shelves, which will be discussed today.

modern corner wall shelves design home interior wall decoration ideas
modern corner wall shelves design home interior wall decoration ideas

This place is usually empty because of its impracticality, but the corner wall shelves not only rehabilitate the space, but also help to transform the interior. Fastening is made on two adjacent adjacent walls. In this case, not only the inner corner, but also the outer corner can be involved.

The variability of the design of the corner wall shelves depends more on the materials and decor, but even in itself this solution looks unusual. Most often the shelves are used for books or household items in the bathroom, as well as in the pantry rooms.

advantages of corner wall shelves.

One of the advantages of corner shelves design is that they will be appropriate in a different interior. For example:

-In the kitchen, corner wall shelves can be used for exposing decorative dishes or, it will be more functional if you put different cans of cereals or fruit on them.
-In the hallway you can force the shelves of various kinds of cosmetics.
-In the corridor. The corridor itself is not very lit. Therefore, on the corner wall shelves you can place a variety of lamps that will draw special attention to themselves.
-In the bedroom to place wall book shelves

Best wall niches designs with indirect lighting for living rooms 2019

In the conditions of small apartments, every centimeter of space becomes more valuable than ever. That is why the wall niches designs can be an effective tool for creating additional planes.

Modern wall niches designs are not just grooves. They take on different forms and acquire new and new functionality. In the niche area, you can build a comfortable bed, bookshelves, arrange equipment and other utility. Get ready for bold interior experiments on a modest area, because the wall niches designs will give you that opportunity.

modern interior wall niches design home wall decoration ideas 2019
modern interior wall niches design home wall decoration ideas 2019

Wall niche design ideas

Today, the wall niches lightning has come into fashion. It looks fascinating and allows you to save on electricity, because sometimes dim light in a niche is enough to create a soft evening lighting in the room.

We will tell you about the advantages of a wall niches designs , its varieties and features of use in various rooms

niche benefits.

The popularity of the wall niches designs is due to their indisputable advantages compared to standard sections and racks. The fact is that this design allows you to save precious centimeters, because it does not occupy the space of the room. At the same time, the number of items placed in the wall niche can be quite impressive.

In addition to storage, the wall niches designs are used for decorating the room. With the help of such recesses, the walls can be visually moved away, and the space can be expanded. Thanks to competent illumination of niches, the interior of any room is filled with a unique character and exquisite charm. 

Home wall niche lighting - home interior wall decoration ideas

In the wall niches it is convenient to place all kinds of equipment. In addition to the practical component, this approach will place emphasis on modern devices and highlight them.

Functional Room Divider Ideas for modern home interior designs

Hello! Thank you for visiting the pages of the blog “3Dex Art” ! Today I want to share with you a few room divider ideas, without erecting full-fledged walls. If you are the owner of a small apartment or studio apartment , you probably already have a difficult question about room dividing (this problem is especially relevant when working on the design of long and narrow rooms ).

interior home divider wall decoration ideas for living rooms 2019
interior home divider wall decoration ideas for living rooms 2019

Room divider wall ideas

 Often, a single room should perform several functions at once: here and the living room and a bedroom. We do not recommend our clients to build high-grade walls and thus create two or even three-room apartments from a small one. Natural light is our main ally when working on the design of small rooms, and dark rooms, closets, where the window does not penetrate, hardly contribute to comfortable rest and work. Room dividers look much easier and more interesting, the benefit of the options now available in many, and the rearrangement in the case of their use is not difficult.

Closer to nature.

Living plants in room wall divider designs create positive energy in the apartment, are suitable for any interior, look original and fresh! As a partition, you can install a special design in the form of a bookcase, put flower pots on a rack, or use large floor pots with tall plants.
Choose plants that do not require bright sun light.

light hint of the interior partition wall divider.

It would seem, from where so much attention to various ideas of interior home divider? For example, in this project - why not make the entire interior partition in the form of an ordinary wall? But just imagine, on the place of such an air structure made of thin wooden slats a standard wall:

- a small living room and a bed room will immediately become cramped, compressed walls on all sides of the rooms,

- the lighting of each of the selected rooms will become dim, you will lose the feeling of being filled with light and air,

-interior home divider make it easier to divide small spaces into many rooms.

Modern room divider idea catalog 2019

Best Bedroom wall designs- home interior wall decoration ideas 2019

In the bedroom, a person spends about a third of his life. It is quite logical that the room we use so often should be not only comfortable, but also stylish. Consider our bedroom wall design catalog. Everything about the choice of wallpaper, ceiling, furniture, curtains and other elements for the interior of this room.

Modern bedroom wall design - home interior decoration ideas

bedroom wall design

50 Space saving Corner Wardrobe Designs for small bedroom interiors 2019

The modern built-in corner wardrobe for the bedroom interior is considered an ideal option for standard apartments. Typically, the bedrooms are small in size and therefore you need to carefully cut out every inch to create a comfortable, stylish and main functional space.

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space saving corner wardrobe designs for small bedroom interiors 2019
space saving corner wardrobe designs for small bedroom interiors 2019

50 space saving ideas for how to use built in corner wardrobe designs in the small bedrooms for 2019 indian home interiors

+60 Modern Coffee table designs for living room interiors 2019

Modern Coffee table is an indispensable props in the home interior. So far, you can not find the right option, did you have any difficulties with the design? Let me offer you a real exclusive coffee table design catalog, which you can make yourself or use an unexpected object in return, and expensive models from stores let them continue to decorate the storefronts.

Another furniture piece in the living room set: Modern TV wall cabinets design catalog and Gypsum board wall designs for TV.

latest wooden coffee table design ideas for modern living room interiors 2019
latest wooden coffee table design ideas for modern living room interiors 2019

An overview of modern coffee table design options, coffee table materials and wooden coffee table catalogue for 2019 Indian home interiors and living rooms

+70 Luxury bedroom interior designs: Live in a hotel room!

Our life flows without stopping. It seems that some people have a pace even half as fast. At the end of the day, I want to get away from the bustle, lie down, rest. And if your bedroom was like a luxury bedroom interior in a hotel, would not you agree to take a longer break?

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modern luxury bedroom interior design catalogue 2019 for Indian homes
modern luxury bedroom interior design catalogue 2019 for Indian homes

Luxury bedroom interior design catalogue

This opportunity can not be overlooked. We offer you assistance in creating the atmosphere of a hotel room. What needs to be changed to get a luxury bedroom decor in your home? Yes, in principle, almost everything: lighting, wallpaper, curtains, bedspread. Let's start with the luxury bedroom lighting.