+50 Modern Purple Kitchen cabinets designs catalog 2018

Can you think of something more amazing in the interior than a purple kitchen? Hardly, After all, even the designers think that this is rather something outlandish. It turns out that there are not many people who decide on the choice of such furniture or finishes. In order to make the kitchen cozy and harmonious, you have to try the modular purple kitchen, because the composition with the violet shades make up is not so simple.

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modern purple kitchen cabinets design ideas 2019 catalogue
modern purple kitchen cabinets design ideas
In this article, we will tell you some secrets about purple kitchen cabinets and purple kitchen accessories. We will also tell you about the trends purple kitchen ideas and its combination such as purple and white kitchen decor.

Gypsum board TV wall design with LED lights for modern living rooms 2018

The Drywall design is often used for interior decoration. This allows you to easily level the surface, without applying plaster. Gypsum board wall design have a smooth front side, which is completely ready for application of finishing coatings, building mixes, puttying, paint, wallpaper, decorative tiles. Often this material is used to create figured interior designs, arches, niches, shelves, partitions. It is important to discuss these important issues in this review in which we also will talking about gypsum tv wall design and gypsum board design catalogue for TV wall cabinets.

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gypsum board tv wall design catalogue with LED lights for living room 2019
gypsum board tv wall design catalogue with LED lights for living room

Drywall Design for living room TV wall.

Applying drywall design in the interior can create any relief composition, embody the most interesting ideas. To do this, you first need to design what kind of pattern or shape you want to decorate the walls. Further, the room is prepared, the working space is freed. The surface must be cleaned, the existing cracks are patched and markings can be applied for the future relief composition. On the marked lines, a profile frame is installed, which is subsequently lined with gypsum boards using self-tapping screws. The resulting figure should be putty, after which it can be decorated with paints, wallpaper, decorative stone or tiles.

New 70 Wooden double Bed design catalog for modern bedroom interiors 2018

In the bedroom, the main piece of furniture is a bed. If you want to purchase a bed, you should decide on the design, color and other characteristics of the bed. Therefore, if you want to change your classic interior to a modern one, this review for you as we are going to talk about modern bed designs, double bed designs, modern bedroom furniture sets and we will give you some of latest bed and cupboard design ideas. Come on!

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Best bed designs and cupboards ideas for bedroom
Best bed designs and cupboards ideas for bedroom

Latest wooden Bed Designs 2018

With the formation of modern design projects, experts are trying to find that difficult balance between ultra-modern trends in the design of residential spaces and ideas that can be called "for all time". Not every design idea, which is now at the peak of popularity, reflects the needs of a particular customer, not every creative solution is applicable to everyday life. When selecting an interior by yourself, the owner of an apartment or a private house will need to separate the "useful" and "complex" or unrealizable design ideas themselves, in relation to their own stylistic and taste preferences.

Top 50 Over bed wardrobe interior designs for Small bedroom furniture sets

The bedroom is one of the main premises in the house. That's why the situation in this room must be approached very seriously. It should be comfortable and give comfort, facilitate rest, relaxation and peace. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right bedroom furniture, especially small bedroom furniture sets. In this article, we will take about built-in bedroom furniture design, overbed wardrobe design, bed and wardrobe design and bed with wardrobe for bedroom.

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Latest overbed wardrobe design catalogue 2019
Latest overbed wardrobe design catalogue 2019

Top 50 3D wallpaper for living room and bedroom walls 2018

The world of modern technology does not stand still, that's the producers of roll wallpaper surprises its customers with novelties, one of which is 3D wallpaper. This product is widely used in decorating the interiors of bedrooms, children's rooms, hallways and, of course, living rooms. It is important to know more about 3D wall murals, 3D wallpaper for living room and 3D wallpaper for walls of bedroom as they are most used. Therefore, in this article, we also present 3D wallpaper images for walls.

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best 3D wallpaper for walls of living room and bedrooms
best 3D wallpaper for walls of living room and bedrooms

Features of 3D Wallpaper for living rooms and bedrooms.

Simple canvases inferior to those performed in 3D on several characteristics:
  • Easily lend themselves to wet cleaning with the use of detergents, the water-repellent surface will not allow to damage the pattern and keep their brightness and original appearance;
  • They are not afraid of mechanical influences, it is practically impossible to damage the wallpaper when arranging and moving furniture.
  • Treatment with a special refractory primer makes them immune to fire.
  • Provide individuality of the room with bright design solutions. If you have a reason to change the wallpaper with a 3D effect, the dismantling does not take much effort and time.
  • The ink used for printing contains UV filters that do not allow the wallpaper to fade.

Luxury 3D epoxy flooring designs with prices for all rooms 2018

3D epoxy flooring is a strong, unified structure, absolutely harmless to health and easy to care for. Yes, this is exactly the beautiful cover, which is increasingly found in restaurants, airports and luxury apartments. In addition, due to its environmental friendliness, such coverage is quite popular in children's institutions and hospitals. Solid pluses! Do you dream of pouring such a floor in your own apartment? Now we will tell about 3D flooring installation, 3D epoxy floor painting, 3D flooring designs and 3D flooring prices.

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3D epoxy flooring paint for interior flooring of bathroom living room bedroom
3D epoxy flooring paint for interior flooring of bathroom living room bedroom

Features of 3D epoxy floor paint

3D epoxy flooring is one of the best in the premises, where you need to keep constant cleanliness, there is a high probability of mechanical and even chemical damage to the surface, and there is no time for periodic replacement of the floor. It is not surprising that many industrial enterprises choose this floor covering to equip their shops. In recent years, more people are considering it as an option for home use. This solution has advantages and disadvantages.

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3D epoxy flooring is radically different from all classical types of floor coverings since their laying is carried out by pouring a special liquid mass. The composition is based on a polymer base, therefore, after a certain time after pouring, the surface, which, like any liquid, assumes an ideally horizontal position, freezes to form a smooth but non-slip floor. At the same time, it looks as complete as possible, since it does not provide any stitches in its design.

Top 100 Gypsum board false ceiling designs for living room, hall, bedroom 2018

The design of gypsum board false ceiling is one of the most difficult but at the same time interesting tasks during the repair of an apartment. In this article, we will tell you how not to get confused in the variety of design options, so that in the end it becomes a bright finishing chord for your updated interior.

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Latest gypsum board designs for false ceilings for hall and living room 2019 catalogue
Latest gypsum board designs for false ceilings for hall and living room 2019 catalogue
Today we will talk about gypsum ceiling design for hall, gypsum ceiling design for living room and gypsum board false ceiling for bedroom. In detail we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of gypsum board design for ceiling, what will be needed for its installation, false ceiling design for hall and false ceiling design for living room. Go!

Gypsum Board Design catalogue for false Ceilings.

Gypsum is the ideal material if you want to quickly make a beautiful ceiling. It is fireproof, great for both aligning and creating any large forms. Physical compliance of the gypsum makes it possible to cut out any shapes, drill any holes, without fear of cracking, chips, scratches. Individual elements are mounted with screws or special suspensions on a metal frame, in which it is very easy to hide (and, if necessary, replace) the wiring. Depending on the complexity of the forms, plasterboard ceilings can be single-level, multi-level and figured.

+60 Stylish Window Curtains Designs for living room interiors 2018 catalog

Every time when it comes to repairs, everyone wants to create the coziest and beautiful environment in the house. The finishing touch of the design of any living room interior is living room curtains designs. No living room can be decorated without curtain design for living room; it is a cozy room where it's customary to meet friends and family.

modern window curtains designs ideas for living room interiors 2019
modern window curtains designs ideas for living room interiors 2019

Latest 70 Corner sofa set designs for large & small living room interiors 2018

Nothing will create an atmosphere of home comfort, like soft furniture and its main favorite - a sofa. it is in every home, regardless of the size of the dwelling, and often indicates the status of the owners of the house. It is important to choose your corner sofa design, which can be small corner sofa and large corner sofa. Therefore, this article is about modern corner sofa design for living room and modern corner sofa colors.

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modern corner sofa design ideas for living room furniture sets 2019 catalog
modern corner sofa design ideas for living room furniture sets 2019 catalog

Modern Corner Sofa Design for Living Room

The corner sofa design is considered the main decoration, but in order to fit into the general appearance of the room and attract the attention of every guest, one must be able to choose it correctly. Choosing a corner sofa design is not an easy task; therefore, it is necessary to take it responsibly. The choice of upholstered furniture amazes with its assortment: long, elite, small and huge sofas. At the same time, they are all comfortable and beautiful. However, when making such an important purchase, one should first of all look not only at the appearance of the model but also at its multifunctionality, since the sofa will serve for a long time.

