Top 40 modern TV cabinets designs - Living room TV wall units 2019 catalogue

Over the past one or two decades, the place of the TV in the modern interior has radically changed after the emergence of the TV wall units designs which it has become one of the interiors-forming factors, and in some cases occupies a dominant position. For example, when it comes to a living room with a TV wall cabinet, it looks like home theater (3D cinema) - in this case, the arrangement and selection of furniture, the choice of finishing materials is carried out in such a way as to ensure the highest quality picture and sound.

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modern TV cabinets designs 2018 2019 for living room interior walls
modern TV cabinets designs 2018 2019 for living room interior walls
In my opinion, the problem of TV wall cabinet design is always acute, because it is often the most prominent place in almost any living room. A place that focuses on the incoming person. Usually, difficulties arise if TV is standing alone on a pedestal or a special shelf. In the case where the technique hangs on the wall, it is usually placed a little higher and looks something like a picture. However, if you have a large wall and looking at it you still think that something is missing, then you can safely take advantage of any of the ways that we will consider in the article.

Best 50 modular kitchen designs for modern homes 2018

Modular kitchen designs sets offer unlimited possibilities for the optimal organization of space in the kitchen. One of the most popular novelties in this area is modular kitchens designs. The standard modules for the kitchen are separate sections, which can be combined to suit the particular premises and personal preferences.

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best modern kitchen designs ideas cabinets colors for 2018 2019 homes
best modern kitchen designs ideas cabinets colors for 2018 2019 homes

Kitchen - a special place in the apartment, requiring a combination of comfort, coziness, purity and functionality, which is not easy to achieve in a small area and at reasonable cost. However, modern technologies of furniture production allow to optimally equip the kitchen space of any apartment, spending quite a bit of money and time.

Metallic epoxy flooring installation, materials and design catalogue

Metallic epoxy flooring has become very popular due to its strength, attractive appearance, and practicality. The technology of installing such a floor requires certain skills and knowledge, but many manage to make self-leveling epoxy floors with their own hands. Everyone can choose their own version of the floor, which will be suitable for cost and properties, perform certain tasks.

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self leveling metallic epoxy flooring designs

Metallic epoxy flooring is a strong, unified structure, absolutely harmless to health and easy to care for. Yes, this is exactly the beautiful cover, which is increasingly found in restaurants, airports and luxury apartments. In addition, due to its environmental friendliness, such coverage is quite popular in children's institutions and hospitals. Solid pluses! Do you dream of pouring such a floor in your own apartment? In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

Pros and Cons of Metalic Epoxy Flooring

How to make 3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling floor

What is 3d bathroom floor,  and how to make 3d self-leveling floor in the bathroom step by step to install 3d epoxy flooring in your bathroom, 3d bathroom floor designs murals

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy
3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling flooring, 3d epoxy floors
The 3D bathroom floor is a seamless floor covering, usually consisting of three main components - a base layer, a three-dimensional image and a finishing layer.

The 3d self-leveling floors in the bathroom are extremely unusual because when viewed from a certain angle, the two-dimensional image becomes a three-dimensional image on your bathroom floor.

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This solution will be an excellent choice for creative and creative people who are no longer satisfied with ordinary wooden or stone floors in the bathroom.
As a picture, you can choose any 3d image or 3d photo printing - it all depends only on your imagination.

Contemporary bathroom tiles design ideas and trends 2018
Despite the apparent complexity, you can make 3D floors in your bathroom with your own hands.
Now we'll figure out how to do it!

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

It should be noted immediately that the structurally 3d liquid floors of 3D practically do not differ from ordinary self-leveling floors - the difference is only in the presence of a layer with a 3d photo printing that at a certain angle becomes three-dimensional.
Inside the floor, you can additionally lay a decorative layer of various materials, while the 3d effect, which is a chip of such a floor, is achieved through the use of a special masonry of the floor.

Modern bathroom with stone to create a natural look

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

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Why is the 3D bathroom floor very popular?

