22 Modern living dining room combo design ideas 2018

It is often difficult to decorate a room for different purposes. Each area should be clearly defined and visually appealing. Otherwise, your home might seem chaotic and not ordered. To decorate a living room with dining area as two separate rooms or as it called living dining room design, but with common elements such as colors, fabrics and patterns, would be the ideal solution. Today we give you some tips, suggestions and living dining room ideas with dining area in perfect harmony. Let yourself be inspired!

expert tips on combining and separating living room dining room design, how to use light, furniture, paint colors and ceiling for separating a living dining room ideas, with 20 images of living dining combo designs and ideas

living room dining room ideas for separating

Tips on designing a living room dining room combo design

Paint all the walls in one color scheme, choose a color that is suitable for both areas. If the living room dining room combo area is small, choose a neutral color such as pastel yellow or sage green. Lay rugs on the floor and arrange them so that they visually define the living space as two separate areas. Place a rug under the dining room table and another under the coffee table. Both must have a similar pattern. In this way a smooth transition is guaranteed and both areas appear to be visually connected. You can also create a common line with lamps.

Modern gypsum board false ceiling designs, prices, installation

You bought a house or apartment that you need to renovate? the old ceilings are often very high and perhaps even damaged. It is thus necessary to plan to remake the ceiling and this step often passes by the creation of a false ceiling design for living room, bedroom kid's room or entrance. Suspended, fixed or stretched, it allows to lower the ceiling height, to better isolate and even to pass the electricity, it is the shock asset to renovate a house or an apartment. Prices, different types, coating, you'll know everything about it!

modern gypsum board design for false ceiling and wall for bedrooms 2108
modern gypsum board design for false ceiling and wall for bedrooms 2108
gypsum board is practical, affordable and aesthetically pleasing material. Therefore, gypsum board ceiling designs with a lining of this material are found almost in every modern interior. A variety of options for this kind of decoration allows you to decorate the room in any style. In particular, there are numerous types of plaster false ceilings, which we will consider in detail in this material.

full catalogue of gypsum board ceiling designs for 2018, plaster false ceiling designs for hall, living rooms, bedrooms, kid's rooms and kitchens
how to install a plasterboard ceiling and how much is the gypsum false ceiling price?

How to get 3D epoxy flooring in your bathroom in detail?

A complete guide to installing self-leveling epoxy painted floor in your bathroom design, ways to get a 3D flooring in your home, Design options of 3D bathroom floor murals you can opt for and a collection of 3D epoxy flooring designs of the year 2018

3d bathroom floor art design, 3d epoxy flooring
3d bathroom floor art design, 3d epoxy flooring
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Ultimate Guide for changing bathroom design:

Bathrooms are one of the most usable and changeable corners of the house due to their nature as they are exposed to moisture and water constantly, so bathrooms have a unique challenge among all the spaces in your house. Today we will mention how to give vitality to your own bathroom and toilet by using some designs which are suitable for the bathrooms, whether in the floors, walls or ceilings to get an amazing bathroom without any problem.

If you are planning to change the bathroom floors and walls, there are many types of bathroom designs you can use such as tiles, ceramics, and porcelain as these are the most popular types in the market, but their disadvantages appear over time, and the choice of colors and designs is limited which leads you to change the bathroom again, so you need to change your old bathroom design by using a fabulous design and find the best solutions to get a stunning bathroom.

3d flooring with epoxy paint makes your bathroom like ocean
3d flooring with epoxy paint makes your bathroom like ocean 

What is the best solution to get a unique bathroom flooring?

One of the most prominent techniques to find an attractive way to enhance the decoration of the bathroom is the Epoxy Coating Technology which is designed for conditions of the surface and tough environments. It is the most advanced technique in floor covering industry as it also gives you another feature which is 3D Epoxy Flooring and murals being designed in the best way to suit the bathroom as it has many advantages to be installed in various shapes and designs to transform the bathroom into a place which would be in your imagination.

By the 3D technology, designers today all over the world are combining the advantages of elegance, style and aesthetic designs that can be incorporated in the decoration of distinctive places easily as it contains all forms of decorative art.

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Latest false ceiling designs for living room and hall 2018

New ideas for false ceiling designs for living room and hall with best ceiling lighting ideas, how to choose suitable false ceiling design 2018 for your living room or halls, living room ceiling designs 2018 for any interior living room style

false ceiling designs for living room and hall 2018, modern ceiling designs 2018, ceiling lighting ideas, plasterboard ceiling

The living room in the house is very important. Here we meet with close friends and relatives, here we invite friends, colleagues and other people coming to our house on business. Here we just gather the whole family in front of the TV and spend free time together.

Therefore, the interior of the guest room should be given special significance. The living room should become the center of our house, so that a person who has come here should feel cheerful, and he feels calm and comfortable.
An important detail in the design of the guest is the ceiling design and ceiling lighting. 

false ceiling designs for living room and hall 2018, modern ceiling designs 2018, ceiling lighting ideas

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After all, the atmosphere in your room depends on it. You will not be saved either by high-quality expensive furniture or by beautiful fashionable wallpaper, if stucco is strewed on the head, instead of the chandelier there hangs a post with a bulb attached to it or there are defects in the floors that are available in almost every house.
And if before a smooth white surface above the head was the limit of dreams, now the ceiling design is almost the brightest element of the interior. It should be stylish and surprising with unusual shapes and colors.
If you decide to make repairs in your house or living room, it is not for you to look at the ceiling design for living room, photos of which you will find in the catalog.

The ceiling design in the living room is taken into consideration. In the hall on the walls, any flaws and defects can be hidden. Modern floor coverings have become such that it is difficult to spoil, in extreme cases on the floor you can lay anything, say, a patch in the patchwork technique. But with the ceiling, so it does not work, there you can not hide defects, and it will always be in sight. Especially since in the living room, you receive guests, and their first glance they involuntarily throw on the ceiling.

Tips for ceiling designs 2018 for living room or hall: