New 3D wallpaper designs for wall decoration in the home

How to decorate your home with 3D wallpaper for wall, One of the best 3D wall covering and texture for unique interior 2018, Top tips on how to choose suitable 3D wallpaper for a wall in your home, All types of 3D wallpaper types and how to install it?

3D wallpaper for the walls, Create in your apartment a time machine or a wall that erases distances. Now almost everything is in your power!

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d panoramic wallpapers

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Modern technology is not limited to the development of fashionable gadgets. Now 3D effects are full elements of the interior and entered our life under the name 3d wallpaper for walls.
At the height of popularity now there is a trend of using for wall decorations 2018 with the help of 3D wallpapers.

Despite the fact that 3D wallpaper for a wall is so little like the usual finishing materials, It is absolutely harmless.

Currently, three-dimensional wallpaper is successfully used not only to create a three-dimensional image in the cinema, television, architectural but also used in printed products to create 3D wallpaper on the wall.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, 3d wallpaper for bedroom

This is the newest design of the finishing wall covering, which is a picture applied to the canvas and when viewed visually creates an impression of the volume of the image.
3D wallpaper will create an inimitable and unique look in the interior home, as it is usually created by individual order, by 3D images of the customer's choice, even by a photo.
The peculiarity of 3D wallpapers is that the picture depicted on them seems to protrude into the space of the room from a perfectly flat wall.

This kind of 3D wall covering will give the nightlife its originality, as it is produced according to a single order.
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One of the main functions of 3D photo wallpaper for home is the expansion of space.
Help your home become bigger, and each day is brighter and more interesting.
Strengthen the effect of light fixtures with ultraviolet light. 3D wallpapers are very easy to use. The main requirement is a flat wall. It should not have old wallpaper, bulging block junctions, and other irregularities.

3d wallpaper designs, 3d wallpaper for walls, best 3d wallpapers

3D wallpaper for a wall is famous for its resistance to mechanical impact, water repellency and increased fire safety.

It is very convenient to use since they are cleaned with usual detergents.
The bottom of the ocean, the surface of the desert, the harmony of the forest or the rich nightlife of the metropolis - all this may now be closer to you.

It remains only to determine the goal: do you need relaxation or do you want to be constantly in tone? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery or feel like a part of a huge galaxy? Whatever you choose,

The 3D wallpaper will be able to satisfy you.

Modern 3d decorative wall panels and covering texture

All types of modern 3d wall panels for wall covering and texture and how to make 3d decorative wall panels, best eco-friendly materials for 3d wall panels installation, 3D PVC and 3D gypsum wall panels to make art wall design in your interior

Innovative types of interior design involve the use of the most modern finishing materials. 3d wall panels - an unusual and very effective look. Do you want to know more about it?

3d decorative wall panels, modern 3d wall panels, 3d wall art panels
Modern 3d decorative wall panels and covering, 3d wall art panels 
Modern 3d wall panels, largely due to the versatility and use in their manufacture of a rich variety of types, structures and all sorts of 3d effects, took a worthy place in the field of repair of interiors and covering the wall.

With 3D panels for walls, you can give any interior volume and in a short time completely change the style of the room.

It is this miracle of modern industry that will be discussed in this article,
we will try to answer the questions about:
What 3d wall panels are?
How and from what 3d panels are made?
What advantages of 3d panels for walls?
Of course, how to install 3D wall panels by their own hands?

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3d decorative wall panels, Modern 3d wall panels, 3d gypsum wall panels

The 3d wall panels are becoming increasingly popular with the decorative decoration of walls in the interior.
Due to its versatility, a huge selection of 3d wall textures, patterns and color solutions, Modern 3d panels for the wall will harmoniously fit into the interior of any style and design.

Let's look at how best to use bulky 3d panels to visually change the boundaries of the perception of space, create a sense of spaciousness, volume and the illusion of walls.

The possibilities of 3d decorative wall panels are almost unlimited. Practical and versatile, 3d panels can create in the interior a three-dimensional image of any complexity with original and unusual visual 3d effects.

Both standard and exclusive panels from renowned designers will help to realize any creative idea and make a unique interior.

DIY 3D stretch ceiling designs and Modern ceiling Art 2018

Diy 3D stretch ceiling system with 3d photo printing, 3d infinity ceiling stretch, 3D ceiling designs for a modern interior, What is the price of a 3D stretch ceiling? Top tips to install stretch ceiling art 2018

Your ceiling is dirty! damaged or irregular and it needs a hell of a youth? Opt for a 3D stretch ceiling! With a fast installation, it offers a particularly aesthetic rendering and allows you to benefit from very appreciable technical properties.

3D stretch ceiling, 3d ceiling design, 3d ceiling art, modern ceiling 2018
3D stretch ceiling designs Diy - Modern ceiling Art 2018

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For individuals who want to quickly restore a ceiling, even if it is the kitchen or the bathroom, and want an impeccable rendering or a decorative ceiling.
The stretch ceiling is also ideal for companies concerned about the visual quality of their premises, in the hall as in the offices.

Recently prescribers (architects and decorators) are fond of stretched ceilings because they become a support for creativity with unlimited perspectives (photos, motifs, typography ...).

3D stretch ceiling, 3d ceiling design, 3d ceiling art, modern ceiling 2018

What is the price of a 3D stretch ceiling?
How to place a project of ceiling tightening?
Who to contact for the installation of a stretch ceiling?
Do-it-Yourself works give you all the advice you need to carry out your 3D stretch ceiling installation project,
explains how to calculate the cost of a stretch ceiling according to your project and presents all the information about the price of a ceiling stretched to the m2.

3D stretch ceiling, 3d ceiling design, 3d ceiling art, modern ceiling 2018

What is a 3D stretch ceiling?

3D stretch ceiling, 3d ceiling design, 3d ceiling art, modern ceiling 2018

A stretched ceiling consists of a canvas stretched from wall to wall.
This fabric, made from PVC, is designed to be non-flammable. It is made to measure in the workshop according to the dimensions and the shape of the piece.
It is then fixed to "hangers" (specific hanging system) fixed all around the walls.
The fabric of the stretch ceiling is equipped with a harpoon line welded on its entire periphery.
The installers fix the canvas on installing on the walls of the room. These beams are visible or invisible.

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Why choose a 3D stretch ceiling?

Top 3D ceiling designs and murals on false ceiling 2018

Top Trends on how to turn your ceiling or false ceiling into art work by 3d ceiling designs, 3d ceiling mural, graphics, and 3d photo printing on the 3D ceiling designs 2018, 3d false ceiling design ideas for all rooms

3d ceiling mural, 3d false ceiling design ideas for living room
3d ceiling mural, 3d false ceiling design ideas for living room
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3d ceilings are in trend today:

 If only recently people were satisfied with single-color glossy, now boring ceilings are no longer pleasing to the eye, we want more.!

We need a masterpiece, a work of art etched over our heads. And this desire is not new at all. The desire to decorate the ceiling came down to us from the Middle Ages, and even earlier.
The decoration of his home with murals, paintings depicting the heavenly vault was the prerogative of a wealthy estate and now the ceiling picture is associated with the prosperity and well-being of the family.

Photo printing on 3d ceilings - this is exactly what diversifies our way of life, will give the room a coziness and its unique charm.

For a relatively small amount of money in an ordinary little room, you can customize an interior, which we only dreamed of when looking through glossy editions.

3d ceiling, false ceiling with photo printing, false ceiling 2018
3d ceiling, false ceiling with photo printing, false ceiling 2018
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Photo printing over the past decade has become a trend, and it is used in the design of the most expensive establishments, which will only emphasize their elitism.

Do you really need to visually increase the space of your room? 
Then the 3d ceiling with 3d photo printing of the blue sky and fluffy clouds floating on it will approach.
This will create the effect of unlimited space, ease, freedom. This topic is chosen by most of the guests of the 3DEX, so how to find a specific picture in the catalog we will tell on the example of the sky.

The realistic 3d effect on the ceiling has always been interesting for perception. Therefore, the 3d ceiling objects that imitate it are popular not only in cinema but also in other designs. Especially it concerns interior decoration.

3D false ceiling design is becoming more in order because of the magnificent 3d ceiling effects.

at 3DEX you will see 3d ceiling designs were designed in offices, clubs, cafes, restaurants or swimming pools.

But today 3d ceiling can be found in private apartments - houses and interior design. At the same time, the 3d photo printing on their ceilings is so realistic that it can make you surprise and hope design one in your house.

3d ceiling, false ceiling with photo printing, false ceiling 2018
3d ceiling, false ceiling with photo printing, false ceiling 2018
3d ceilings are now unthinkable popular in ِAmerica - United States, Europe, and Japan, gradually gaining their place in the Arabian market.