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

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3d bathroom flooring differs not only in beauty and unusual appearance.
We can provide a few more advantages, thanks to which liquid 3D epoxy floors are popular and in demand:

  • The possibility of realizing in life any fantasy that will always remind you of yourself.
  • High strength and reliability of the 3d epoxy floor, it will last for dozens of years with proper care.
  • The ecological compatibility of the 3D self-leveling floors is completely safe for children and allergy sufferers.
  • An excellent indicator of heat and noise insulation - no cost for additional insulation.
  • The possibility of laying on absolutely any base - self-leveling floors of 3D floors are very versatile.
  • The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature - cool in the summer, warm - in the winter.
  • A decent indicator of durability, resistance to temperature changes and high humidity.
  • A simplicity of installation (it is possible to make 3d bathroom floors by own hands) and ease in operation of a covering.

3d floors, 3d bathroom floor, 3d self-leveling floor, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy

For these reasons, 3D flooring in the bathroom is liquid constructions that are in demand primarily among creative people who have a sense of style.

Now it's time to learn how to make 3D bathroom floors with your own hands.

How to choose 3d floor in the bathroom?

Modern bathroom with stone to create a natural look

How to use natural stone to create a fresh look in your bathroom, great designs and ideas for bathroom stone tiles, modern bathroom with stone wall, floor and accessories, decorate your interior with natural stone to make a unique look

Modern bathroom with stone, stone wall for bathroom

Best 50 Corner sofa designs for modern living room furniture sets

This is a great idea for a modern apartment, especially a small one. The corner sofa set design in the living room interior always looks organic, and it will undoubtedly complement and decorate your home.

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modern corner sofa sets latest living room furniture design catalogue 2019

Benefits of corner sofa designs

Before proceeding directly to the selection, make sure that the purchase is appropriate. This model has several advantages:

Modern false ceiling design ideas 2018 +50 designs

Contemporary false ceiling designs and false ceiling ideas for all interior rooms, modern false ceiling led lights for a modern interior, 50 ideas to make false ceiling in your home for the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom

Modern false ceiling design ideas 2018, false ceiling 2018 with lighting ideas

3D backsplash panel - the best solution for kitchen

How to decorate the work area in your kitchen with 3d backsplash panel for kitchen, Design features of 3d backsplash panel made of glass VS 3d backsplash tile, and how to install 3d panels in your kitchen backsplash

3d panel, 3d glass panel, 3d backsplash, 3d kitchen backsplash, 3d backsplash panel

At rhe First, Don't miss to see 3D Flooring and 3D ceiling with photo printing

What 3d backsplash panel for the kitchen:

3d backsplash panel is decorative panels made of different materials (particleboard, MDF, PVC, metal, glass, wood, plastic, combinations thereof, etc.) that are used in the walls, ceilings, furniture and so on.

luxury Italian kitchen decor 2018 - top tips and photos

3d backsplash panel - This is a vast concept.  According to the European quality requirements, absolutely all glasses that are to some extent located in rooms with people are necessarily subject to hardening. 

3d panel, 3d glass panel, 3d backsplash, 3d kitchen backsplash, 3d backsplash panel

This is due to the fact that the tempered glass is stronger than the wet glass, withstands temperature changes, and is also safe in case of destruction (the hot glass is scattered into small pieces).
If we consider glass covers, then in the interior they can be found in the following versions:
Inserts for cabinets coupes, screens for radiators, inserts for ceilings, floor inserts, panels for furniture facades, facade glass, glass for roofs, windows, glass for double-glazed windows, incl. Special - heat-saving, tinted, etc., glazing of balconies, solid glass doors, partitions, greenhouses, winter gardens, glass furniture, cabinet furniture, shower cabins, sauna doors, glass for home appliances, incl. For refrigerators, ovens, bus stops, telephone booths, searchlights, outdoor lifts, kiosks, sports facilities, commercial equipment (counters, freezers), fire fighting equipment, the manufacture of safety mirrors, modular paintings - panels consisting of two, Three, four and more segments (diptych, triptych).

3d panel, 3d glass panel, 3d backsplash, 3d kitchen backsplash, 3d backsplash panel

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20 Glass 3D backsplash designs to transform your kitchen!

Now we will talk about paneling - kitchen backsplash (working area of the wall surface between hanging kitchen cupboards and countertops).
With the help of this modern element, one can easily and inexpensively turn an ordinary, attractive interior into a bright and interesting one, on the other hand, supplement and emphasize any style, creating a real work of art.

3d backsplash panel - a decorative wall panel above the working area of the kitchen, the so-called. "Kitchen backsplash". 

3d panel, 3d glass panel, 3d backsplash, 3d kitchen backsplash, 3d backsplash panel

The absolutely utilitarian object, designed to protect walls and furniture from steam and pollution in your kitchen, can become a bright unique element of the decor of the kitchen in your dreams.

