100 Dressing room ideas and wardrobe interior designs 2019

Today, the dressing room is not just a wardrobe; it's a whole trend in interior design, over which many talented professionals work. Modern wardrobe rooms help to simplify the task of storing your belongings, making the most of your free space. In this subject, we are going to talk about modern dressing room designs and wardrobe interior design ideas in details, and we will offer the latest dressing room design ideas and dressing room organization ideas.

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latest dressing room designs 2019 catalogue
latest  modern dressing room designs

Dressing Room Design Ideas for modern homes

The internal filling in such rooms has grown from a simple cabinet into a separate room with a separation of zones and a thoughtful layout. To find the right thing in a properly planned dressing room - just open a section or drawer. On the mezzanine can provide shelves for rarely used things, such as suitcases, and below make a compartment for storing the vacuum cleaner, this again saves space in the apartment. Usually, there is an additional place for changing clothes in addition to the storage shelves. Must be a thoughtful modern lighting, perhaps LED lighting shelves and niches. There must be a mirror, and maybe a mirror wall panel, an island with a glass countertop under which you can see the contents of the upper crates of the island.

As already mentioned above, the basis of the dressing room in the modern style is its filling. The fittings with modern mechanisms should be used to achieve the most convenient storage. Everything should be divided into functional areas for ease of searching for the necessary thing. Pantographs or elevators, boxes with closers of companies such as Blum or Harn, corner bars, hanging, net baskets for linen, all this is necessary for a modern dressing room.

30 Small corner dressing table designs for bedrooms 2019

Dressing table is known since ancient times. Even then the beauties prinked up, sitting in front of the mirror, and on the table in front of them were lovely women's boxes, caskets and bottles.

A new small dressing table design catalog for modern bedroom furniture sets, and new corner dressing table ideas for maximize the space of the room 2019 designs

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small corner dressing table designs ideas for modern bedroom interiors 2019
small corner dressing table designs ideas for modern bedroom interiors 2019

What is dressing table in the bedroom needed for?

Of course, we can say that this subject of furniture art is not absolutely binding now. One can complain that the rhythm of the life of modern ladies does not involve a long seat in front of the mirror. But even they somewhere need to store their lovely trinkets, jewelry box, jars of creams, a bottle of perfume and a cosmetic bag.

Best bathroom color ideas and trends 2019 - 100 paint & tile design

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The bathroom is a special room. Although we do not spend much time here, it is difficult to overestimate its importance, because without this room a comfortable existence cannot simply be. It is here that everyone deals with hygiene procedures that are part of everyone's life. Moreover, for girls and women, this is a kind of SPA salon where they can relax, clean up themselves, take a contrast shower or a hot bath with foam and various oils.

100 hall & Living room curtain design ideas and trends 2019

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hall and Living room curtain design ideas and trends 2019

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Successfully matched material for the kitchen backsplash can save the most ordinary interior. In fact, the kitchen backsplash in the interior design is just as subtle as the textiles. And in order not to make a mistake with him, gather all the materials that are in your kitchen - samples of facades, countertops, wallpaper, painting of walls, flooring - and already being guided by these stocks, proceed with the choice of the backslash itself. Also, a great role is played by the furnishings - a dining table with chairs, lamps, decor elements. And only when you have a complete picture of the kitchen interior, you can safely embark on the concept of a backsplash. But first, answer yourself a number of questions. What effect do you want to achieve: make the backsplash an accent or leave it invisible? If all the same an accent, then how exactly: using material or color?

kitchen backsplash ideas and design trends 2019

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Dropped ceiling light box, as we would like to think, are the most adaptable, appealing, contemporary and valuable of all lights to use in the modern house as most enable you to point and direct the projection and bearing of light. Mostly they do require the expulsion of at any rate a portion of the ceilings or floor. In this subject, we are going to talk about dropped ceiling light box, its pros, and cons and we also will discuss drop box ceiling designs in the second part from this subject. Go!

Dropped ceiling light box, false ceiling designs, pop design 2019

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Extra wide Roman shades for large windows:

Large windows - a new trend in the architectural industry, which won the attention of many designs. 
They create a feeling of incredible lightness, they give a lot of light. But among other things, they need an effective and functional decor, which will not weigh their appearance and will be an effective protection against direct sunlight during the hot season.