What just doesn't come up with to make original interior ceiling and not like everyone else, unique design or effect.
In the era of 3D technology, 3 D graphics, 3d photo printing came into Trend, with which they began to create a three-dimensional photo on walls and ceilings.
Simple photo printing of the starry sky on a stretch ceiling doesn't seem so refined, 3DEX want to feel a complete immersion in the unlimited space, and stunning effect with 3d ceiling or false ceiling with 3d photo printing.
Moreover, this effects will not hit you wallet too much :) , at least not more than money

The 3d ceiling designs are unusual :

3d ceiling mural, false ceiling design with photo printing 2018
3d ceiling mural, false ceiling design with photo printing 2018
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Today, this is the usual design for all interior design and public buildings.
The ceiling can be tightened with fabric have a variety of colors and textures.
But a completely different technology is a 3D ceiling photo printing effects for false ceiling designs 2018.

The 3d Ceiling help expands space, make it "alive", cause pleasure and even surprise from Stretch ceilings are no longer unusual. Today, this is the usual design for many residential and public buildings. The ceiling can be tightened with fabric or polyvinyl chloride material, have a variety of colors and textures. But a completely different technology is a stretch cloth with a 3D effect. Such products help expand space, make it "alive", cause delight and even surprise from the meditation of 3d ceiling designs, effects, and materials.

The term "three-dimensional photo printing" means that the picture does not look flat, but solid. I'd like to touch it before and to consider such a ceiling can be a long time, finding new facets and features in the 3d false ceiling technology.

A special effect is the connection of a three-dimensional photo printing with multilevel ceilings.

What do you know about 3d ceiling false design 2018 :

How to make 3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling floor

What is 3d bathroom floor,  and how to make 3d self-leveling floor in the bathroom step by step to install 3d epoxy flooring in your bathroom, 3d bathroom floor designs murals

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy
3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling flooring, 3d epoxy floors
The 3D bathroom floor is a seamless floor covering, usually consisting of three main components - a base layer, a three-dimensional image and a finishing layer.

The 3d self-leveling floors in the bathroom are extremely unusual because when viewed from a certain angle, the two-dimensional image becomes a three-dimensional image on your bathroom floor.

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This solution will be an excellent choice for creative and creative people who are no longer satisfied with ordinary wooden or stone floors in the bathroom.
As a picture, you can choose any 3d image or 3d photo printing - it all depends only on your imagination.
Despite the apparent complexity, you can make 3D floors in your bathroom with your own hands.
Now we'll figure out how to do it!

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

It should be noted immediately that the structurally 3d liquid floors of 3D practically do not differ from ordinary self-leveling floors - the difference is only in the presence of a layer with a 3d photo printing that at a certain angle becomes three-dimensional.
Inside the floor, you can additionally lay a decorative layer of various materials, while the 3d effect, which is a chip of such a floor, is achieved through the use of a special masonry of the floor.

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

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Why is the 3D bathroom floor very popular?

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

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3d bathroom flooring differs not only in beauty and unusual appearance.
We can provide a few more advantages, thanks to which liquid 3D epoxy floors are popular and in demand:

  • The possibility of realizing in life any fantasy that will always remind you of yourself.
  • High strength and reliability of the 3d epoxy floor, it will last for dozens of years with proper care.
  • The ecological compatibility of the 3D self-leveling floors is completely safe for children and allergy sufferers.
  • An excellent indicator of heat and noise insulation - no cost for additional insulation.
  • The possibility of laying on absolutely any base - self-leveling floors of 3D floors are very versatile.
  • The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature - cool in the summer, warm - in the winter.
  • A decent indicator of durability, resistance to temperature changes and high humidity.
  • A simplicity of installation (it is possible to make 3d bathroom floors by own hands) and ease in operation of a covering.

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

For these reasons, 3D flooring in the bathroom is liquid constructions that are in demand primarily among creative people who have a sense of style.

Now it's time to learn how to make 3D bathroom floors with your own hands.

How to choose 3d floor in the bathroom?

+30 Stylish 3D wallpaper murals for living room walls

Move into the atmosphere of the spring garden, enjoy realistic sea spaces or recreate the mystery of the night city - which option do you like? Choose the best story for the walls among our 3D wallpaper designs for the living room walls.

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optical illusion with 3D effect wallpaper for living room wall
optical illusion with 3D effect wallpaper for living room wall
One of the places that should surprise guests, of course, it is the living room. As one of the most important rooms in the house, it should be designed in accordance with the most vivid and interesting fashion trends. And today, when the production of stylish wallpaper for walls also be developed, one of the trends with aesthetic and practical significance begins to gain popularity - 3D effect wallpaper murals for living rooms.

3D wallpaper murals for living room walls are one of the few options for interior decoration of the walls, allowing you to totally transform the space, without depriving the design of originality and modernity. This approach to design home interiors have already been evaluated by many professional specialists - now it's your turn to pay attention to its advantages.