What material is used to making 3d backsplash panel for kitchen

For the manufacture of a 3d panel (kitchen backsplash), you can use a tempered glass 6 mm thick, ordinary transparent and diamond (super transparent). Tempered glass has high strength characteristics.

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The best IKEA bedroom designs and furniture 2018

A new catalog from IKEA, the best designs of IKEA bedrooms 2018 and IKEA furniture for bedroom 2018 with top tips and trends for IKEA bedroom colors

Ikea bedrooms 2018, IKEA bedroom furniture and colors 2018

All Secrets of 3D Epoxy Flooring and 3D Floor Art Designs

What should you know about 3D Flooring Before Buying and How to install 3D floor art yourself in your home, hotel, business place, or club, 3D epoxy flooring cost, Three-dimensional flooring designs ideas for each room by global designers.

3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d bathroom floor, underwater fish mural
3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d bathroom floor, underwater fish mural
If google redirected you or you are one of 3Dex Art followers,
If you puzzled to use 3d flooring technology or no,
If you want to know How to get 3d epoxy flooring in your home,
If you are looking for the latest 3d floor designs, trends, and ideas
And if you're someone who uses the 3D epoxy flooring please, let us help you in everything that goes on in your mind through our site, and we'll be glad to get your feedback

You will find the answers to all your questions and Inquiries about 3d epoxy flooring and the state of the art designs in this new technology for floor 2018

simple 3D epoxy flooring for villas

All you like to see and could not find, it is possible that we design it for you anywhere; at your home, at your company or anywhere you want, by the world of creativity named 3D epoxy.

What is 3D Flooring in the interior?

3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d living room floor art
3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d living room floor art
The 3D flooring is the new technology and excellent high-quality flooring is the three-dimensional figures which can be used on all types of floors and walls, This is a recent innovation in the installation of floors.

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How to make 3d bathroom floor and 3d self-leveling floor

3D epoxy is a selection of colors and materials to create decorative flooring coating with a strong and durable coating and a unique and creative image making your place as a paradise.

3d bathroom floor, 3d epoxy floor, 3d floor mural
amazing 3d bathroom floor mural
The 3D Epoxy Flooring is a new revolution in the world of interior and exterior home decorations.

What is the 3d Epoxy paints?

Epoxy or (Resin Epoxy) is a chemical substance, considered one of the types of solid thermoplastic elastomers. With two boats: the basis of (resin) and cross (hardener) which is highly resistant to adhesion and friction, chemicals, whether acids or bases or solvents, where an insulating layer is formed when is dry, and it is used in paint.

3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d floor art living room
3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D Floor designs, 3d floor art living room

The Epoxy has a variety of uses:

used in wood, cement, metal surface, concrete, but it is most often used on concrete floors in commercial or residential garages, airports, factories, hospitals, hotels, houses, halls of wedding and restoration of columns and corridors and ceilings and addition of three-dimensional technology has become the latest decorative arts in the world.

3D Flooring, 3d epoxy, 3D Floor designs murals
3D Epoxy Flooring and 3D Floor designs

Is the 3d Epoxy safe?

Epoxy-Coat is approved by the USDA as safe for commercial, institutional and residential applications. All the materials are safe so please don’t worry about using Epoxy-Coat’s product is perfectly safe for any other application.

It is best to follow the instructions below for the prevention and occupational safety and health:
Don't get acid on your shoes, wear protective boots.
Always wear Eye protection and a proper respirator when using "fizzing Acid".
Don't blow acid water around the room with a power washer.

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Why 3d Flooring become trendy today:

3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D beach Flooring, 3d floor art for bathroom
3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D beach Flooring, 3d floor art for bathroom

  •  Many designers use 3D technology for giving vent to their creativity.
  • Solves many design problems of any premises in small and large places.
  • The coming years will witness widespread uses for epoxy paints and polymers because of their many advantages.
  • Because it is characterized by its strength, hardness, a transparent material, a buffer completely waterproof, high quality and valid for many years.
  • The 3D epoxy flooring is a new revolution in the world of interior and exterior of your home.
  • Many of the designers of the world compete to dazzle people by unique designs.
  • Easy to design in all the places and the purposes such as houses and malls, restaurants and companies.
  • Suitable for all ages of both sexes.
  • There are no phenomenon breaks and be one piece.
  • Resistance to moisture and buffer excellently.
  • Gives you a glass surface glossy.
  • Available in several colors.
  • You can draw, plan and Paint three-dimensional effects on them.
  • It can be easily cleaned and it is non-slip even when wet.
  • The latest trend in the world of decor world of art and creativity.
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The 3D Epoxy Flooring types:

There is a variety of 3D epoxy as 3D drawing, a graphic image, Photocopying, decorative flooring with inclusions, murals: plain floors without pictures, imitation (textural images of different kinds of wood, stone, natural materials and Hand-painted

1- Murals: (Wall Murals & Stick Murals, and wallpaper murals) Both are easy to install and remove on the walls.

beach flooring, 3d floor mural for bedroom, 3d flooring
beach flooring, 3d floor mural for bedroom, 3d flooring

The wall murals Created with high impact art and featuring larger designs of favorite themes and characters.

The Stick Murals are printed on high-quality vinyl. These large graphics measure up to 5 feet wide.

The wallpaper murals: are printed on TM material, it can measure up to 15 feet wide and make a dramatic impact.

2 - Patterns: are a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts.

3d floor patterns, 3d epoxy floor, 3d floor tattoo, 3d flooring
3d floor patterns, 3d epoxy floor, 3d floor tattoo

3- Metallic: This new type of epoxy allows to turn your concrete into the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, and other shimmery patinas. Some of these coatings contain real metallic powders, while others use special reflective pigments.

It is a popular choice for decorative flooring because of the most important advantages is durability, difficult to break, and bear heavy weights, it can also be installed on ceramic or old floors and this is one of the most cost-effective solutions for anybody.

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3D Flooring Vs. Floor coverings:

It is a waterproof and with clear breaks.

3d flooring and patterns, 3d epoxy floor designs
3d flooring and patterns, 3d epoxy floor designs
Difficulty cleaned ordinary cleaning materials reverse 3D epoxy flooring.

There are some known problems with other floor covering, such as ceramic and parquet flooring, glass flooring, glass which are scratched, prone to breakage, and moisture.

Why you choose 3D flooring design:

3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D falls Flooring mural, 3d floor art
3D Epoxy Flooring, 3D falls Flooring mural, 3d floor art
  • Its strength and hardness.
  • No breaks out like tiles, porcelain tiles or parquet.
  • Excels on all floors coating products as given sterile surface cannot be obtained by other products and this is what made him the ideal product in hospitals and factories.
  • Ease of maintenance, restoration, and change, unlike other products.
  • Transparent material glossy, shiny and non-porous.
  • High quality in terms of shape, hardness and bright colors option compared to the price makes the place as alive.
3d bathroom floor, amazing floor mural, 3d flooring
3d bathroom floor, amazing floor mural, 3d flooring
Freedom of choice in any landscape or design of the flooring.
  • 3D Epoxy flooring self-leveling.
  • Environmentally friendly flooring for commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Makes flooring smooth very soft, scratch-resistant.
  • Resistance to moisture and buffer excellently.
  • Could be drawing them, planning, Paint, and three-dimensional effects, according to the different senses.
  • Characterized by the availability of colors and glossy surface of the glass.
  • A strong, solid, non-slip and easy to clean.

Epoxy treatment of breakage or scratching is much easier to deal with another flooring such as ceramic, which needs to be treated for cracking.New 3D flooring designs and ideas for each room.

There are many diverse and unique designs to suit all places such as rooms, kitchens, bathrooms entrances, offices, and hotels it is easy to design the floor or walls with a big 3D image but in the rooms and special places should be take another look from decoration like the bedroom it is best to characterized calm and quiet colors, but the children's room allowed the bright colors on the floor in the smooth lines, for the office it is necessary to design in lines and geometric angles finally the image is best guided to express relaxing scenes,, calm beach, aqua, sky, green grass.

3D Bathroom Floor ِِArt murals:

3d bathroom floor, 3d flooring mural, 3d bathroom tile
3d bathroom floor, 3d flooring mural

to know more: How to get 3D bathroom floors in detail?

The bathroom is one of the coolest places to use this type of flooring so you can turn your bathroom into whatever you wish by using angled photo and multiple transparent layers in 3D epoxy flooring.