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Today, a panel on the wall with a beautiful view of the sea is, of course, beautiful, but nothing more. The modern buyer demands more, therefore manufacturers by means of innovative technologies have tried to recreate such clothes which simply immerse in an illusion of improbable and very realistic beauty. As you may have guessed, today we will talk about 3d wallpaper for walls.
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The ceiling with beams brings a sense of home comfort and warmth to the interior of living spaces. Regardless of whether the beams are structural features of the room or perform an exclusively decorative function, the design of such a space is transformed. The ceiling with the beams, executed in contrasting with the entire surface of the ceiling color solutions will attract attention, create a special optical effect of the interior. But even the elements of the ceilings, painted in one tone with the ceiling, will not be left without attention. Due to its structural and distinctive texture, the ceiling beams made of wood or other materials become an outstanding element of any interior.

Types of Bathroom ceiling - false ceiling design ideas for modern homes 2019

Which bathroom ceiling design to install? This question naturally comes to mind when carrying out repairs in this room. In fact, it would be desirable and beautifully to make, both it is strong, and it is modern. In this subject, we will tell you how to do this because we introduce some of bathroom ceiling designs and what ceiling to choose for this room, taking into account its requirements.

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modern bathroom ceiling design false ceiling designs 2019
modern bathroom ceiling design false ceiling designs 2019

100 wall Tapestry ideas and hanging for all rooms

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wall Tapestry ideas, wall hanging ideas, how to hang a tapestry

Interior decoration with exquisite and practical textiles is one of the finishing touches that allow creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere of a home.
To give the design of the room a special charm will help the exquisite wall tapestries - textiles with a unique weave of threads. The original ornament, exclusive drawing or plot picture on the fabric can change the whole character of the interior of the room, give it a tone or soothe the atmosphere.
The use of tapestries to decorate dwellings is rooted in a deep history, at times when canvases with original weaving were made exclusively by hand, required expensive raw materials and plenty of master's time. Not surprisingly, the finished products were very expensive and only the well-off people could afford such decor for their home.

New modern living room design ideas trends 2019

The best designs for your living room 2019 and new modern living room ideas 2019 with modern furniture to make unusual and stylish living space and how to choose the best modern living room colors

New modern living room design ideas 2019

Modern Living room lighting ideas for false ceilings and walls 2019

In creating the interior of the living room, it is important to important to know the modern living room lighting ideas such as indirect lighting ideas for living room, living room false ceiling lights, False ceiling led lighting and wall LED lights for the living room. This helps to harmonize the design items in the living room and highlight the sectors if you want to accentuate them. How to correctly make the lighting in the living room and we will reveal in this thread.

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false ceiling LED lights and POP wall lighting for modern living room interiors 2019

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

Modern living room lighting ideas allow you to make the room beautiful, it became fashionable to place pictures with illumination in the living room, which you could see earlier in the picture galleries. To properly illuminate the living room there are luminaires of the overhead type, which can be of different colors and contrast.

Best 50 Makeup room designs, Ideas, tables and organization tips 2019

Women's put makeup morning and evening, try on ornaments and flirt in front of a mirror. Makeup room - a local women's kingdom, which you can get even in a small bedroom and firmly know that this space belongs only to her.

Choosing the right design for the makeup room and the makeup room organization will help you understand what is required personally for you. 

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In this article we are going to discuss makeup room ideas as it becomes a dream for every woman, we will also offer a collection of makeup room designs to choose your style.

Modern makeup room designs ideas organization for homes 2019
Modern makeup room designs ideas organization for homes 2019

Decoration tips to set up your own makeup room

In this section, we will tell you some of the Makeup room ideas with recommendations from specialists.
The colors white and gray generate a neutral base that adapts very well to any style.
With the intention of giving the room that chic and elegant style, we make sure to use a sufficiently neutral color base so that the furniture and decoration adapt to the room. The wardrobe is framed with a gray border that helps us to integrate it with the predominant colors giving special importance to this space, also one of the walls we have painted it with gray and white stripes giving it an original and different touch.