For choosing a modern corner sofa design for living room, you need to consider the following points:

Modern blue bathroom catalog: decor, ideas, tiles, accessories, styles 2018

When you design a bathroom, each family pursues its goals. Choosing blue bathroom decor is a trend now in the modern interior design. Blue color and its shades cause associations with the boundless ocean or cloudless sky. The coldness of this color scares many, but by correctly placing the accents in the bathroom, you can achieve an ideal result.

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latest blue bathroom decor ideas tiles furniture accessories 2019 designs
latest blue bathroom decor ideas tiles furniture accessories 2019 designs

Next, let's talk about the features of the blue bathroom decor and the modern blue bathroom design ideas. we will also tell you how to apply blue bathroom accessories, blue bathroom tiles and its combinations such as blue and white bathroom tiles and what interior style to choose.

latest blue bathroom decor ideas tiles furniture accessories 2019 designs

Features of the Blue Bathroom Decor

Blue in the broadest sense is a palette of more than 30 shades, among which are warm and cold. Deciding to use it in the design of the bathroom, you need to take into account a few points:
  • Top of Form
  • in "pure form" the blue color for decoration is better not to use, it is recommended to combine several of its shades;
  • due to the proximity of blue to black, when using its dark shades, it is necessary to think through the lighting well, if possible making it zoned;
  • dominating dark blue in the room can have a negative effect, depressing to act on the psyche and cause depression.
Thinking about the design, first of all, it is necessary to decide which shades will be used. Most often used: ultramarine, turquoise, blue, azure, indigo, cornflower blue, sapphire. In addition, the blue color is well combined with white, beige, orange and even black.

A new amazing idea for bathroom flooring: 3D bathroom floors

Latest catalog of floor tiles designs for modern living room interior flooring 2018

For a long time, tile was considered a finishing material, suitable only for the kitchen or bathroom. But the technology does not stand still, and modern manufacturers offer such a variety of collections that the modern floor tile designs in the interior of the living room will look quite aesthetic. It is important now to carefully choosing your living room tile flooring design, so in this article, we will tell you about modern tile flooring ideas to choose the best tile flooring design for living room.

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modern living room tile flooring design ideas 2019 catalogue
modern living room tile flooring design ideas 2019 catalogue

Living Room Tile Flooring Design

Best 55 modular Red Kitchen Designs, cabinets, walls, color combinations 2018

Do you dream of a kitchen with a bright design, but are afraid that you will quickly get bored? In this article, we will tell you about red kitchen design and give you recommendations for the right combination of colors in the red kitchen cabinet designs such as red and white kitchen and red and black kitchen.
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red and black kitchen cabinets design ideas
red and black kitchen cabinets design ideas

Simple tricks will help create a beautiful interior, emphasizing the dignity and hide the shortcomings of the kitchen space. Ideas for modular red kitchen designs and photos of red kitchen cabinets in real interiors.

How to get 3D epoxy flooring in your bathroom in detail?

A complete guide to installing self-leveling epoxy painted floor in your bathroom design, ways to get a 3D flooring in your home, Design options of 3D bathroom floor murals you can opt for and a collection of 3D epoxy flooring designs of the year 2018

3d bathroom floor art design, 3d epoxy flooring
3d bathroom floor art design, 3d epoxy flooring
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Ultimate Guide for changing bathroom flooring design:

Bathrooms are one of the most usable and changeable corners of the house due to their nature as they are exposed to moisture and water constantly, so bathrooms have a unique challenge among all the spaces in your house. Today we will mention how to give vitality to your own bathroom and toilet by using some designs which are suitable for the bathrooms, whether in the floors, walls or ceilings to get an amazing bathroom without any problem.

If you are planning to change the bathroom floors and walls, there are many types of bathroom designs you can use such as tiles, ceramics, and porcelain as these are the most popular types in the market, but their disadvantages appear over time, and the choice of colors and designs is limited which leads you to change the bathroom again, so you need to change your old bathroom design by using a fabulous design and find the best solutions to get a stunning bathroom.