Because of the moisture, water leakage in the bathroom the best solution is 3D epoxy due to many advantages, such as gloss, hardness, and moisture-proof also, easy-care a self-cleaning and gives an amazing view of the bathroom.

You can add the epoxy without removing your old tiles.

3d flooring, underwater mural, 3d bathroom floors
3d flooring underwater mural for bathroom floors
Create your bathroom with a variety of 3D murals and 3D epoxy flooring which make the bathroom bigger with the option of amazing colors,
You can turn your bathroom into a spa -like an oasis by 3D epoxy flooring you will enjoy your time with decoration scenic.

3d bathroom floor murals and designs, 3d epoxy flooring
3d bathroom floor murals and designs, 3d epoxy flooring

3D Flooring for the kitchen:

3d flooring for kitchen, 3d epoxy floors designs
3d flooring for kitchen, 3d epoxy floors designs
turn your kitchen into An amazing piece of art with the 3D flooring technology , The flooring incorporates angled images along with multiple translucent layers to achieve the incredible 3D effect, there is no comparison at all between it and cover of other floors in terms of art and design, it takes you into a world of imagination which let you enjoy the daily work in the kitchen, in particular, the lady who spent most of her times in the kitchen.

3D Epoxy Flooring for the living room:

metallic epoxy painted 3D living room floors
metallic epoxy painted 3D living room floors
3d flooring for living room, 3d epoxy floor, 3d floor murals
3d flooring for living room 2018
The living room is a place of lounge and relaxing, the beauty of epoxy flooring hues is that they are incredibly versatile like beautify the living room, so it’s important for the living room to bring the feeling of relaxing and welcoming. it should be comfortable and spectacular.You can be sure that the 3Dex will contribute to a calming atmosphere!

it will be great choice to give your living room an updated look by the 3D epoxy flooring

3D Flooring Murals for kids room and nursery:

3d flooring ideas for kids room and nursery, Dolphin floor
3d flooring ideas for kids room and nursery, Dolphin floor
The decorating of your child's room can be just as much fun as decorating the other areas in your house, especially with the technology of 3D epoxy with all the bright designs and delightful characters, it might be more fun, there are a lot of colors and themes to choose from, you can turn the kids room or nursery into educational goals like the map on the ground or the wall.

3d flooring ideas for kids room and nursery, Dolphin floor

If your child dots with safari, sport, cartoon themes, why don't you bring it in their room by 3d epoxy technology. the3D epoxy floor hygiene is especially important in families where there are small children, you can not worry about the baby's health.

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3D Floor designs for hallway and entrance:

3d flooring for hallway, beach floor mural, 3d epoxy floor designs
3d flooring for hallway, beach floor mural, 3d epoxy floor designs
There is no doubt that the 3D epoxy has become a huge part of home design and decorating in the last few seasons, homeowners are gravitating towards styles that bring simplicity, elegance and creative in entrance and hallway
Take a look a some of hallway and entrance 3D epoxy flooring below.

3d flooring for hallway 2018, beach floor mural, 3d epoxy floor designs
3d flooring for hallway 2018, beach floor mural, 3d epoxy floor designs

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Best 3D flooring murals designs:

amazing 3d floor murals, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor
amazing 3d floor murals, 3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor
3D Dolphin flooring and Realistic 3D flooring murals and 3D epoxy floor painting

3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring, 3d beach floor art for living room
3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring, 3d beach floor art for living room
There is a distinct set of ideas 3D epoxy and Murals for a variety places because every year the number of design options for 3D floors and Murals increases, every designer comes up with its own floor, which is unparalleled anywhere else, and each new technique upgraded, improved day by day,

3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor murals and patterns, 3d floor tiles
3d flooring, 3d epoxy floor murals and patterns, 3d floor tiles

How much does 3D Epoxy Flooring cost? - prices:

Today, its price range start from 100$ up to 550$ per 1 m2. This cost includes materials, use pattern (3D image, the cost of paint ...) base preparation, and installation work.

Cost varies by region and what's available to your local tradespersons.

prices per square meter is linked to area and workplace.

The size of project area depends on dividing the area up to 500 m2 and more ).

The price is linked to the decorative floor and the type of 3D epoxy flooring.

3d flooring, 3d floor tiles, 3d epoxy floor patterns
3d flooring, 3d floor tiles, 3d epoxy floor patterns

There are three categories of flooring epoxies:

  1. 100% solid epoxy coatings, are the most expensive, and are typically used by professionals on commercial floors, The costs of epoxy can start at about $30-$50 a gallon for water-based epoxy paint, and can be $45-$150 or more a gallon for solvent-based or 100% solid epoxy coatings, may require more gallons due to A thick coatings.
  2. A professionally installed epoxy floor, typically costs $3-$12 a square foot, or $750-$3,000 (about 250 square feet) and $1,200-$6,000 (about 400-500 square feet), depending on the type of epoxy used and number of coats applied, and the application method (roller, squeegee, sprayer or trowel).
  3. Self-leveling 3D epoxy or do-it-yourself, can cost $50-$600 or more, depending on the type of epoxy, the square footage the kit will cover, the number of coats required and the number of tools and other materials , A solvent-resistant brush, a roller or squeegee, goggles, rubber gloves, a plastic water pail or other items may be required, costing up to $200.
Even, if the cost of 3D epoxy might be high, however, it is able to reduce lighting and maintenance of the land and the cost of clean-up costs.

3D Flooring installation step by step:

3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring, 3d beach floor art
3d epoxy floor, 3d flooring, 3d beach floor art
  • surface preparation by covering minor flaws and compensate for variances.
  • poured or pumped epoxy onto the floor surface and then distribute evenly using a spreader
From start to finish, we take you through step-by-step to help you prepare, clean, and paint your floor with Epoxy to protect it from the years of hard work ahead.

Mix The resin and composite steel together by an electric drill

Sclerosis is mixing two compounds well at the proper temperature and the proportions determined for each type of epoxy materials.
There are kinds of Epoxy, Resin, one compound solidifies by the impact of air and other three tyResin, is Hardener, and fillers of quartz.
Ventilated place before use.
Gloves should be worn with tags due to the occurrence of certain gases as a result of chemical reactions.
The closure of the cans after taking the appropriate amounts for not damaging them with saved in normal temperatures
Post-processing Epoxy the surface has to be equipped paint the terms of processing bad parts of the ground, fill them and settle the surface scrub floor by grinding machine.
Thoroughly clean the surface of dust by the machine
Alcoholic textured surface paint layer based paint.

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How to use 3d epoxy paint?

Coatings for concrete can be classified by:

The thickness thin film, High build, Slurries, Toppings and Overlays, Polymer type, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl ester, acrylic, methyl, meths acrylic, or others, Appearance.
Pour the epoxy the required areas and distributed evenly on the ground.

Use a soft brush roller to cover the ground evenly.
Appearance and finishing should be smooth from art and decoration.
And it can be installed in three-dimensional images with multiple colors to give an amazing fantasy image.

After 24 hours of work coat primer and epoxy on the floor is installed images.
It is best to use a thin thickness of the two types of adhesive, then stuck the picture on the ground by epoxy and start the air located under the picture to derail to get the flat image.

The floor should be clean and free of impurities to get a flawless picture, then leave the image to dry for 24 hours.

Mix transparent epoxy paint for 5 minutes with the electric drill and leave it for three minutes.
Pour over the photo and distributed to every part of the earth's equally a thickness of 4 ms.
Roller divisive use of air to remove air bubbles to install the image on the ground properly.
In the end, we get a transparent and beautiful image.
After 10 days we get a solid, robust and scalable platform for cleaning household cleaning materials.

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Top tips to care 3D flooring and keep it charming:

3d-flooring, 3d beach  floor painting for bedroom 2018
3d-flooring, 3d beach  floor painting for bedroom 2018
for external places should be avoided Chemical exposure is very important.
Heavy loads and direct impact require a heavier build or thicker floor system.

avoiding thermal shock is an important condition that must be considered. Thermal shock, such as steam cleaning of the floor surface, will cause a loss of bond from thermal expansion if the floor system is not chosen properly.
specifying a floor coating system.
For internal places, wet mopping or dry is typically the only upkeep needed to avoid the buildup of dirt particles for internal places.

New 3d epoxy flooring and 3D floor art for the interior:

3d epoxy flooring, 3d floor art, 3d floor murals

3d epoxy flooring, 3d floor art, 3d floors

3d epoxy flooring, 3d floor art, 3d floors

3d epoxy flooring, 3d floor art, 3d bathroom floor

We wish to share your opinion about this new technology to cover floors or post design you may be implemented in the design of your world, or you enjoyed it. we urge to use 3D epoxy flooring three-dimensional.

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