Modern bathroom with stone to create a natural look

3d flooring with epoxy paint makes your bathroom like ocean
3d flooring with epoxy paint makes your bathroom like ocean 

What is the best solution to get a unique 3D bathroom flooring?

Another option: 3D bathroom tiles flooring 
One of the most prominent techniques to find an attractive way to enhance the decoration of the bathroom is the Epoxy Coating Technology which is designed for conditions of the surface and tough environments. It is the most advanced technique in floor covering industry as it also gives you another feature which is 3D Epoxy Flooring and murals being designed in the best way to suit the bathroom as it has many advantages to be installed in various shapes and designs to transform the bathroom into a place which would be in your imagination.

By the 3D technology, designers today all over the world are combining the advantages of elegance, style and aesthetic designs that can be incorporated in the decoration of distinctive places easily as it contains all forms of decorative art.

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Why are the 3D floors most suited to small bathroom?
How to install 3D bathroom murals?
What are the best tips for taking care and cleaning of 3D Epoxy bathrooms?
How to use the 3D Art in the interior Decoration 2017?
How much does it cost and how to buy 3d bathroom flooring?

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Latest catalog of 3D Epoxy Flooring and 3D Floor Art Designs

What should you know about 3D Flooring Before Buying and How to install 3D floor art yourself in your home, hotel, business place, or club, 3D epoxy flooring cost, Three-dimensional flooring designs ideas for each room by global designers.

3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d bathroom floor, underwater fish mural
3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d bathroom floor, underwater fish mural
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And if you're someone who uses the 3D epoxy flooring please, let us help you in everything that goes on in your mind through our site, and we'll be glad to get your feedback

You will find the answers to all your questions and Inquiries about 3d epoxy flooring and the state of the art designs in this new technology for floor

How to make 3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling floor

What is 3d bathroom floor,  and how to make 3d self-leveling floor in the bathroom step by step to install 3d epoxy flooring in your bathroom, 3d bathroom floor designs murals

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy
3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling flooring, 3d epoxy floors
The 3D bathroom floor is a seamless floor covering, usually consisting of three main components - a base layer, a three-dimensional image and a finishing layer.

The 3d self-leveling floors in the bathroom are extremely unusual because when viewed from a certain angle, the two-dimensional image becomes a three-dimensional image on your bathroom floor.

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This solution will be an excellent choice for creative and creative people who are no longer satisfied with ordinary wooden or stone floors in the bathroom.
As a picture, you can choose any 3d image or 3d photo printing - it all depends only on your imagination.

Contemporary bathroom tiles design ideas and trends 2018
Despite the apparent complexity, you can make 3D floors in your bathroom with your own hands.
Now we'll figure out how to do it!

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

It should be noted immediately that the structurally 3d liquid floors of 3D practically do not differ from ordinary self-leveling floors - the difference is only in the presence of a layer with a 3d photo printing that at a certain angle becomes three-dimensional.
Inside the floor, you can additionally lay a decorative layer of various materials, while the 3d effect, which is a chip of such a floor, is achieved through the use of a special masonry of the floor.

Modern bathroom with stone to create a natural look

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

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Why is the 3D bathroom floor very popular?

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

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3d bathroom flooring differs not only in beauty and unusual appearance.
We can provide a few more advantages, thanks to which liquid 3D epoxy floors are popular and in demand:

  • The possibility of realizing in life any fantasy that will always remind you of yourself.
  • High strength and reliability of the 3d epoxy floor, it will last for dozens of years with proper care.
  • The ecological compatibility of the 3D self-leveling floors is completely safe for children and allergy sufferers.
  • An excellent indicator of heat and noise insulation - no cost for additional insulation.
  • The possibility of laying on absolutely any base - self-leveling floors of 3D floors are very versatile.
  • The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature - cool in the summer, warm - in the winter.
  • A decent indicator of durability, resistance to temperature changes and high humidity.
  • A simplicity of installation (it is possible to make 3d bathroom floors by own hands) and ease in operation of a covering.

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

For these reasons, 3D flooring in the bathroom is liquid constructions that are in demand primarily among creative people who have a sense of style.

Now it's time to learn how to make 3D bathroom floors with your own hands.

How to choose 3d floor in the bathroom?